Don’t get caught out by a dental emergency

Life is full of surprises. However much we want to keep everything under our control, events rarely work out the way we thought they would. This can be wonderful, such as when we get an unexpected job offer or an old friend turns up out of the blue.

And, it can also be a challenge, such as when we slip, trip or fall, and end up in A&E. This may not always come in the form of an accident: it could be that we are out enjoying ourselves, engaging in our favourite sport, such as BMXing, skateboarding or hockey, and we face plant off our bike or board or take an elbow to the face. An accident of this type could mean a trip to the emergency dentist in Southgate.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateWhen do I need to visit the emergency dentist in Southgate?

At Adams Dental, we’ve seen every type of dental emergency you can think of: knocked out, chipped, cracked and broken teeth, severe toothache, abscesses and even objects lodged in the mouth. As well as daredevil sports people, we’ve seen patients who like to play fast and loose with their teeth by using them to open a bottle or tear a package. So, however you’ve damaged your teeth or gums, or if you’re experiencing dental disease, don’t worry. Chances are you aren’t the first and our emergency dentist in Southgate will be more than happy to help.

What happens at an emergency appointment?

Unlike a routine dental check-up that focuses on examination, treatment is our priority. Our emergency dentist in Southgate may take x-rays or photographs, but their aim is for you to leave pain-free. It may be all we can do is give you pain relief, but if we can we will carry out treatment to resolve the issue. If further work is required, we will get that booked in for you as soon as possible.

Save our number today

You never know when you might need the emergency dentist in Southgate. Whether or not we are your regular dental practice, save our number in your phone today, so you can easily call us up if you do find yourself surprised by a dental emergency.

Feel confident after facial aesthetics

Nowadays, it is not so uncommon for people to find Botox in North London at their dental practice. Here at Adams Dental, we have made it an intrinsic part of our treatment menu.

It makes sense to go to the dentist to receive your treatment as dentists have studied the facial muscles and nerves inside out.

Botox in North LondonBotox is a great option if you are becoming increasingly aware and self-conscious of unwanted lines appearing on the face. No matter how much you’ve tried to remain calm and collected, life’s stresses may be beginning to show themselves.

Instead of frowning in disgust at the lines on your face, and then stressing about deepening the lines, and then stressing about the stress causing more wrinkles, you can smooth your worries away by coming for Botox in North London.

Botox gets rid of lines such as:

  • Frown lines, wrinkles on the forehead or just between the eyebrows;
  • Crow’s feet, lines that form around the corners of the eyes caused by squinting and lifestyle factors;
  • Eyebrow raising and re-contouring, balancing the muscles that control the position of the brow.

How does it work?

Botox is a non-surgical procedure that uses a purified protein of the Botulinum toxin to block the nerve activity of the muscles. It is injected into the skin to smooth unwanted wrinkles and help the skin appear more youthful and soft.

It usually lasts for about three months, but before we get ahead of ourselves, the first stage of receiving Botox in North London is coming for consultation with us.

We offer a completely non-judgemental environment, and understand that lines can appear at different ages, beginning in our 20s. You know better than anyone what you feel comfortable with, and we are here to listen and offer our advice.

You can look forward to the benefits of Botox straight away, as the effects can usually be seen within the first few days after your treatment.

Alongside feeling more comfortable in your skin mentally, Botox can help you to feel more physically comfortable. It has been known to help ease migraines, and reduce acne.

Botox may be your answer to feeling young, confident, and calm.

Trusting your teeth

When it comes to breaking a fall, you cannot rely on your teeth to catch you. Accidents happen, but sometimes tripping and falling can lead to greater problems for your smile. If your teeth have been badly affected by a clumsy mistake, then it is likely that you will need an emergency dentist in Southgate.

At Adams Dental, we try to see you as soon as possible if your smile is in need of an urgent fix. We also need your help when it comes to emergency appointments; ringing us as soon as you can after your accident can mean getting your teeth seen to earlier. Depending on the severity of your injury, it could be that a re-implantation of a tooth is necessary.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateComing to an emergency dentist in Southgate

While we like to think that you won’t need an emergency dentist in Southgate, it’s good to be prepared just in case. Knowing what’s what could just save your smile the trouble of further complications after an unfortunate injury.

