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Do you have to let it linger?

Toothache has got to be one of the worst pains there is, so it’s hard to imagine that anyone could ignore it for long without booking an appointment for help from the emergency dentist in Southgate. Yet some people linger in pain for days before they come to see us at Adams Dental.

When we ask them why they left it so long, they say they thought it might go away by itself, that they were scared what the cost of treatment might be, or that they were just plain scared.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateThe trouble is that severe toothache is a serious symptom and should not be ignored. It’s your tooth’s way of saying ‘I need help. Get me to the emergency dentist in Southgate today!’

Please don’t ignore that cry for help from the nerve in your tooth. If it hurts a lot, it means that whatever is going on has reached the centre of your tooth, the pulp. That’s the soft part under the enamel and the dentin. It goes down into the root and from there into the jawbone and the rest of your body. That’s why toothache can end up feeling like it’s going up into your head and down into your neck, not to mention into your ear.

Booking an appointment

When you need us, we will be there for you. At Adams Dental, we will do our utmost to get you an appointment with the emergency dentist in Southgate on the day that you call. But if you wake up with awful toothache, call early. That way you have more chance of being seen sooner rather than later.

What can it be?

A really bad toothache has probably got some serious decay and infection going on. We will numb the area thoroughly before we touch it, as there’s nothing worse than decay and infection being poked at. And we will make sure you don’t leave us until we have done all we can in one appointment to relieve your pain. You may need to come back for more treatment though, especially if it looks like you may lose your tooth or need root canal treatment to save it.

What counts as a dental emergency?

Do you experience facial pain, swelling or have you lost a tooth due to an accident and aren’t sure what to do? Dental emergencies can be caused by different things, but they have one thing in common – they should be treated immediately.

At Adams Dental, we provide emergency dental care. However, it is not always easy to tell what constitutes a dental emergency. If you are uncertain about your situation, it is better to be safe than sorry. Give us a call and we will book an appointment with our emergency dentist in North London as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentist in North LondonHere are some dental emergencies that require immediate treatment and things you can do to help while waiting to see an emergency dentist in North London.

Avulsed teeth

If you had an accident that led to a healthy tooth being knocked out, then you must act quickly. Seeing an emergency dentist within an hour of the accident, will increase the likelihood that we can save your tooth. This is because as soon as a tooth is detached from your mouth, nerves, tissues and vessels are exposed and can become damaged. Ideally, you should try to reposition the tooth in its socket, but if this is impossible, simply rinse it gently and store it in a container of milk. These measures can mean the difference between saving and losing your tooth.

Loose teeth

Whether the result of trauma or gum disease, loose teeth require immediate dental help. Our emergency dentist in North London can still save your tooth because it is still attached to the jaw. To avoid pain and discomfort while waiting to be treated, take a painkiller and avoid touching your loose tooth. If swelling occurs, apply a cold compress gently outside your mouth.

Do not settle for pain

There are any number of situations that might require visiting the emergency dentist in North London. Even if you are unsure about your problem, contacting the dentist is always a good idea. An experienced dentist will be able to diagnose and identify your problem while ensuring that you stay as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.

Who is your emergency dentist in Southgate?

If you are a bit of an adventurer, or are seriously into your sports, chances are you are going to be putting yourself into the risk category for getting your teeth knocked out. And if you cycle around London, you increase your chances of coming a cropper and losing a tooth, and you can bet your boots it’s going to be a front tooth too.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateThe knocked-out tooth kit

If you think the way you live your life increases your risk for getting a tooth knocked out, then it pays to understand what this means and how you can increase your chances of hanging onto that tooth, with the help of Adams Dental, your emergency dentist in Southgate.

Don’t panic

You may be in shock and start to panic but breathe deeply, keep calm and look around on the ground for your tooth. If it’s in one piece, it can go back in.

Yes, if you act quickly, you can save that tooth, and if you can, it’s going to also save you a whole lot of money and time in replacing it.

Pick it up

The first thing to do is to pick the tooth up. Pick it up by the crown and avoid touching the root. The tooth is a living part of your body, and the root is not used to being touched by fingers; you want to keep it clean.

Put it back

If you can, try and put it back into the now-empty socket (don’t do this with children). If it won’t go, you can either keep it in inside your cheek, or store it in milk. Make a jar of milk part of your knocked-out tooth kit when you go to do sports.

Ring the emergency dentist in Southgate

Call us as soon as you have dealt with your tooth, explain the situation and we will try to fit you in as soon as we can so that we can put your tooth back. If you can get to us within an hour of the tooth coming out, there is a good chance it will go back in and reattach itself to your jawbone tissue.

So, store our number in your phone right now.

Don’t wait if you have toothache

Toothache has got to be one of the most painful things that can happen to a body. Maybe it’s because it’s in your head, but this is a pain that can make it almost impossible to soldier on. It gets into your ears and down your neck and nowhere is comfortable. If you have toothache, don’t wait, book an appointment to see your emergency dentist in Southgate.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateThe reasons why we urge you to call as soon as you can after waking up with a toothache is that, at Adams Dental, we want to be able to make sure you see the emergency dentist in Southgate on the same day as you call for an appointment. And obviously, the earlier in the day you call, the more likely that is to happen.

What is causing your toothache?

Very often, toothache is the symptom of a severe infection. This is when bacterial plaque, that sticky film that builds up on the teeth and gives off acids, has eaten its way through the enamel of your teeth. Once there’s a hole in the enamel, it opens the way for more bacteria to get into the pulp of your teeth and cause an infection. You have got nerves in the roots of your teeth so they transmit incredible amounts of pain to signal to your that there’s a desperate battle going on between your body and those invading bacteria.

