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Don’t ignore a toothache

That toothache just got a whole lot worse, and now you are waking up in great pain. Whereas you could get through the day without giving it too much thought yesterday, you’ve had this toothache for more than 2 days, and now it feels like a severe throbbing ache and the pain is going up through your jaw into your ear and down into your neck. It’s time to get yourself to the emergency dentist in Southgate.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateRinging for an appointment

Ring the emergency dentist in Southgate as early in the day as you can. That way, here at Adams Dental, we have more chance of being able to book you in for later in the day, and you won’t have to go through another night of barely sleeping because the pain is so bad.

What to do in the meantime:

  • Get out the thermometer and check to see if you have a temperature
  • Take some painkillers, if you haven’t already
  • Try using warm saltwater to rinse out your mouth
  • Only eat soft foods like yoghurt so you don’t have to chew
  • Avoid smoking as it can increase some dental problems.

What to expect at your emergency appointment

The emergency dentist in Southgate will make getting you out of pain their first priority. Once you are numb, the dentist will clean the area and take a look to see what is causing the toothache.

If your tooth is infected and there is a collection of pus, then it is important to drain the pus away. This may involve making a small incision in order to drain the pus. The dentist then has to remove the source of the infection. If left, the infection can spread to other parts of the body, such as the jawbone. The dentist may need to remove the tooth, but if this is not necessary, then they may just have to clean out the infection from inside the tooth. Tooth infections are often in the root of the tooth, so the dentist will remove the pulp and then fill and seal the tooth with a crown. This treatment is called root canal therapy.

There’s no need for your crisis to turn into drama

Even though you have got a horrible feeling of shock, mixed with generous doses of fear and panic, and the pain is starting to set in, if you are well prepared, there is no need for your accident to overwhelm you. Being prepared is the key when you suddenly need an emergency dentist in Southgate.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateThe trouble with having an accident where your teeth get knocked out is that for a while, it’s hard to be rational and together. That’s why being prepared is key to getting through the accident with the best outcomes. Now is not the time to waste precious minutes trying to remember the address or phone number of your dentist here at Adams Dental. You need to have our number already in your phone, preferably under something like ‘emergency dentist in Southgate’ so someone else can easily look it up if you are too busy spitting teeth and blood and picking teeth up off the pavement, sports pitch or court.

Also, if you are a sports coach, it’s a good idea to look up the local emergency dentist whenever your team is playing away, just in case you need to rush someone to the dentist to get their teeth put back in.

If what you do for fun could possibly end up with you and your teeth parting company, there are things you can do in advance to make sure you are reunited:

Whenever you are off to do that thing you love, take a clean handkerchief and a small pot of milk with you. And make sure that you and your fellow players know what to do when teeth start flying.

Here’s the drill:

  • Fish out the clean handkerchief. Bite down on it and try to stop any bleeding
  • Carefully pick the tooth by the crown, being very careful not to touch the root. If it’s filthy dirty, give it a rinse in milk or saliva, and then try to put it back into the empty socket
  • Or store it inside the mouth, tuck it inside the cheek, or put it in that pot of milk.
  • Get yourself to the emergency dentist in Southgate within 2 hours to get it put back in.

Use us as your emergency dentist in Southgate

It’s easy to remember the number for the emergency services, but what if you have a dental emergency? Dialling 999 won’t help. The operators can’t put you through to the emergency dentist in Southgate.

But in an emergency, it can be hard to think straight, especially if the emergency is an accident. People are in shock, or panic. Brains don’t work so well. And if you are on the floor, spitting blood and teeth, then do you really want to try and remember the name of Adams Dental so you can look us up on the internet, provided you haven’t run out of data, of course? Or do you want to look for ‘emergency dentist in Southgate’ in your contacts list?

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateStore our number

If you store our number now, then if you do have an accident, maybe while you are playing sport, or out cycling, then you will save valuable time in getting an appointment and getting to us.

Spitting teeth?