After an accident, the dentist will examine your teeth up close to spot any problems that have occurred or could develop. Sometimes an x-ray needs to be taken of your teeth, so that any damage can be observed in detail. If your injury has caused you discomfort, the pain will be numbed with anaesthetic to keep you as relaxed as possible.

To avoid the possibility of infection, the affected area of your teeth will be sterilised by the dentist at Adams Dental. This can prevent other conditions that arise from infection, such as tooth loss. This is why we would encourage you to see an emergency dentist in Southgate as soon as possible, so that your smile can be restored earlier.

Your future smile

Healthy teeth are essential to a confident and happy smile, which is why it is important that you look after them. At times, it might be hard to distinguish an emergency treatment from a procedure that is needed in the near-future. If the problem with your teeth is causing your discomfort, such as in cases of broken teeth, toothache, avulsed teeth or facial swelling, you are probably in need of an emergency dentist in Southgate.

Smile with confidence

Here at Adams Dental, we know that one of the main things that attracts people, is a smile. It captures a lot of your personality. Considering that we smile when we feel most comfortable and happy, it seems silly that feeling self-conscious about our teeth stops us from doing so with confidence and ease.

If there is anyone who can help with the look of your teeth, it’s the people who spend a lot of their lives studying them. Our dentists offer a range of treatment to help enhance the appearance of the teeth.

Cosmetic Bonding in LondonIf you want to do something about the imperfections of your front teeth, such as small gaps, chips, and wear around the edges of the tooth, cosmetic bonding in London may be the solution for you.

Creating a natural look

We want the tooth to look as natural as possible and ensure that the colour of the resin material used in the cosmetic bonding matches the rest of your teeth. This is then applied to the unsightly teeth or tooth. The dentist will shape the resin and harden the material using a special light.

If you want the appearance of a straight white smile as quickly as possible, perhaps in time for a special event or business interview, cosmetic bonding in London may be right up your street.

Once you’ve made time to come down to our practice in London, cosmetic bonding can usually be completed in just one short visit. While the treatment is quick, this does not mean you have to compromise on quality. Cosmetic bonding doesn’t involve hacking away at the tooth. In some cases, a little of the tooth structure may need to be removed, but this is kept to a minimum.

Looking after your new teeth

After receiving cosmetic bonding in London, your new tooth is easy to look after. The material used today is very durable, enabling you maintain good oral health as you would normally, brushing every day and flossing regularly.

There’s no need for extra check-ups, but in the unlikely event that you notice anything unusual or have any concerns after treatment, please come to see us so we can fix this.

The signs of sadness

If someone has ever told you to cheer up, it’s probably because they want to see you smile. What that person might not know is that there is usually a reason for a frown, and something might be holding you back from showing off your smile. A sad face is likely when you have just had an accident and injured your teeth, so the cheering up can only come after you have seen an emergency dentist in Southgate.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateAt Adams Dental, we do like to see our patients smile. But our friendly dentists are also experienced enough to understand that the intense pain of toothache or a broken tooth might leave you feeling miserable. With the intention of turning frowns upside down, we would encourage patients to ring as soon as they can if they need an emergency dentist in Southgate.

A wounded smile

The saying that ‘accidents happen’ exists for a reason. At times, life’s little hiccups can creep up on us and give us a shock. Curbs can cause some damage when it comes to your teeth. Tripping and falling on your face isn’t a pleasant experience, but it can end in laughter. The part that may not be so funny is realising you have chipped or broken a tooth. That is when you might require an emergency dentist in Southgate like Adams Dental.

Here’s hoping you don’t, but if you should need an emergency dentist in Southgate we at Adams Dental would encourage you to get in contact with us as soon as possible. The earlier the better, as this means we can try and give you an appointment on the same day as your injury.

The restoration

When it comes to your appointment, a dentist at Adams Dental will thoroughly examine your teeth and the affected area. The injured tooth will be sterilised to avoid the possibility of infection. Depending on the severity of the damage done to your smile, the affected teeth can either be restored temporarily or permanently. By treating your damaged teeth after an accident, the emergency dentist in Southgate will improve your oral health for the future. That way, no one will tell you to cheer up again.