Don’t ignore this pain and hope it will go away. Infections can lead to abscesses, which are swellings caused by a build-up of pus. They need to be drained. If you leave an abscess, which often build up at the base of the infected tooth, under the gum, then there is a good chance you may lose the tooth.

Hang on to your teeth

The emergency dentist in Southgate will do their very best to make sure that you hang on to that infected tooth. After draining the abscess, they may need to cleaning out infected material in the tooth root and then fill it with something else. This is what we mean by root canal therapy. We then seal in the root and you get to keep your tooth.

See an emergency dentist in Southgate when you have a facial swelling

At Adams Dental in Southgate, our emergency dentist will do their very best to see you on the same day as you call if you have facial swelling.

What is facial swelling?

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateFacial swelling usually develops after an injury, cut, bite, sting, or a dental abscess. However, they can sometimes just seem to happen, without any apparent cause. There is usually a localised area of redness, swelling, sometimes heat, and pain. There can sometimes be throbbing pain and a fever. Facial swelling or cellulitis is a very serious situation, and it is important to visit an emergency dentist as soon as you can after the swelling comes up.

Can an emergency dentist in Southgate tell me why I have facial swelling?

Usually our emergency dentist at Adams Dental will be able to find the cause of the swelling. An infected tooth with an abscess (collection of pus) is the most common reason for facial swelling (cellulitis) seen by our emergency dentist. This happens when a bacterial infection causing deep cavities penetrates through the tooth, out through the root, into the bone, and then into the surrounding facial tissues. It usually hurts a lot.

Often our emergency dentist will find that the facial swelling and abscessed tooth are caused by severe tooth decay, but they may also be caused by a broken or chipped tooth, or gum disease.

These problems can cause openings in the tooth enamel, which can allow bacteria to infect the centre of the tooth (called the pulp). The infection may also spread from the root to the bones supporting the tooth.

My face is no longer swollen, should I still visit the emergency dentist?

It is important to see the emergency dentist in Southgate even if the swelling subsides. This is because if you have an abscessed tooth, the pulp in the root of the tooth may have died as a result of infection. However, this doesn’t mean the infection has healed; the infection remains active and continues to spread and destroy tissue. Therefore, if you experience facial swelling, it is important to see an emergency dentist in Southgate.

Emergency dental care

When pain becomes too much to handle, we can help. Just like medical care, you can never predict an emergency with your teeth. This is why our emergency dentist in Southgate provides emergency dental care for new and existing patients. Rest assured that you can have a dental professional on your side to assist when unexpected dental emergencies crop up. Nobody need suffer constant, excruciating oral pain.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateSeveral dental problems require an emergency dentist in Southgate, including swollen or infected gums, pain caused by tooth decay, abscesses in the mouth and damage such as broken or chipped teeth, loose fillings, etc. Any of these situations listed along with many others require immediate dental assistance, as leaving problems like these untreated may contribute to more serious health issues.

The good news is, if you are facing a dental emergency, you can get in touch with us at Adams Dental emergency dentist in Southgate and we will address your needs as quickly as possible.

Loose teeth

If you have a dislodged tooth that is in danger of falling out you will understandably want to contact a dental professional immediately. Loose teeth can be a solitary issue, but it is always best to investigate and ensure that your other teeth are not at risk of further problems.


Toothaches can cause tremendous pain. There are many possible causes for toothache and it is difficult to diagnose an issue yourself. If you have toothache, it is best to see a dental professional as soon as possible.

Dislodged teeth

If one of your teeth has fallen out, make sure to contact a dental professional for an examination. Once a tooth is dislodged, the only way forward will be prosthetics to replace the tooth. If your tooth is dislodged, keep it in a sealed bag and bring it along to your dentist.

Broken or chipped teeth

If you have a broken or chipped tooth you should see a dental professional for evaluation. As with dislodged teeth, if you want to have a chance of your broken tooth being reattached, save the piece by preserving it in milk and bring it in for your dentist to examine if you can.

Put our number in your phone

When you need an emergency dentist in Southgate, you are, by definition, in some kind of urgent situation. You may not be thinking straight, especially if you are in shock, so if the number of Adams Dental, your emergency dentist in Southgate, is not already in your phone, then you will be wasting valuable time trying find it.

A dental emergency could be related to a toothache that has suddenly got so much worse. Toothaches can get really severe and be accompanied by swelling.  If this has happened to you, then you need to come and see us as soon as possible. You could have developed an abscess or infection and the quicker we are able to deal with this, you sooner you will no longer be in pain. Conversely, the longer you leave it, the more likely you are to lose your tooth, especially if the infection has got into the root.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateAccidents

If you are a sportsperson or a cyclist around town, you will definitely need to put our number in your phone. There is always the chance that you will get a tooth or two knocked out when you are away from home, either cycling or engaged in some kind of contact sport or just skateboarding with your mates.

Knocked out teeth

Did you know that if your tooth is still in one piece after it has been knocked out, then there is a very good chance that we will be able to put it back in for you, if you can get yourself and your tooth to us as quickly as possible, preferably within the hour so that the tissue clinging to the root is still alive?

The best way to get the tooth to us is to put it in your mouth. Pick it up by the crown, taking care not to touch the root and, if you can, put it in the empty socket. If that’s a bit too much to ask, tuck it inside your cheek. If you can’t put it in your mouth for some reason, store it in some milk. Then call us up and get here to your emergency dentist in Southgate as quickly as you can.