Time is of the essence if you have lost some teeth. You have about 2 hours to get them and you to a dentist and see if they can put them back in again. Depending on where you are, that might not be very long. So, store our number. Call us and tell us you have had your teeth knocked out and we will do our best to get you an appointment within 2 hours so that we can try and put your teeth back in again.

How to transport your teeth

Now that you have that appointment with us as your emergency dentist in Southgate, the next thing is to get your lost teeth to us in as good condition as possible.

You need to pick them up by the crown and not the roots. Don’t touch any fibres on the roots as you need this to be in as good condition as possible as they will reconnect your tooth root to your jawbone.

If you can, try and put the tooth back in the socket. If you can’t, tuck it inside your cheek or store it in a jar of milk. Do not store it in tap water or let it dry out.

What to do in a dental emergency

We have a comprehensive range of solutions to relieve pain or restore your smile if you have a dental emergency. We always try to offer you emergency treatment on the same day, so please call us at Adams Dental as soon as your dental emergency occurs. If your dental emergency happens outside of our usual practice hours, we can still help. Listen to the message on our telephone answering machine and follow instructions for out of hours emergencies.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateThere are many situations that can arise that require an emergency dentist in Southgate:

  • Chipped or broken teeth as a result of an accident or injury
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Severe toothache
  • Dental abscesses.

Do not delay visiting our emergency dentist in Southgate

In any kind of dental emergency, the sooner you can get to us the better. In cases such as knocked-out teeth, please keep and bring them to your emergency dentist in Southgate; it is possible they can be re-implanted. Leaving yourself in pain can lead to infection, and in some cases, long-term damage. No matter what has happened, whether it be an accident or a sudden painful toothache, please do not delay calling us.

What happens during an emergency dental appointment?

We will carry out a thorough examination of your mouth. We may need to take x–rays or scans to be able to see the extent of damage in your mouth. If you are in pain we can offer you a local anaesthetic to numb your discomfort. If you have had an injury, we will thoroughly clean and sterilise the affected area to minimise any risk of infection. Then, if you have damaged teeth, we will restore them, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the situation. If you have a severe injury or infection we may need to make an extraction. In this case we will discuss your restoration options.

We want to help you keep a healthy mouth

Getting your dental emergency seen to as quickly as possible is the key to protecting your oral health for the future. If you have a toothache, lost or broken crown, chipped tooth, knocked out tooth, abscess, or another dental trauma, we can take care of you.

Don’t get caught out by a dental emergency

Life is full of surprises. However much we want to keep everything under our control, events rarely work out the way we thought they would. This can be wonderful, such as when we get an unexpected job offer or an old friend turns up out of the blue.

And, it can also be a challenge, such as when we slip, trip or fall, and end up in A&E. This may not always come in the form of an accident: it could be that we are out enjoying ourselves, engaging in our favourite sport, such as BMXing, skateboarding or hockey, and we face plant off our bike or board or take an elbow to the face. An accident of this type could mean a trip to the emergency dentist in Southgate.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateWhen do I need to visit the emergency dentist in Southgate?

At Adams Dental, we’ve seen every type of dental emergency you can think of: knocked out, chipped, cracked and broken teeth, severe toothache, abscesses and even objects lodged in the mouth. As well as daredevil sports people, we’ve seen patients who like to play fast and loose with their teeth by using them to open a bottle or tear a package. So, however you’ve damaged your teeth or gums, or if you’re experiencing dental disease, don’t worry. Chances are you aren’t the first and our emergency dentist in Southgate will be more than happy to help.

What happens at an emergency appointment?

Unlike a routine dental check-up that focuses on examination, treatment is our priority. Our emergency dentist in Southgate may take x-rays or photographs, but their aim is for you to leave pain-free. It may be all we can do is give you pain relief, but if we can we will carry out treatment to resolve the issue. If further work is required, we will get that booked in for you as soon as possible.

Save our number today

You never know when you might need the emergency dentist in Southgate. Whether or not we are your regular dental practice, save our number in your phone today, so you can easily call us up if you do find yourself surprised by a dental emergency.