A birds-eye view of Botox in North London

When people say crow’s feet, do you think of the claws of the bird or the side of your eyes? It is more than normal for age to show in lines and wrinkles. While nature cannot be stopped, there are treatments that serve to ease the appearance of unwanted creases. Botox in North London is just one of the procedures that exists for cosmetic purposes, acting to contribute to your confidence in everyday life.

At Adams Dental, we like to know that our patients feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit us. Having a dentist that you’re familiar with can help you feel calm enough to voice any worries that could be hindering you and your smile.

Botox in North LondonReasons for choosing Botox in North London

Botox is used by dentists for patients who wish to ease the appearance of wrinkles. It works to cover a range of things that might appear naturally with time and offers solutions in wrinkle softening, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, eyebrow raising and even gummy smiles.

Botox in North London is injectable and that means avoiding any long-winded surgical procedures. It is applied to the face, working to relax the tiny muscles in the face, blocking the nerve impulses in them and in turn, smoothing the skin. If you have a busy lifestyle and feel like work is getting in the way of you wanting to treat yourself, the procedure itself takes about 5-10 minutes. Botox is therefore simple and efficient enough for you to arrange an appointment during a lunch hour.

Noticing the difference

You won’t notice the results of the treatment straight away, but you might expect to see a change a few days after your Botox in North London. Effects can usually be seen after 4-7 days, depending on every individual patient.

The effects of Botox itself usually last between 3-4 months and if you noticed a positive change from receiving the treatment, you can choose to receive it again. In its focus on cosmetics and aesthetics within dentistry, this treatment at Adams Dental simply serves to enhance your confidence and provide you with a non-surgical and painless procedure.

Why you need to go to the dentist in Southgate

Like getting up in the morning, eating and drinking in the day, and cleaning the house, going to the dentist in Southgate is just something that has to be done.

Dentist-in-SouthgateIt’s not too time consuming, as most people only need to visit the dentist roughly every six months, however this does vary depending on your individual needs.

The time you spend at the dentist in Southgate will be time well spent, and your teeth and gums will thank you for it in the long run. Even if you look after your teeth well, the dentist will be able to spot bits of the mouth that have been neglected. They’ll give your mouth a thorough clean, removing dental plaque and tartar, while offering suggestions on how to improve your daily health regime.

Dentists can also spot signs of tooth decay and gum disease as well and severe diseases, such as oral cancer. When spotted early, these can be easily countered.

What we can do for you

Here at Adams Dental, we provide these all-important dental check-ups to help keep you in good oral health. We will also advise if you need treatment.

We offer a wide range of dental treatment to suit your specific dental needs, these include:

  • Root canal treatment
  • Extractions and oral surgery
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Dental implants
  • Clear braces.

We recognise that everyone’s experience at the dentists is unique, and adapt to this, offering services such as preventive dentistry for children’s teeth, and coaching and care for nervous patients.

We understand that teeth can be about more than health, and many people want to enhance the appearance of their teeth. If you are looking to improve your smile, we offer treatments such as:

  • Teeth whitening, either premium or standard teeth whitening;
  • Porcelain veneers, covering the odd discoloured or chipped tooth;
  • White fillings, to replace unsightly metal fillings;
  • Composite bonding to improve the overall shape and colour of the teeth.

We also go that extra mile to help you feel confident in your look, offering Botox and dermal fillers, for those who want a softer appearance.

Whatever your dentistry needs, we aim to find the best solution to leave you feeling confident and happy with your teeth.

Here to help your smile

A trip to the dentist can be daunting because you don’t always know what to expect. When you really think about it though, what’s the worst that could happen? At Adams Dental, we ensure that all of our patients are welcomed into a warm and friendly environment where they can feel comfortable. The dentist is here to benefit you, your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

So when an accidents affects your teeth or toothache is causing you a lot of pain, it might be that you need an emergency dentist in North London, like us. Emergencies sound scary because everything seems urgent and panicked, but the whole idea is that an emergency dentist in North London will try and give you a healthier and happier smile for the future.

