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The role of emergency dental care to help restore good oral health

There are many factors which can affect our oral health. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol and a poor diet made up of sugary snacks and fizzy drinks have a significant detrimental effect on your teeth. Poor oral hygiene is also a major cause for dental issues; some illnesses and medication can affect the health of your teeth or you may have been in an accident or had an injury which affects your teeth. Many dental issues present no symptoms to begin with and may suddenly result in a dental emergency and provoke issues such as a sudden toothache, which doesn’t go away after taking painkillers. You may wake up to find you have an abscess, which usually presents itself as a lump or bump, is normally filled with pus and is due to an infection that can occur in the teeth, bone or gums which can be distressing, uncomfortable and even painful. You may have lost or broken a filling or a crown, chipped or broken a tooth, or you may have lost an adult tooth either due to an ongoing dental issue or trauma to your mouth. If you are experiencing any of these issues then it is important that you contact your emergency dentist in Southgate and seek immediate attention. The quicker your dentist is able to address your needs, the more effective the treatment will be and the less detrimental effect it will have on your surrounding healthy teeth and gums.


Speak to us about your dental anxiety

Speak to us at Adams dentals today and find out more about emergency dental care and other treatment options which are available to help address your dental needs. If you have not visited your dentist for a long time, you may not have felt the need to or you may have a reluctance towards visiting the dentist, then do not let this prevent you from contacting us or delaying dental care any longer. We understand that you may feel nervous or uneasy about visiting us in person but you can rest assured that your oral health is our priority. We will do our best to make sure that your visit here at Adams dental is as comfortable and stress-free as we can possibly make it. We offer sedation and anaesthetic for our patients with dental anxiety or dental phobia however, this is only if necessary. We will do our best to reassure you about the benefits of the different treatments and procedures that we offer here at Adams dental and why it is important to address your emergency dental issues sooner rather than later with your emergency dentist in Southgate to help prevent further complications in the future.

Contact us sooner rather than later

Contact us at Adams Dental immediately and we will try and make sure that we are able to give you an appointment with our emergency dentist in Southgate within 24 hours or on the same day to help address your issues and relieve you of your pain and discomfort. Sometimes you may require a course of antibiotics. By contacting us treatment can begin sooner and once your antibiotics are complete, you will be able to undergo dental treatment as required.

What to expect when you see our emergency dentist in Southgate

Many people know the drill when it comes to seeing their dentist for a biannual check-up.


They go in, there is a brief examination of the mouth and then, if needed, other procedures are done such as fillings, cleans and the application of fluoride sealants.

However, this can pose a bit of a puzzle when it comes to attending an emergency appointment; will it be the same?

Almost all dental surgeries across the UK can offer patients emergency appointments and, unlike other emergency departments such as A&E, you cannot simply walk in and be seen. You have to call ahead and will be given an appointment to attend, usually on the same day.

Our team at Adams Dental is proud of our emergency dentist in Southgate. We offer same-day appointments to all of our emergency patients and will always aim to make your appointments with us as simple and stress-free as possible, while also relieving any discomfort you may be in.

But what exactly can you expect when you attend a visit to our emergency dentist in Southgate?


If you have an abscess, a lost filling or an abnormal swelling, you may find it strange that our emergency dentist in Southgate has to perform an entire assessment of your mouth. But there is a reason!

If you are suffering from discomfort in one part of your mouth, it may be possible that it is referred pain from somewhere else that simply appears in that part of your mouth thanks to nerves. So, we perform a thorough assessment to check for that and to ensure that your overall oral health is good.

Discomfort relief

It stands to reason that, if you are attending our surgery for an emergency appointment, you are likely suffering from a bit of soreness or aching!

Should this be the case, our emergency team will take care to treat you as gently as possible while easing your discomfort with injectable numbing agents or pain relievers.


Of course, the main focus of what our emergency team does is to perform diagnostics; why is your tooth hurting or what is causing the abnormal swelling?

In most cases, we can manage the issue in our surgery but, should it be outside the realm of what we can handle, we may refer you to our nearest hospital where the issue can be better assessed and treated.


One of the most common emergencies that our team sees is dental abscesses which require some rather extensive treatment.

If you have one, we will aim to relieve the discomfort and treat the infection with antibiotics. We will usually do this before offering an extraction or root canal as an untreated infection could cause secondary issues throughout your body.


And finally, when you attend an emergency appointment with us, we may need to schedule a follow-up examination. Once again, if you have had an abscess, we will need to treat it with a root canal or an extraction and, in most instances, this can be done during the emergency appointment.

