Feel the fear and do it anyway

If you are a sufferer of dentophobia, please don’t let your fear stop you from enjoying the vastly improved life that comes from having dental implants in North London.

These mini-miracles of engineering have been transforming lives for over 30 years and in the 21st century they have become the go-to replacement for missing teeth. The reason is simple: they give you back the full function of your teeth, unlike bridges and dentures.

Dental Implants in North LondonHowever, in North London dental implants have to be fitted during a minor surgical procedure and the thought of it can be enough to put some nervous patients off. Instead, they go for tooth restoration solutions that don’t require the drill, but also don’t give the long-term stability that implants do.

Helping you with dental implants

At Adams Dental, in North London, dental implant surgery is tailored to your needs. When you come to us for a consultation, we will talk you through your options. If you are anxious about the implant procedure, or any procedures you need to make your jawbones ready to receive implants, we can make sure that you receive enough sedation that you will float through the procedures fully relaxed, yet able to respond to the dentist if needs be.

For nervous dental patients, we offer a choice of two kinds of sedation. Oral sedation comes in tablet form. You take the tablet on the morning of your procedure. The oral sedation option will make you comfortable and relaxed during your implant surgery, but you will not be fully sedated. For that you will need intravenous (IV) sedation. This means that the sedative drugs go straight into your bloodstream, via a needle either in your arm or the back of your hand. The effect is much quicker, almost instantaneous deep relaxation. This is a much stronger form of sedation, so it is administered by trained anaesthetists. Your levels of sedation can be monitored, and altered if necessary, throughout the surgery. You will need someone to drive you home afterwards.

There is never any need to avoid the dentist for fear of being in pain. Do not let your fear deprive you of life-enhancing treatments.

Restoring your natural strength

As a way of replacing lost teeth, dental implants are the most effective and durable method modern dentistry has to offer. In North London, dental implants from Adams Dental will safely restore the form and function of your missing teeth. Whether you have just one small gap in your front teeth that makes you reluctant to smile, or a couple of spaces in the back of the mouth that you are worried about trying to keep clean, or even if you’ve lost the whole set, our dentists can provide you with a solution that will last a lifetime.

Dental Implants in North LondonWhat we do when fitting dental implants in North London

The reason this solution lasts so long is that we replace the root of the tooth in the jaw, as well as the visible part above the gums. There are two components, the implant itself and the replacement tooth.

Dental implant treatment begins with the careful insertion of a tiny titanium post into the space left by the missing root. The bone of the jaw gradually bonds with the titanium, making a strong base for the next stage of the implant: a crown, bridge, or denture, securely attached to the titanium post that holds it firmly in place.

The benefits

As well as renewed reliability in biting and chewing, making you less nervous, dental implants will look and feel natural. The replacement teeth are easy to clean, which helps the overall health of your mouth. Plus, the shape of your face is maintained as the implant encourages your jawbone to maintain its structure, which otherwise often deteriorates after tooth loss. This means that you can avoid the ‘sunken-faced’ look so common among those who have lost some teeth and are lifelong denture users.

A customised procedure

If you think you would like dental implants in North London, Adams Dental will carry out a detailed assessment of your mouth and the surrounding bone structure, making sure that you have enough healthy jawbone to support the titanium implants. Healthy gums are also a requirement, and we may recommend that you first have some treatment to overcome issues such as gum disease.

Whatever your situation, our team will be happy to discuss how we can best restore your missing teeth.

Do you worry about missing teeth?

If you have lost your teeth then you may feel insecure about your appearance or experience difficulties with everyday activities such as eating and speaking. In the past, options for replacing teeth used to involve removeable appliances which were sometimes loose, inconvenient to clean, or uncomfortable. If you are starting to feel that you may never have a full set of teeth again, you might like to hear about dental implants. North London is home to Adams Dental where dental implants are an established technique for replacing teeth. We have used this technology to restore quality of life to hundreds of patients.

Dental Implants in North LondonI am terrified of having dental work done

Our experienced team at Adams Dental receive training to care for nervous dental patients having dental implants. In fact, we often have people referred to us from other practices, as we have built up a very good reputation. We are proud of the safe and comfortable atmosphere we provide and have a range of options available, from techniques to distract you during treatment to hypnosis or sedation. When you choose us to fit your dental implants in North London, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and that we will be on hand to answer any questions you might have throughout the process.

