Fuller lips in less than 30 minutes

Heres How You Can Also Get Fuller Lips In Under Thirty Minutes!!

fuller lips

One of the most enjoyable parts of the facial aesthetics that we offer at our practice, is working with dermal fillers. We use brands such as Restylane and Juvederm, which are non-permanent dermal fillers, they both are based on molecules which are naturally present in the skin and are naturally broken down in the body.

This is a really great and simple case from one of my patients some time ago. The challenge here was to make the lips fuller, without losing their natural great shape or looking like they have been artificially created.

Here we used one full syringe of Juvederm Ultra, which is a great product not only because it is so smooth but also because it has anesthetic in it, it makes the whole process even more comfortable and enjoyable for the paitent.  What patients love so much about dermal fillers, is, not just the great results that they produce, but also that the results are immediate!

As you can see from the photos here, we’ve produced a really great result, enhancing the natural beauty of the lips, without looking ‘fake’!

Botox Treatment

Botox Treatment Can Help You Look Younger, Instantly!

botox treatment

Of all the area of the face where fine lines can appear, those surrounding the corners of the eyes are one of the areas that patients tend to dislike the most. Although sometimes present at rest, they are most noticible when smiling, hence their name ‘smile lines’.

One of the most effective ways to treat these areas is with botox. Botox is a neurotoxin which prevents the muscles from working. This relaxes the muscles and in turn reduces the appearance of these fine lines.

Many patients do not want to look like they have had any treatment done, and whilst they would like these lines reduced, they also want a natural look. I think this is very important, and that’s exactly what we aim to provide for our patients. As you can see from this case, although we’ve soften these lines really well, we’ve also left a few very faint lines towards the lower half of the eye, this gives a much more natural appearance as well as allowing the patient to smile normally!

If you would like to find out more about any of our facial aesthetics or dental treatments, why not contact us on 0844 375 6100 or at info@adamsdental.co.uk to arrange your free consultation!


Composite Bonding

A Composite Bonding Case

Composite Bonding

This is case is really exciting because it is one where traditionally we would have either used orthodontics (braces to move the teeth), which would have taken a considerable amount of time probably a minimum of 1 yr, or we would have used crowns/veneers, which would have involved a considerable amount of cutting back of the natural, healthy teeth. Instead we decided to do composite bonding.

Composite bonding is using a white filling materials (composites) to change the size, shape or colour of teeth. Natural teeth aren’t all one flat colour, they have a variation of different shades, tints, colours and translucency throughout an individual tooth, this is what makes them look natural!! We carefully select a variation of different colour composites and blend them together to recreate the tooth’s natural colour and translucencies, this is one of the ways we get such natural looking results.

This amazing transformation was undertaken in one visit and was a really great case that all our team were excited about being a part of.

A lovely result for our patient, and a great experience for all our team.


Case 2 (composite veeners) – image missing to get from laptop

As you can see from the before and after photos here, this patient had previously had some white fillings done on the front teeth, bit by bit over the years. Some wear and tear along with a staining and some tooth wear had given these anterior teeth an appearance that our patient wasn’t satisfied with and wanted to improve, without having to cut back lots of natural healthy teeth. So we decided to simply replace these old composites and replace them with composite veneers (LINK), this is exactly the same as composite bonding except that the composite covers the whole surface of the tooth, just as in a porcelain veneer. We also did some teeth whitening here as well just to lift the shade and give an extra something to the final smile.

A massive change that we all are very proud of J



As a long standing family dental practice in southgate..a very residential area in London, we have always known the importance offering emergency dental care for our patients. We have emergency dental appointments available daily. We have created these spaces so that we see patients in pain, with severe tooth ache or swelling on the same day wherever possible. Even when our clinics are full we will always try to make time to see emergency patients as we all understand just how frustrating and uncomfortable tooth ache can be.

If you would like an emergency appointment please call us on 0844 375 6100

Invisalign Case Studies

Case 1 anterior spaces and cosmetic bonding

These are 2 great cases we’ve recently completed using a combination of teeth whitening, Invisalign and cosmetic bonding to create the perfect smile. Our patients have been kind enough to share their pictures and journey with us so that we can show you just how we can transform a smile J.