Trusting your teeth

When it comes to breaking a fall, you cannot rely on your teeth to catch you. Accidents happen, but sometimes tripping and falling can lead to greater problems for your smile. If your teeth have been badly affected by a clumsy mistake, then it is likely that you will need an emergency dentist in Southgate.

At Adams Dental, we try to see you as soon as possible if your smile is in need of an urgent fix. We also need your help when it comes to emergency appointments; ringing us as soon as you can after your accident can mean getting your teeth seen to earlier. Depending on the severity of your injury, it could be that a re-implantation of a tooth is necessary.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateComing to an emergency dentist in Southgate

While we like to think that you won’t need an emergency dentist in Southgate, it’s good to be prepared just in case. Knowing what’s what could just save your smile the trouble of further complications after an unfortunate injury.

After an accident, the dentist will examine your teeth up close to spot any problems that have occurred or could develop. Sometimes an x-ray needs to be taken of your teeth, so that any damage can be observed in detail. If your injury has caused you discomfort, the pain will be numbed with anaesthetic to keep you as relaxed as possible.

To avoid the possibility of infection, the affected area of your teeth will be sterilised by the dentist at Adams Dental. This can prevent other conditions that arise from infection, such as tooth loss. This is why we would encourage you to see an emergency dentist in Southgate as soon as possible, so that your smile can be restored earlier.

Your future smile

Healthy teeth are essential to a confident and happy smile, which is why it is important that you look after them. At times, it might be hard to distinguish an emergency treatment from a procedure that is needed in the near-future. If the problem with your teeth is causing your discomfort, such as in cases of broken teeth, toothache, avulsed teeth or facial swelling, you are probably in need of an emergency dentist in Southgate.

The signs of sadness

If someone has ever told you to cheer up, it’s probably because they want to see you smile. What that person might not know is that there is usually a reason for a frown, and something might be holding you back from showing off your smile. A sad face is likely when you have just had an accident and injured your teeth, so the cheering up can only come after you have seen an emergency dentist in Southgate.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateAt Adams Dental, we do like to see our patients smile. But our friendly dentists are also experienced enough to understand that the intense pain of toothache or a broken tooth might leave you feeling miserable. With the intention of turning frowns upside down, we would encourage patients to ring as soon as they can if they need an emergency dentist in Southgate.

A wounded smile

The saying that ‘accidents happen’ exists for a reason. At times, life’s little hiccups can creep up on us and give us a shock. Curbs can cause some damage when it comes to your teeth. Tripping and falling on your face isn’t a pleasant experience, but it can end in laughter. The part that may not be so funny is realising you have chipped or broken a tooth. That is when you might require an emergency dentist in Southgate like Adams Dental.

Here’s hoping you don’t, but if you should need an emergency dentist in Southgate we at Adams Dental would encourage you to get in contact with us as soon as possible. The earlier the better, as this means we can try and give you an appointment on the same day as your injury.

The restoration

When it comes to your appointment, a dentist at Adams Dental will thoroughly examine your teeth and the affected area. The injured tooth will be sterilised to avoid the possibility of infection. Depending on the severity of the damage done to your smile, the affected teeth can either be restored temporarily or permanently. By treating your damaged teeth after an accident, the emergency dentist in Southgate will improve your oral health for the future. That way, no one will tell you to cheer up again.

Here to help your smile

A trip to the dentist can be daunting because you don’t always know what to expect. When you really think about it though, what’s the worst that could happen? At Adams Dental, we ensure that all of our patients are welcomed into a warm and friendly environment where they can feel comfortable. The dentist is here to benefit you, your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

So when an accidents affects your teeth or toothache is causing you a lot of pain, it might be that you need an emergency dentist in North London, like us. Emergencies sound scary because everything seems urgent and panicked, but the whole idea is that an emergency dentist in North London will try and give you a healthier and happier smile for the future.

Emergency Dentist in North LondonThe earlier, the better

If you need an emergency dentist in North London, you don’t have panic. A dentist at Adams Dental will examine your teeth and find the necessary treatment to try and save your smile and oral health. It is important for a dentist to look at your teeth as soon after an accident as possible, so that if you have lost a tooth, it can be re-implanted.

