We’re very fortunate to have a team of dentists who are experienced in caring for nervous or anxious patients either with or without sedation. Which option would be right for you is very personal and something we will talk about during your initial welcome consultation at our practice and ultimately will be your choice.

Let’s take it slow

For many patients, coming to an understanding practice where the dentists are sympathetic and experienced with caring for nervous patients, may be enough for them to feel comfortable. We encourage patients, if they feel comfortable, and have had dental treatment previously without sedation, to try treatment without sedation with us first, often we will find we’re able help you to relax enough to be able to avoid the need for sedation for much of your dental treatment.

We understand however that for others they may just prefer one of our sedation options. Which is why we have made these available to new and existing patients (following a dental check with one of our dentists) sedation dental care in North London.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is lighter than the IV sedation, it is normally in the form of a tablet that the patient takes on the morning of the procedure.

Oral sedation is often the option of choice for those patients who would like to feel a little more relaxed and comfortable during their treatment/visit but who would prefer not to be fully sedated.

IV sedation

IV (intravenous) sedation, is where the drug is given straight into the blood stream, normally in the arm or back of the hand, so that the sedative is delivered directly into your blood stream. The benefit of this is that the sedation effects are much quicker to take place, this means you can relax knowing that you’ll feel deep relaxation almost instantaneously once we begin your sedation session before we start your treatment. We always check with you that you are relaxed enough for us to start treatment before we do anything.

As IV sedation is a much stronger form of sedation, we have a team of specially trained seditionists (dentists and medics) who administer this treatment for our patients, in our practice as we carry out your treatments for you.

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