Emergency Dentist in North LondonThe earlier, the better

If you need an emergency dentist in North London, you don’t have panic. A dentist at Adams Dental will examine your teeth and find the necessary treatment to try and save your smile and oral health. It is important for a dentist to look at your teeth as soon after an accident as possible, so that if you have lost a tooth, it can be re-implanted.

If you have broken a tooth as a result of injury, it may be that it needs to be extracted. If that is the case, you don’t have to be concerned the welfare of your remaining teeth. Just because a random accident has impacted one tooth, doesn’t mean the others have to be at risk. This is when we discuss other procedures that you would feel comfortable with, such as implant treatment to restore your smile with a natural-looking replacement.

Your appointment with an emergency dentist in North London

At Adams Dental, we try and make sure that you can receive an emergency appointment on the same day as your injury. After your teeth are examined by a dentist, the severity of pain they cause will determine whether or not you need a local anaesthetic to ease any discomfort. Your teeth will then be sterilised to avoid infection and the dentist will tell you the treatment you might require.

The trouble with flaws

Sometimes small imperfections can get the better of your grin, even if they are minor ones. If something as small as a chip or a gap in your teeth is getting in the way, we at Adams Dental would like to introduce you to a treatment that focuses on the small things. Small things can have a big impact on your confidence when you want to laugh and smile.

Composite bonding in London is there for those who want to restore that small imperfection, acting to fill in gaps and serve the aesthetics of your smile. It is an efficient and effective way to restore a minor problem you have your teeth, without you having to go through an intensive procedure with pain relief. Your smile can be restored in one visit, so a little time goes a long way for your teeth.

Composite Bonding in LondonHow composite bonding in London works

The materials we use for bonding aren’t like the items you find in lost property. We won’t settle for a mismatched colour to fill in a gap or fix a chip, which is why a dentist at Adams Dental will carefully choose a shade of resin that fits in with the colour of your natural teeth. That way, you don’t have to be worried about giving you a patchwork smile.

Another great thing about composite bonding is that we usually don’t have to remove any enamel from your teeth. This is beneficial for both you and the dentist, as they can shape the resin to create the desired restoration.

Securing your smile

The resin used in bonding is just as precious as your natural teeth, so you would have to be just as wary of drinks like coffee, tea and red wine staining your teeth. That isn’t to say you cannot drink them, but that brushing and flossing your teeth morning and night is just as important for the beauty and health of your smile.

If you are seeking composite bonding in London to straighten, brighten or enhance your teeth, we are happy to restore the small imperfection that holds back a big grin.

Getting to know you

When you are taking a trip to the dentist, it’s nice to know what to expect before you go. Knowing that you’re going into a familiar environment where you know you and your teeth will be cared for is a comforting feeling. It means going to the dentist without much fear at all, feeling confident that you will be reassured of your health and happiness, whether you are there for a check-up or a specific treatment.

Dentist in SouthgateIf you are seeking a dentist in Southgate, we at Adams Dental like to make sure that all of our patients feel content when they come in for an appointment. We encourage our patients to arrange routine check-ups with us, ensuring that you can feel calm and relaxed because you know us. Having regular appointments with us can benefit your oral health because our dentists can spot any signs of certain conditions early.

The look and feel of your smile

As a dentist in Southgate, we provide treatments that focus on both the wellbeing and aesthetics of your teeth. Prevention is preferred over treatment, which is when procedures that focus on dental hygiene, tooth decay detection and treatment for gum disease come in handy.

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean contributes to a gleaming smile. A hygiene appointment can involve the polishing of your teeth to remove any stains that may taint your smile. The dentist in Southgate can then offer you some friendly advice on brushing and flossing techniques and dietary advice for you to get the most out of your routine. On the cosmetic side of your smile, we also provide teeth whitening treatments to improve the discolouration that might be affecting your confidence.

Decay and disease treated by a dentist in Southgate

When it comes to detecting tooth decay, prevention is ideal for the future of your smile and oral health. Whether or not tooth decay is causing you discomfort, spotting the problem early can prevent further complications such as infection, bone loss or excessive tooth damage.

Gum disease can cause redness and soreness of the tissues supporting the teeth. This is often a consequence of too much plaque or bacteria building up on your teeth.