Adams Dental: emergency dentist in Southgate

When you are looking for a dentist, you may be considering the types of treatments available and what the practice and its staff are like. However, it is also worth considering if emergency care is part of the service. At Adams Dental, we are an emergency dentist in Southgate who will always seek to support patients during the working week and beyond. We also offer a wide range of treatments, so you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else. We have been established since 1981 and we have the experience of evolving with the latest dental treatments, whilst providing the same attentive and friendly care that you would expect from an emergency dentist in Southgate.


What treatments do you offer?

Alongside emergency care for sudden pain, accidents and issues with things like braces, we also offer general dentistry, cosmetic orthodontics, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics to name but a few services. We are able to help nervous patients through our calm approach to sedation and hypnotherapy. We are keen to ensure that all patients get the treatment they need in their own time, not ours. We won’t hurry you through a treatment and will take it all at your pace.

Many of our treatments are also designed to be less invasive by our emergency dentist in Southgate. If you are looking to realign your teeth, you may be interested to find out about a non-fixed method.


At Adams Dental, we offer a solution to realign your teeth that doesn’t involve fixed brackets and metal wires. Invisalign consists of clear plastic aligners that sit over the teeth and apply gentle pressure to move them into the desired position. They can be removed when you are eating, so you don’t need to change your diet. You can also brush and floss as normal afterwards. In fact, for up to 2 hours a day, you can remove your aligners when you want to  – the choice is yours! The aligners are made to measure your mouth and this means that they are more comfortable than brackets and wires. With the aligners being made from clear plastic, you shouldn’t need to visit us for an emergency appointment, as they are very difficult to break, unlike fixed metal braces. This means that you will require less time off work or school (for your children) to visit us.

How often would I need to visit?

With Invisalign, you will be provided with 6 weeks’ worth of aligners and you will change between them on a fortnightly basis. At the end of the 6 weeks, you will come to have a check-up with us and will be provided with further aligners. As some patients’ treatment ends after just 6 months, you may find you only have to visit us a handful of times. After treatment is completed, you will then need to wear retainers; it’s a great solution for mild to moderate alignment issues.

What next?

If you would like to find out how Adams Dental can help you, why not book in for an initial consultation? Whether you need an emergency appointment now, or in the future, we are here and have a vast number of treatments to help with any of your dental needs.

What is the treatment for a dental abscess? Our emergency dentist at Adams Dental answers

It can happen to anyone; there you are, going about your day when you notice a bruised, burning or aching sensation under one of your teeth. As the day progresses, it worsens to a point where you can’t eat or sleep. By this time, it’s time to call our team as you probably have an abscess! Commonplace in dentistry, abscesses can cause havoc and be extremely uncomfortable, so once you suspect that you have one, you need to seek professional help.


When you come to Adams Dental to see our emergency dentist in Southgate with an infection or abscess, they will perform a standard set of procedures to ensure that the abscess is controlled, healing and most importantly, that it never comes back. And with our compassionate and non-judgemental staff, you can rest assured that the infection will be treated quickly, allowing you to go about your day as planned. Perfect!

So, what steps does our emergency dentist in Southgate take in relation to dental abscesses? Read on to find out!


Our emergency dentist in Southgate will examine the infected tooth and swellings to assess the severity of the abscess. Once we have determined the underlying cause of the infection, we will discuss a treatment plan with you, so you know what your options are and what you can expect.


OK, with infections and abscesses, the first step that our team will usually take involves medication to control the infection. This will usually be an antibiotic, but if you have allergies to antibiotics, talk to our team.

While it is tempting to forego any further procedure once you start to feel better, you must come back to our surgery for any follow-up treatment surrounding an infected tooth, or it will recur and potentially be worse! Yikes!

Root canal

A root canal is a process whereby our team drills into the pulp of the tooth and removes the infection manually. This option is only considered if the tooth is healthy enough to be saved.

Once we have removed the infected debris, we will top the canal off with either a crown or filling to prevent an infection from recurring.


Should the tooth be rotten beyond saving, then our team will perform an extraction.

Once the tooth has been removed, we will clean the surrounding site and will aim to remove the infected debris from the pulp.

After this stage is complete, we will usually sew the gums up to prevent secondary complications like dry socket from occurring.


Once you have had a dental infection and are recovering, you may need to come back into the surgery a few times for our team to check that it is healing. You may also need to see your doctor if it was a very complex abscess.

Be sure to attend these appointments, especially if you had a root canal performed but your root was misshapen or curved, as these roots have the highest failure rates in relation to endodontics.