How do they work?

Having dental implants in North London involves a minor operation in which small metal screws are placed into the jaw. The bones and tiny blood vessels of the jaw mesh around the metal, holding it securely in place. When they have settled, they are used as a secure base to support a replacement tooth, a whole set of dentures, crowns or bridges. The implants are completely hidden and the restorations are carefully made to match the shape and tone of any remaining teeth, so the effect is very natural. For our patients in North London, dental implants have given them a whole new lease of life as they start to enjoy their smiles and interacting with others again.

Restore your smile and quality of life and talk to us about how having dental implants in North London could help you.

Dental implants…don’t worry, relax

Does the thought of the dentist and their drill send shivers down your spine? Do you tremble with terror at the image of an injection needle poised over your helpless, gaping mouth? If those two sentences made you break out in a cold sweat, you may be one of the many people who suffers from dentophobia.

It’s a real phobia and at Adams Dental, we take it seriously. We know this phobia and its many triggers, stops people coming for regular check-ups. Problems that could have been so easily prevented, develop and grow, and before you know it, your gums are infected and your teeth are falling out. If that’s what has happened to you, don’t let your fear stop you from the greatest advance in dentistry in North London: dental implants.

Dental Implants in North LondonWhat are dental implants?

These little beauties can give you your life back after you’ve lost teeth, but you have to go through minor oral surgery to get them. That’s because in order for us to fit dental implants in North London, we need to drill into your jawbone to create new sockets. Implants don’t just replace the crowns of your teeth, they replace the root as well.

Having roots makes all the difference to teeth, just as it does to trees. When a tree falls over in a wooded hillside, leaving a big hole, over time the surrounding trees can tip into that hole. Teeth do likewise. Sockets without teeth are an open invitation to surrounding teeth to fall into them. Not only that, but your jawbone, with no roots jiggling imperceptibly around in their sockets saying ‘I’m here!’, thinks it’s not needed anymore and starts to dissolve itself.

Dentures can’t stop that happening. Bridges can’t either. The only thing that can save you from an increasingly collapsed saggy face is new roots. And that’s what dental implants in North London do. Please, don’t be scared. Come in and let us use our sedation dental techniques on you. We will fully relax you so that you don’t feel a thing and you are not lying back full of fear. A whole new life awaits you. Come and get it.


F.E.A.R. Forget everything and run. Face everything and recover. These 2 acronyms get bandied about in certain circles as a way to name that horrible feeling that can stop us achieving so much in life.

Our teeth are so important to our quality of life, and yet, many people, who are scared of going to the dentist, would rather their lives diminished than receive the help they need to have healthy teeth and gums.

Dental Implants in North LondonIf you are one of those people and are now at the point of needing to replace your teeth, please don’t let your fear of the dentist stop you reaping the enormous benefits that come with dental implants in North London.

At Adams Dental in North London, we firmly believe that fear should never be allowed to stop you, but we also understand that dentophobia is a very real condition that affects many people.

Here to help

If you are a nervous dental patient, please don’t let that put you off having dental implants in North London with us. We have been trained in helping nervous patients and have created a practice environment to help soothe you from the moment you step in the door.

We have various ways to help you overcome your fears, from being able to talk to us about them, to hypnotherapy and coaching, to oral and intravenous dental sedation.

When you have dental implants in North London, they are fitted under local anaesthetic. This helps numb any pain. However, it’s still oral surgery and you may choose to have sedation.

Oral sedation is a tablet that you take in the morning before you come to the surgery for your procedure. It will relax you but not fully sedate you, and you will be able to leave under your own steam afterwards.

Intravenous sedation delivers the drug straight into your bloodstream, either into your arm or the back of your hand. This fully relaxes you almost instantly, and while you will be able to respond to the dentist, you will find you don’t remember much about the procedure afterwards. You’ll also need someone to drive you home.

