How white fillings can help

Fillings are used to restore a tooth when we have had to remove an area of decay.

Traditionally, grey metal amalgam fillings have been used, largely because there were very few other materials which gave good, long-lasting results.

But, thanks to modern dental technology, we can provide tooth-coloured fillings that look and feel natural. And are very long-lasting. These have been available for many years, but often patients are not given the option of these.

The advantages of white fillings are that they have little, if any, impact on your smile. Unlike amalgam fillings, they are also mercury-free.

No more grey fillings!

Many of our patients are unhappy with the way their older, grey amalgam fillings look. Often they are very self-conscious about their fillings, especially when they smile or laugh.

There is no longer any need to have unsightly metal fillings. We routinely use tooth-coloured material for our fillings, which are long-lasting and look so natural that no-one will realise they are there.