Understanding when to call upon your trusted emergency dentist

Protecting your smile


At Adams Dental, our emergency dentist in Southgate has dedicated themselves to restoring the smiles of those in need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Dental emergencies – such as lost or chipped teeth – are never easy, and can often have traumatic repercussions. However, the sooner you seek out help from our expert emergency dentist, the higher the likelihood is that they can re-insert the tooth (if lost completely) or fixed the same day.

Recognising a dental emergency

While dental trauma is certainly one of the most dramatic – and easy to spot – dental emergencies, it is not the only telltale sign that a visit to our emergency dentist in Southgate is called for. There are, in fact, several other dental indicators that something is wrong which our patients should be aware of in order to act accordingly.

One such indicator is a severe or sudden toothache. While toothache, in general, is usually something that can be treated with over-the-counter medicines, if the pain onsets suddenly and gets worse over time rather than better, you should make an appointment with your emergency dentist in Southgate as soon as possible.

Another sign that a visit to our emergency dentist is needed is facial swelling. If you notice swelling along your jawline as well as red or inflamed gums, it may indicate a dental abscess or infection. If this is not addressed as quickly as possible by an expert emergency dentist then it could continue to spread and cause further damage.

What can an emergency dentist do?

Thankfully, although any of the above situations can be incredibly stressful and testing they are all perfectly solvable by our highly trained emergency dental experts. Given the nature of what an emergency dentist does, no two treatments are ever identical.

Over their years of service to the local Southgate area and beyond however our emergency dental team have seen teeth in every state imaginable – and always done their absolute best to restore them and give the patient something to smile about.

What happens at an emergency dental appointment?

Again, given the nature of the treatments that our emergency dentist provides, treatments are rarely the same twice. That being said, there are certain processes that will be carried out depending on the severity and specifics of the emergency.

Firstly, if a tooth has been lost or chipped (which is one of the most common dental emergencies we treat) our dental practitioners will conduct a thorough examination of the damaged area – which may involve taking x-rays to establish how much treatment is called for. Then, if the patient is in severe pain, they will then administer a localised anesthetic to make the patient more comfortable. Following this, the emergency dentist will then sterilise the damaged or affected area to remove any foreign particles or dirt.

Once the area is clean the dentist will begin treatment, which may involve reinserting the lost tooth (if possible) either temporarily or permanently. In instances where the tooth is damaged beyond repair, the dentist may then carry out an extraction or discuss this further with the patient.

A trip to the emergency dentist with your child; what you can expect as a parent

Being a parent is tough. And it can get a whole lot tougher when your child comes back from a sports match or other event and has a chipped or cracked tooth.


And while it can be very tempting to overlook such an occurrence, as soon as you notice the damage to your child’s tooth/teeth or they tell you about it, you need to contact an emergency dental team.

Because emergency dental cases aren’t reserved exclusively for adults. Everything from cavities, to abscesses, to the examples above warrant emergency dental trips. Also, if your child has sudden swelling to the face or jaw, you will need to contact our team for help.

At Adam’s Dental, we take great pride in our emergency dentist in Southgate and should your child need help with their cracked or sore teeth, we will be there to ensure that they feel better as soon as possible. Because that is what emergency dental care is all about!

What can you as the parent expect when you accompany your child to see our emergency dentist in Southgate? Read on to find out!


As the first step, our emergency dentist in Southgate will assess the damage or injury to your child’s mouth.

If your child is in a great deal of discomfort or is highly anxious, we will spend some time talking to them to reassure them while administering pain relief. We may need to take X-Rays and, if your child has chipped or broken a tooth and you have retained fragments of it, we will look to assess if we can successfully reattach them.


As before, we will often administer pain relief to ensure that your child is comfortable. We will also spend some time talking to them about what we are going to do, to calm their nerves.


The treatment received will depend on the emergency we are faced with.

In cases such as broken or chipped teeth, we will aim to restore the damaged area using composite or fillings. If your child has a toothache caused by a cavity, we will fill it.

In the most extreme cases of a dental emergency, such as abscesses, we will usually prescribe antibiotics to control the infection and suggest a follow-up appointment with their regular dentist in a few days.


The aftercare we recommend will vary depending on the issue.

In the case of chipped teeth, no additional care is needed. If your child had a filling, we will advise that they cut back on sugary produce in their diet. If they have an abscess, they will need to take their antibiotics and follow up with their regular dental team in a few days; when an abscess has occurred, a root canal or extraction may be needed to prevent a recurrence.


We will also offer prevention advice.

If the emergency was caused by playing sports, we may recommend that your child has a sports guard made to prevent another injury from occurring.

