Here to help your smile

A trip to the dentist can be daunting because you don’t always know what to expect. When you really think about it though, what’s the worst that could happen? At Adams Dental, we ensure that all of our patients are welcomed into a warm and friendly environment where they can feel comfortable. The dentist is here to benefit you, your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

So when an accidents affects your teeth or toothache is causing you a lot of pain, it might be that you need an emergency dentist in North London, like us. Emergencies sound scary because everything seems urgent and panicked, but the whole idea is that an emergency dentist in North London will try and give you a healthier and happier smile for the future.

Emergency Dentist in North LondonThe earlier, the better

If you need an emergency dentist in North London, you don’t have panic. A dentist at Adams Dental will examine your teeth and find the necessary treatment to try and save your smile and oral health. It is important for a dentist to look at your teeth as soon after an accident as possible, so that if you have lost a tooth, it can be re-implanted.

If you have broken a tooth as a result of injury, it may be that it needs to be extracted. If that is the case, you don’t have to be concerned the welfare of your remaining teeth. Just because a random accident has impacted one tooth, doesn’t mean the others have to be at risk. This is when we discuss other procedures that you would feel comfortable with, such as implant treatment to restore your smile with a natural-looking replacement.

Your appointment with an emergency dentist in North London

At Adams Dental, we try and make sure that you can receive an emergency appointment on the same day as your injury. After your teeth are examined by a dentist, the severity of pain they cause will determine whether or not you need a local anaesthetic to ease any discomfort. Your teeth will then be sterilised to avoid infection and the dentist will tell you the treatment you might require.

The trouble with flaws

Sometimes small imperfections can get the better of your grin, even if they are minor ones. If something as small as a chip or a gap in your teeth is getting in the way, we at Adams Dental would like to introduce you to a treatment that focuses on the small things. Small things can have a big impact on your confidence when you want to laugh and smile.

Composite bonding in London is there for those who want to restore that small imperfection, acting to fill in gaps and serve the aesthetics of your smile. It is an efficient and effective way to restore a minor problem you have your teeth, without you having to go through an intensive procedure with pain relief. Your smile can be restored in one visit, so a little time goes a long way for your teeth.

Composite Bonding in LondonHow composite bonding in London works

The materials we use for bonding aren’t like the items you find in lost property. We won’t settle for a mismatched colour to fill in a gap or fix a chip, which is why a dentist at Adams Dental will carefully choose a shade of resin that fits in with the colour of your natural teeth. That way, you don’t have to be worried about giving you a patchwork smile.

Another great thing about composite bonding is that we usually don’t have to remove any enamel from your teeth. This is beneficial for both you and the dentist, as they can shape the resin to create the desired restoration.

Securing your smile

The resin used in bonding is just as precious as your natural teeth, so you would have to be just as wary of drinks like coffee, tea and red wine staining your teeth. That isn’t to say you cannot drink them, but that brushing and flossing your teeth morning and night is just as important for the beauty and health of your smile.

If you are seeking composite bonding in London to straighten, brighten or enhance your teeth, we are happy to restore the small imperfection that holds back a big grin.

Getting to know you

When you are taking a trip to the dentist, it’s nice to know what to expect before you go. Knowing that you’re going into a familiar environment where you know you and your teeth will be cared for is a comforting feeling. It means going to the dentist without much fear at all, feeling confident that you will be reassured of your health and happiness, whether you are there for a check-up or a specific treatment.

Dentist in SouthgateIf you are seeking a dentist in Southgate, we at Adams Dental like to make sure that all of our patients feel content when they come in for an appointment. We encourage our patients to arrange routine check-ups with us, ensuring that you can feel calm and relaxed because you know us. Having regular appointments with us can benefit your oral health because our dentists can spot any signs of certain conditions early.

The look and feel of your smile

As a dentist in Southgate, we provide treatments that focus on both the wellbeing and aesthetics of your teeth. Prevention is preferred over treatment, which is when procedures that focus on dental hygiene, tooth decay detection and treatment for gum disease come in handy.