If you have broken a tooth as a result of injury, it may be that it needs to be extracted. If that is the case, you don’t have to be concerned the welfare of your remaining teeth. Just because a random accident has impacted one tooth, doesn’t mean the others have to be at risk. This is when we discuss other procedures that you would feel comfortable with, such as implant treatment to restore your smile with a natural-looking replacement.

Your appointment with an emergency dentist in North London

At Adams Dental, we try and make sure that you can receive an emergency appointment on the same day as your injury. After your teeth are examined by a dentist, the severity of pain they cause will determine whether or not you need a local anaesthetic to ease any discomfort. Your teeth will then be sterilised to avoid infection and the dentist will tell you the treatment you might require.

How bad is that toothache?

If you get a toothache, you may be tempted to ignore it and hope that it goes away. You can try this for a day or two, but please don’t leave it too long before coming to see the emergency dentist in Southgate.

It may seem like a chore but coming to the emergency dentist in Southgate sooner rather than later could mean the difference between hanging onto the tooth with the ache and having it removed.

There are several types of toothache, but a severe one that goes around your whole head and into your ear needs to be checked out. It could well be that that pain is the symptom of a serious infection and that you have an abscessed tooth. At Adams Dental, we can help you identify the source of your pain.

Emergency Dentist in SouthgateSharp pain

If your toothache is a shooting, sharp pain that hits you and then is gone again and it exists in only one area, then it could be linked to a sensitivity in a tooth, a crack or recession of the gum that is exposing the inner parts or the root to the air.

Throbbing pain

If you have a severe, throbbing pain and your lymph glands or face have swollen up then this is usually a sign that you have an infection from an abscess. This can get rapidly worse so you need to see someone as soon as possible.

Pain when you eat

If you get a sharp pain when you eat, then it’s a fair bet that you have cracked a tooth or decay.

Lingering pain

If you have pain that’s been going on for a while, you may have nerve damage from grinding your teeth, from decay or trauma from an injury.

Pain at the back near the jaw joint

If your toothache is in the molars at the back of your mouth, this could be a result of impacted wisdom teeth that have not come through properly. It could also be from grinding your teeth at night, known as bruxism.

Whatever your pain, don’t leave it too late. Book an appointment with the emergency dentist in Southgate and get a proper diagnosis followed by any necessary dental treatment.

Be prepared!

Summer is here and that can mean a whole lot more time outside having adventures, trying out new sports and perhaps losing your front teeth. If you are a mountain biker, or a surfer, or love doing something that could involve a sudden facial injury, then you need to be prepared. This means making sure you have access to a good emergency dentist in North London.

Here at Adams Dental in Southgate, we pride ourselves on our services as an emergency dentist in North London. We are here when you have sudden, unexpected needs and we will do our utmost to help you.

Emergency Dentist in North LondonGet a mouth guard

If you are regularly doing something that could involve you getting your teeth knocked out, then you need to get a mouth guard. This is a rubbery guard that fits over your top teeth and gums to cushion them from any blows against a hard surface or someone else. It protects your teeth as well as your lips, tongue, cheeks and jaw. We make mouth guards using impressions of your teeth so that they fit precisely and are comfortable.

Put our number in your phone

If you do get your teeth knocked out, you need to be able to get to us as soon as possible. Putting our number in your phone will save you valuable time when you are in a state of shock.

Get here fast

If your teeth are still in one piece and you can get to us within two hours, we stand a good chance of being able to re-implant them into their sockets.

How to transport your teeth

Here are few tips on what to do:

  • Pick up your teeth by the crown and not the root. This avoids damaging the fibres still attached to the root;
  • Store the tooth either in your mouth or in a jar of milk. Never store them in tap water. The chemicals in it will kill the tooth;
  • Don’t let your tooth dry out;
  • Get here as fast as you can.

Now that you know all that, you can be prepared. We look forward to helping you when we act as your emergency dentist in North London.