Case 1


This patient was unhappy with the gaps around all the anterior teeth. We started this case with Invisalign, and as you can see from the Invisalign digital treatment plan, there was a really great improvement in closing the gaps. Once we finished the Invisalign treatment we decided to do a small amount of cosmetic bonding just to completely close any remaining gaps and slightly change the shape of the teeth for a more pleasing aesthetic result! As you can see a truly amazing result!

Case 2

invisalign 2

This patient has what is called ‘peg shaped lateral’, this is quite common, in fact these 2 teeth (the lateral incisors) either side of the two front teeth are the most commonly either missing or misshaped teeth.

We decided with the patient to use Invisalign in order to create more space so that we could build up the teeth to a better size, shape and proportion. Here we used a combination of in-surgery and home whitening to get the best results fastest .

Invisaligns digital treatment plan is great for planning cases like this as we can be very specific with exactly how much room we want to create around each tooth. From here its just a case of getting the right colour and creating the perfect smile.

The really nice thing about both these cases is that with composite bonding we’ve been really conservative with the teeth and haven’t had to cut back that precious tooth tissue, because of this, no aesthetic is need at all and the patient can have their new smile in just one visit !!!

The London Dentist Dental Blog

Hi, welcome to the 1st post of the Adams Dental Blog, my name is Ricky and I am one of the dentists here at Adams Dental, our practice is based in Southgate North London.

As with all our dentists, specialists, hygienists and staff here we are all really passionate about our dentistry and truly love what we do ! We want to spread the word about new dentistry, how its changed, all the amazing things we’re now able to offer, and the old days of having bad experiences at the dentists should be a LONG gone!

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of general and cosmetic dentistry; delivered with  an unrivaled personal customer care experience that will leave you wondering why you would ever go any where else J

The last few months have been really exciting for us, we’ve just updated our website to provide patients with really useful information and advice, and now we’re launching our blog, which we hope will allow us to answer any questions from our patients or visitors to our site.

Ask a questions – We’d love to hear from you and we are happy to answer your questions and give advice, either here on the blog, or via email if you prefer a private response. You can ask us a question either by posting your comments below any blog post ……….. Or by clicking the contact us button at the top left hand side of the page and your email will be forward to one of our dentists or specialists.

What’s to come in 2011 !

In between polishing teeth and dreaming of dental floss and other teeth related goodness we are busy planning lots of clever ways that we can help you and the general public benefit from our knowledge and expertise in cosmetic and general dentistry and facial aesthetics. Below are just a few of the things we are planning, we hope you find them useful, and if you can think of anything else LET US KNOW !

–          Free advice – We’ll be providing FREE downloadable information leaflets on the most common asked about procedures, explaining the procedures, how it works and what you should be looking for, such as … teeth whitening, veneers, botox and dermal fillers, dental implants, cosmetic bonding and much more

–          Special offers – We want you to have the opportunity to take advantage of our brilliant offers as soon as we launch them (limited spaces and all !), so we’ll have a free sign up form here where you can add your email address and we’ll let you know when we’re giving out freebees !

–          Online Consultaitons – In 2011 we’re going to give you the opportunity to submit photos of your teeth to our dentists and specialist, online, so you can have the benefit of our professional advice, from the comfort of your own home (or laptop, or mobile, or wifi !) and oh yes, for free J

–          Video Tutorials- We’ve always believed that a well educated patient is a happy patient, and that if we can explain to patient what’s involved in certain procedures they will be better able to make their own decisions as to what treatment might be right for them, that’s why this year, we will be filming and explaining some of our treatment for you, so you can see exactly what’s involved and why once you’ve tried new dentistry you won’t want to look back !

–          Staying in touch – Weather you’re an existing member of our practice, thinking about becoming one, or just browsing around the internet looking at dental websites because that’s how you like to spend your evenings! We’d love to stay in touch, you can find us on Facebook and follow us on twitter, and when you join us there, please do drop us a message and introduce yourself… who knows you could be our new favourite patient J

Wow I feel like that is a lot for the first blog, hope some of you managed to stick with it the whole way!! I’ll always keep an eye on the blog for new updates (when I’m not busy looking at teeth of course!) so please feel free to add your comments to our posts or submit a questions.

Best Wishes

Dr Ricky Adams BDS