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean contributes to a gleaming smile. A hygiene appointment can involve the polishing of your teeth to remove any stains that may taint your smile. The dentist in Southgate can then offer you some friendly advice on brushing and flossing techniques and dietary advice for you to get the most out of your routine. On the cosmetic side of your smile, we also provide teeth whitening treatments to improve the discolouration that might be affecting your confidence.

Decay and disease treated by a dentist in Southgate

When it comes to detecting tooth decay, prevention is ideal for the future of your smile and oral health. Whether or not tooth decay is causing you discomfort, spotting the problem early can prevent further complications such as infection, bone loss or excessive tooth damage.

Gum disease can cause redness and soreness of the tissues supporting the teeth. This is often a consequence of too much plaque or bacteria building up on your teeth.

How bad is that toothache?

If you get a toothache, you may be tempted to ignore it and hope that it goes away. You can try this for a day or two, but please don’t leave it too long before coming to see the emergency dentist in Southgate.

It may seem like a chore but coming to the emergency dentist in Southgate sooner rather than later could mean the difference between hanging onto the tooth with the ache and having it removed.

There are several types of toothache, but a severe one that goes around your whole head and into your ear needs to be checked out. It could well be that that pain is the symptom of a serious infection and that you have an abscessed tooth. At Adams Dental, we can help you identify the source of your pain.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateSharp pain

If your toothache is a shooting, sharp pain that hits you and then is gone again and it exists in only one area, then it could be linked to a sensitivity in a tooth, a crack or recession of the gum that is exposing the inner parts or the root to the air.

Throbbing pain

If you have a severe, throbbing pain and your lymph glands or face have swollen up then this is usually a sign that you have an infection from an abscess. This can get rapidly worse so you need to see someone as soon as possible.

Pain when you eat

If you get a sharp pain when you eat, then it’s a fair bet that you have cracked a tooth or decay.

Lingering pain

If you have pain that’s been going on for a while, you may have nerve damage from grinding your teeth, from decay or trauma from an injury.

Pain at the back near the jaw joint

If your toothache is in the molars at the back of your mouth, this could be a result of impacted wisdom teeth that have not come through properly. It could also be from grinding your teeth at night, known as bruxism.

Whatever your pain, don’t leave it too late. Book an appointment with the emergency dentist in Southgate and get a proper diagnosis followed by any necessary dental treatment.

Be prepared!

Summer is here and that can mean a whole lot more time outside having adventures, trying out new sports and perhaps losing your front teeth. If you are a mountain biker, or a surfer, or love doing something that could involve a sudden facial injury, then you need to be prepared. This means making sure you have access to a good emergency dentist in North London.

Here at Adams Dental in Southgate, we pride ourselves on our services as an emergency dentist in North London. We are here when you have sudden, unexpected needs and we will do our utmost to help you.

Emergency Dentist in North LondonGet a mouth guard

If you are regularly doing something that could involve you getting your teeth knocked out, then you need to get a mouth guard. This is a rubbery guard that fits over your top teeth and gums to cushion them from any blows against a hard surface or someone else. It protects your teeth as well as your lips, tongue, cheeks and jaw. We make mouth guards using impressions of your teeth so that they fit precisely and are comfortable.

Put our number in your phone

If you do get your teeth knocked out, you need to be able to get to us as soon as possible. Putting our number in your phone will save you valuable time when you are in a state of shock.

Get here fast

If your teeth are still in one piece and you can get to us within two hours, we stand a good chance of being able to re-implant them into their sockets.

How to transport your teeth

Here are few tips on what to do:

  • Pick up your teeth by the crown and not the root. This avoids damaging the fibres still attached to the root;
  • Store the tooth either in your mouth or in a jar of milk. Never store them in tap water. The chemicals in it will kill the tooth;
  • Don’t let your tooth dry out;
  • Get here as fast as you can.

Now that you know all that, you can be prepared. We look forward to helping you when we act as your emergency dentist in North London.

