We know that good oral hygiene is one of the most important factors in maintaining a great looking healthy smile, that’s why we feel our hygiene department is so important.

Our hygienist is dedicated to helping you keep your teeth looking and feeling great. We’re very pleased that we have had such great feed back over the years from our hygiene department and that patients have found this such a useful and comfortable service to use.

We promise your visit to our hygienist will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible and always ensure to treat you with gentle hands, a light touch and at a pace that suites you.

Your hygiene appointment may include:
  1. Cleaning and polishing teeth, removing stain.
  2. Explaining and demonstrating the correct way to use manual and electric toothbrushes as well as dental floss and other cleaning aids.
  3. Diet and fluoride advice
  4. Advice and tips on how to keep your breath fresh all day long.
  5. Creating customised cleaning routines for you at home.
  6. Explaining and demonstrating specialist ways to clean around appliances such as fixed braces, bridge, dentures and dental implants.
  7. Highlighting areas that are frequently missed during cleaning
  8. Teeth whitening.
  9. Treating and preventing gum disease.
  10. Oral cancer screening.


Dedicated hygiene visits are 30 minutes, but can be booked in double sessions or more to reduce the number of visits needed for a particular treatment. Our hygienist will discuss with you how often you should be returning for your hygiene visits.

Our aim is to help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy, so you can be confident that your breath is fresh and your smile looks its best.

Saturday Appointments
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Airflow Stain Removal

Air-Flow is a leading private teeth cleaning system, recognised for its ability to significantly improve tooth brightness; eliminating stains that are difficult to remove with conventional whitening methods.