Hello and Welcome to our Hypnosis Taster Page.

I’m Christopher Adams and I’ve recently come into the Practice to provide hypnotherapy and NLP services. Primarily this is for nervous patients, but there’s a whole host of services that we offer that can benefit all sorts of people.

For alot of people they have very little experience with or knowledge of either hypnotherapy or NLP. So with that in mind I’ve created this page to offer you a free taster of hypnotherapy, where you’ll find everything you need to get a taste of what hypnosis is and what it feels like.

The simplest way to understand anything is to just try it, so with that in mind I’ve put together a couple of my home hypnosis audio tracks.

What is Hypnosis:

The first track, called “What is hypnosis?” will demystify, debunk and explain everything you need to know about hypnosis, how and why it works, and how you can use it to create changes at a deep level.


The second track is called “Relaxation” and does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a 30 minute relaxation experience that will allow you to feel what it feels like to use hypnotherapy. You can play both of these tracks directly from the website. However, I recommend that you listen to them either using good quality speakers or a pair of proper headphones so that you get the full experience.

You may prefer to download the tracks so you can listen to them from your phone, ipod, sonos or wherever. To do this just fill out the short form below and we’ll email you a copy of the tracks to download.