The shock of a broken smile

Life is full of the unexpected, and although the uncertainty of what’s next can be exciting, it can also be inconvenient. Losing or chipping your teeth is one of those irritating things but in life’s unpredictability, there is certainty in knowing that, if you fall and chip or break a tooth, you will need an emergency dentist. In Southgate, here at Adams Dental are a warm and welcoming dental practice offering you urgent care if your smile needs to be fixed.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateIt might be that you’re walking along one day and enjoying the rare moment of English sun. While you’re busy admiring the sunny streets of Southgate, the curb has other plans. If you fall on your face and your tooth is chipped as a result, you shouldn’t have to wait days for an appointment. The earlier we look at your teeth, the more likely it is that the remaining ones can be preserved and restored.

If you need an emergency dentist in Southgate because toothache is giving your grief, we can identify the problem for you. In always trying to give you an emergency appointment on the same day, we hope to avoid further complications like infections. That way, you can return to your smile quickly and efficiently, without being too taken aback by your accident and injury.

Arranging an emergency appointment

When you arrive for your appointment, you can take a seat and tell your dentist what happened. The injured area will then be carefully examined and your dentist will decide if you need an x-ray to observe the extent of the damage done.

During your appointment, further pain needn’t be a worry. If the injury is intense, you can opt for a local anaesthetic. To avoid the possibility of infection, the affected area will be sterilised. Your damaged teeth can then be treated and they can either be preserved or extracted, depending on the severity of your case. In the case of extraction, we can discuss the possible implant treatments that we offer.

If you’re seeking an emergency dentist in Southgate, here at Adams Dental we can’t wait to restore your smile.

Smooth away the years

The years take a toll on our faces by adding lines and wrinkles just where we want to be smooth and dewy. Depending on our skin type and what we get up to, wrinkles and lines can start to appear on our faces in our 20s. Some people already have quite deep lines in certain places in their 30s. You know, those ones between the brows from frowning in concentration, the ones around the eyes from smiling or crinkling them up against the sun.

Botox in North LondonThe good news about these lines is that they are in fact caused by habitually contracting the muscles in our faces. If only we could stop doing this, the skin would smooth out. You can stop this happening with the help of Botox in North London at Adams Dental.

Botox in North London has been around for a good few years now. It is being used by more and more people, men and women, to iron out wrinkles that they just can’t help making with their habitual facial expressions.

What is Botox?

Botox was first created to stop excessive sweating. It was then discovered to be good at smoothing out lines. It is the purified protein of the Botulinum toxin. Injecting it into wrinkles gets it to the nerves that tell the muscles to contract. It blocks the signal that they send. It takes a few days for the muscles to smooth out and then the treatment lasts for about four months. People often get a top-up after three months.

Where to use Botox

People find Botox works well in the top third of the face, on crow’s feet around the eyes, worry lines on the brow and frown lines between the brows. Botox in North London is also good for reducing the appearance of gummy smiles by relaxing the muscles that pull the top lip up too high.

Why use your dentist for Botox in North London

Hardly anyone knows the muscles, skin, tendons and nerves in the face better than a dentist. We study them in-depth and work with them every day. We also have great injection techniques honed over years, so you get the natural smooth look you are after.

A smile to be proud of

Have you ever looked at a painting in a gallery or a piece of clothing in a shop and thought, if I could change a small part of it would be perfect? It’s the same with our smiles because it’s easy to notice the imperfections when we can see them up close. Everyone has different ideals of beauty and what would make them happy, but what if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth?

Although the painting and the piece of clothing cannot be changed, you can chose to enhance your smile if you would like to. While the small flaws in your teeth may go unnoticed by others, it is important that you feel comfortable and confident with your smile. At Adams Dental, we offer composite bonding in London to patients who wish to improve the colour, shape and overall appearance of their teeth.

Considering composite bonding in London

This a treatment that focuses on the aesthetics of your smile. It serves to disguise the minor imperfections that have always bugged you, like a small gap in your teeth or subtle tooth rotations. Treatment begins with one of our dentists picking a shade of resin that matches your own teeth. After the resin is applied, it can be moulded to disguise any of the subtle flaws in your teeth. With the help of a special light, the resin quickly hardens to give you your desired smile.

