Category: Celebrities Testimonials

Linda Lusardi, Actress/Model.

Because of my job the appearance of my teeth is very important to me. I have been a patient at Adams Dental for over 15 years and have received what I consider to be the best dentistry. Alex and the team have always filled me with confidence about the work I have received. They are a caring practice with a warm friendly atmosphere. Even my two children look forward to going to the dentist. I would not consider going anywhere else.

Bob Wilson OBE, former Arsenal goalkeeper & coach 1963-1974, TV Broadcaster & author. Megs Wilson, founder of Willow Foundation Charity.

The fact that we have been patients of Alex Adams for 27 years should speak volumes for the respect we have for him. His easy ‘chair’ manner, the warmth of his personality and the patience he has in applying his dentistry skills all help to make our visits a more than pleasant one.

Gary Lewin, Arsenal physiotherapist 1980-2008, England physiotherapist.

Arsenal have always looked for the very best, and they have certainly got that in Alex Adams and his team. Keeping a full squad of players and staff pain free and looking their best is a demanding task but Alex and his team have always surpassed our expectations. They’ve always provided us with the highest standards, which is why I trust them with my care and the care of the family.

Sam Kane, Actor/Singer.

My wife Linda introduced me to Adams Dental and since that day I’ve never been afraid to visit the dentist. I was terrified of the dentist from childhood as I’m sure millions of people are but on my first visit they took all the fear away. Adams Dental treat you like you’re part of their family. My smile is a major part of my job and Alex made it easy for me to smile. I’ve recommended Adams Dental to many of my friends and now they’re recommending their friends too.