Float through implant surgery

If you are a nervous dental patient, you know how easy it is to put off going to the dentist. Perhaps it is the noise of the drill that sets your anxiety rising. Maybe it’s the injections that the unnecessary adrenaline coursing through your veins. Did you have a terrifying ogre for a dentist when you were a kid and now, no matter how you try to use logic, every dentist’s face starts to morph into theirs? Whatever the reason for your fear of the dentist, please don’t join the legions of people suffering in silence as their teeth and gums succumb to disease and their quality of life diminishes as a result.

Dental Implants in North LondonHere at Adams Dental, we have several ways to help you regain your calm, and so open up avenues that you may have thought would always be closed to you, such as having dental implants. In North London, this method is becoming the go-to solution for missing teeth. This is because dental implants get rid of the added inconveniences that come with traditional teeth replacement systems, namely bridges and dentures.

The problem for nervous dental patients is that to have dental implants in North London, you have to undergo minor oral surgery, under local anaesthetic, with a drill. See, it’s the ‘D’ word isn’t it? Hear that word and people start imagining unimaginable pain. But here at Adams Dental, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can offer you either oral or intravenous sedation to help you fully relax throughout your treatment with dental implants in North London.

Oral sedation

This comes in the form of a tablet, which you take on the morning of your treatment, before you leave home. The typical sedation drug is called Halcion, a member of the Valium family. It takes about an hour to kick in, and will make you groggy. You may even fall asleep, but can be awoken with a gentle shake of the arm.

Intravenous sedation

This is delivered straight into your bloodstream, either through the back of your hand or into your arm. Once again, you may fall asleep, but can be easily awoken and able to understand and communicate.

Float through your implant procedure

If you’ve lost teeth and are thinking about having dental implants in North London, but are worried that the implant procedure will be too much for you, then please stop worrying right now.

dental-implants-north-londonAt Adams Dental, we understanda that fear of the dentist is a very real experience for many people. It even has a name: dentophobia. We would hate it if we thought our patients were too scared to have such a life-changing procedure.

That is why when you come to us for dental implants in North London, we will first talk you through exactly what is going to happen, giving you as many, or as few, of the details as will make you feel more comfortable.

Getting through your implant procedure

The vast majority of dental implants in North London are inserted into the jawbone under local anaesthetic. The jawbone has fewer nerve endings in it than a tooth root, which means local anaesthetic is strong enough to deal with the pain.

However, there is quite a lot of drilling. When we insert a dental implant, we need to drill the channel for it very carefully, so that we do not crack the jawbone. This is why we start off making the hole with a thin drill bit and once that is done, we increase the diameter of the hole with a wider drill. Throughout the procedure, we will also bathe the area with cool water. This is done so that the heat created by the drill does not badly damage cells in the jawbone.

If that sounds utterly terrifying to you, you may well be a candidate for sedation dentistry. When you have your implant consultation with us, we can talk you through the options. We offer intravenous (IV) sedation, which goes straight into the bloodstream and deeply relaxes you almost immediately. If you think you would like something less full on, you can have oral sedation, which means taking a tablet in the morning before your procedure. We also offer hypnotherapy.

With so many options, there is no need to be scared of having dental implants in North London.

Overcoming dental anxiety for dental implant treatment

Dental implants are the most reliable and effective solution today for treating tooth loss. You can protect your dental health and restore your smile with this clinically proven treatment available at Adams Dental in North London. However it is one of the more complex treatments and involves a minor surgical procedure. If you are a nervous dental patient, who has experienced tooth loss, you may have ruled out dental implants for this reason. However at our friendly practice we can help you overcome your anxiety through a variety of techniques, including dental hypnosis.

Dental Implants in North LondonWhat is dental hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind produced either by yourself or by responding to the suggestions of the therapist. Deep physical relaxation usually accompanies it, with a corresponding reduction in awareness of your surroundings.

What is it used for?

At Adams Dental, hypnosis can be used to help with dental anxiety, exaggerated gag reflex, clenching or grinding of the teeth and excess salivation. It is also helpful for complex treatments, such as dental implants in North London.

On our website, there is a link to a free ‘what is hypnosis’ track, plus a free relaxation hypnosis track, so you can get a feel of how hypnosis works at Adams Dental.