If you’re considering composite bonding in London, you don’t have to worry about making various appointments at Adams Dental. Usually, bonding can be done by one of our dentists in a single visit. It is not a lengthy process because it doesn’t take much to improve a small mistake in a big smile. Depending on your teeth and how much of the tooth structure our dentist removes, it might be that anaesthetic will be used. This is to ensure that your experience is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

And it’s not just about a great treatment. We get to know our patients at Adams Dental, so we can welcome you into friendly atmosphere and make it easier for you to stay relaxed and grin before, during and after your procedure.

The trouble with falling

Some people are cursed with clumsiness but we all have clumsy moments. You could be walking along the pavement and suddenly trip on the curb. You could be walking down the stairs in flip flops and lose your balance. It’s normal to trip and fall and most of the time it can get a good laugh, but what about if you chip or break your tooth? As great as they are for smiling, teeth don’t function to break falls.

Emergency-Dentist-SouthgateIn the unfortunate event that your teeth are compromised in a face plant, you might require an emergency dentist in Southgate. At Adams Dental, we encourage patients who have knocked out a tooth as a result of injury or accident to be seen as soon as possible. Having urgent care means that you are more likely to preserve the remainder of the lost tooth and avoid further complications. In accidents where the whole tooth is lost, try to bring it to your emergency dentist in Southgate. That way, your original tooth might be replanted like a flower bulb in the soil. Only with this, you won’t have to wait for your tooth to grow and hopefully, your gums aren’t made of soil.

All is not lost

Although it’s not always necessary to anticipate an accident, it’s important be in the know if you need urgent care from an emergency dentist in Southgate. At Adams Dental, we try to make sure that patients with emergencies are seen on the same day. When you get here, your teeth will be thoroughly examined so that one of our dentists can identity any problems caused by an injury. You may need x-rays so we can observe the extent of the damage done. If needed, you can choose to have a local anaesthetic to numb the pain. After the injured area is cleaned to prevent the chance of infection, the damaged teeth can be replaced or repaired on a permanent or temporary basis.

If you ever think that you need urgent care from an emergency dentist in Southgate, we at Adams Dental are more than happy to get your smile back on track.

The visiting the dentist can be easy

Having your teeth examined by a dentist can seem impersonal and invasive. You’re under a spotlight, the dentist is tapping at each tooth and speaking in a strange combination of numbers and letters. But a trip to a dentist in Southgate doesn’t have to be all that way, because at Adams Dental we like to get to know our patients. We like to understand what makes you feel comfortable at our friendly dentist in Southgate. We might even prove that there is such a thing as an enjoyable trip to the dentist because at Adams Dental, we want you to sit back and relax.

Dentist in SouthgateWe understand that some patients feel more nervous than others, which is why we will treat you with care and comfort in a relaxed atmosphere. Getting all the nervousness out of the way can mean focussing on your smile. For us, trust is important. We like to think you can trust us enough to care for your teeth, so we can listen to your concerns and any issues that may be concerning you.

Treating your smile right

At Adams Dental, we offer a range of treatments to enhance, improve and restore smiles. We encourage our patients to visit regularly, ensuring that their oral health and hygiene can be maintained. By spotting problems early, preventive dentistry can mean avoiding further complications. This includes the prevention and treatment of conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay, which can both lead to tooth loss.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, sometimes all it takes is a little polish and shine. It might be that you’re always worried about the colour of your teeth when you look in the mirror or see pictures of yourself. You find yourself comparing the yellow of your teeth to the whiteness of your toothpaste. If that is the case, then Adams Dental is a dentist in Southgate that provides teeth whitening treatment to brighten up the smile.

If you’ve reached the stage of tooth loss, then you shouldn’t have to lose your smile too. We suggest that patients with missing teeth consider dental implants to fill in the gaps, acting as natural-looking replacements to complete a smile.