You will be taught how to practice self-hypnosis to reinforce suggestions made by our therapists.

What else can help me relax during my dental implant treatment?

In addition to hypnosis, we offer distraction techniques when you come in for dental implants in North London. We have invested in various entertainment options, all of which you can request from your dentist for no additional cost.

Many of our patients tell us the noises of the dental surgery enhance their dental fears. So, we’ve found noise cancelling headphones work well to counteract this. We have albums ready to use, or you can bring your favourite music with you, whichever you prefer.

For longer visits, such as when getting dental implants in North London, we offer the unique experience of watching a film during your treatment. Our DVD glasses project the image to you, giving you the equivalent experience of watching a large TV.

I’m nervous about going to the dentist, but I want dental implants

At Adams Dental in North London, we provide reliable and effective treatments for our patients. We strive to ensure our patients wellbeing, comfort and anxieties are catered at every visit to our practice. Dr Ricky Adams is a Dental Phobia Certified Dentist and has treated many patients who feel very nervous about dental work.

As well as Dr Adams, all our other dentists and dental professionals, such as our nurses, hygienists and technicians, are committed to providing a comfortable, gentle and relaxing dental experience. This is true even when it comes to more involved treatments, such as dental implants in North London, which are used to restore missing teeth. The treatment involves a minor surgical procedure to fit the dental implant and then later attach the replacement teeth. We will ensure that the treatment is carried out at a pace you are happy with.

Dental Implants in North LondonA gentle touch

We find that with careful clear explanations and videos our nervous patients feel more relaxed about getting dental implants in North London. We understand that it can be a big step to start seeing the dentist, which is why we offer flexible appointments. For any patient who requires a bit more help to undergo treatment, we are also happy to offer IV sedation.

If you need IV sedation, our qualified staff will offer you support and reassurance before, during and after your treatment with dental implants in North London. We will use a very small needle to administer the sedation drug and luckily, what comes next, you won’t remember.

The drug will relax you and reduce any anxieties, while still allowing you to be fully aware and responsive. The best part is it causes you to have a fuzzy memory of your treatment. The experience of IV sedation can be likened to the feeling of ‘not having a care in the world’.

There are no side effects following IV sedation and when the dentist completes your treatment with dental implants in North London, they can administer a drug to reverse the effects. It is a safe and reliable solution for our nervous patients. So, why not pick up the phone and make that call and a member of our team can answer all your queries.

Hypnotherapy can help you through your implant procedure

Many people are nervous about the going through the procedures that are required to insert dental implants in North London. The idea of being drilled into under local anaesthetic is too much for them, even if the results, a whole new life with teeth that are fully functional, is very desirable.

Dental Implants in North LondonIf you have lost teeth and would love to get dental implants, but are too nervous to go through with the procedure, then Adams Dental can help you. We have experience in delivering various ways that can relax or sedate you during your implant treatment.

Talking helps

When you come to us for your initial consultation for dental implants in North London, you can use the time to talk through any concerns you have, and ask any questions you like. You may find that just getting to know us a bit and being able to voice your concerns is enough to make you feel comfortable about undergoing the procedure, without sedation dentistry.

Oral and IV sedation

However, if you’d like some back up, we have two forms of sedation. Oral sedation involves taking a tablet the morning of your procedure and is the milder of the two forms of sedation. Intravenous (IV)sedation requires sedative drugs to be delivered directly into your bloodstream, and provide immediate deep relaxation.


At Adams Dental, we also offer hypnotherapy to help with pain relief, dentophobia and fear of needles. Our hypnotherapist Christopher Adams offers free consultations, so that you can find out if this drug-free route is one you’d like to choose for your procedure.


There’s nothing like giving your brain something else to focus on to help reduce anxiety. When you have dental implants in North London at our practice, you can choose to watch TV on a flat screen, wear noise-cancelling headphones, or watch a movie wearing DVD glasses that project an image equivalent to watching a 40 inch TV screen.

So, as you can see, when you have dental implants in North London with us at Adams Dental, there is no need to be nervous, and plenty of ways to feel relaxed and peaceful as we give you a new smile with teeth that really work.