Have some queries for an emergency dentist? Your top 5 answered by Adams Dental

It is rarely a good sign when you are awoken from sleep by a toothache.


Or, if you have gone into work and notice a swelling forming on the side of your face, it is unlikely that it will go away without medical intervention. And while the last year has been a bit chaotic in relation to dental care and health-related emergencies, if you find yourself in one of the above scenarios, you need to see an emergency dental team.

Why? Well, firstly, no-one likes a toothache and secondly, because seeking urgent medical attention will reduce the risk of invasive procedures further down the line.

And when you come to see our emergency dentist in Southgate, our team at Adam’s Dental will ensure that you are treated with some much needed TLC. We will perform an assessment of your situation and aim to resolve any discomfort as soon as possible, allowing you to get on with your life discomfort free. Great stuff!

Have some questions about seeing our emergency dentist in Southgate? Read on for the answers to the top 5 FAQs our team are asked.

Why would I need an emergency appointment?

There are many dental issues that need to be overseen by our emergency dentist in Southgate; discomfort being the most pressing one!

But if you notice that you have swelling in the facial area, or notice that you have a loose filling or crown, then you need to see our team. If you are uncertain if your dental issue needs an emergency appointment, ask our receptionist team for more information.

What should I expect when I attend?

As mentioned before, our emergency team will make an assessment of your mouth and determine what the issue is.

If it is a loose filling, for instance, we will replace it and treat any associated infection if required. If you have a more serious emergency, such as an abscess, we will provide medications to control the infection but you will need to come in and see us again in a few days.

Will you be able to stop any discomfort?

Yes; we know that dental emergencies can be uncomfortable and we will endeavour to remove as much discomfort as possible using numbing gels and prescribe pain relief if necessary. We will also, obviously, treat the source of the discomfort to prevent it from returning.

Can an emergency dental team prescribe antibiotics?

Yes, we can, and will if we feel you need them to control an oral infection or aggressive presentation of periodontal disease.

If you have an infection, you will need to come back to our surgery for a follow-up appointment.

Will I need a follow-up?

This will depend on the source of the emergency; if it is an infection, then yes. This will allow our regular dental team to perform a root canal or another restorative procedure to remove the source of the infection and to prevent it from coming back.

In some cases, no immediate follow-up is needed.

Need to see an emergency dentist? A guide from Adams Dental

In recent times, there has been some debate over what to do during a dental emergency.


Before 2020, it was a simple case of contacting the dental team you were registered with and attending an appointment as soon as you could, but with the rise of COVID-19, has this procedure changed?

In short, no. Luckily dental teams are still able to see emergency dental patients, but what do you do if you are only experiencing a dental emergency for the first time during the pandemic?

Whether you have a lost tooth or are in extreme dental pain, our emergency dentist in Southgate can help. At Adams Dental, we are proud of our emergency dental team, and seek to provide a same-day response to anyone who comes to see us with oral discomfort. We will treat the issue and ensure that when you leave our surgery, any discomfort is relieved and you are on the road to recovery. Brilliant!

But first, what warrants a trip to our emergency dentist in Southgate and what should you do if you encounter one? Read on to find out!

What is a dental emergency?

As mentioned earlier, if you have a lost tooth or have dental pain, you need to see our emergency dentist in Southgate. However, if you notice a loose or lost crown or filling, a crack or chip in your teeth or if there is a bleed hard to staunch, which doesn’t cease after 20 minutes of applied pressure, come and see us.

Clean the area

When you notice that you have a chipped tooth or a lost filling, the first thing you need to do is clean the area. Yes, this may be sensitive, but keeping any dental site free from debris will make it more comfortable; we recommend using salt water and a gentle rinsing motion.

Over-the-counter pain relief

Next, search your home for pain relief; if you have ibuprofen or another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, now is the time to take it to alleviate any associated discomfort or swelling.

Contact our team

At Adams Dental we will aim to fit any emergency appointments in on the same day we are contacted; explain to our receptionists which issues you are experiencing and you will be triaged.

Obviously, if you are having issues breathing or opening and closing your mouth, go immediately to Accident and Emergency.

Attending the appointment

When you come to the appointment, we will treat you with the compassion and care you need. We will assess the area and seek to restore any lost fillings, conceal any chip etc. If you have an infection, we will prescribe you with antibiotics to control it until your regular dentist can make an assessment.

Aftercare and prevention

If we book you in for a follow-up appointment, please keep it; we may need to perform an additional procedure such as a root canal which will prevent a recurrence.

For prevention of dental emergencies, keep up with your dental hygiene and attend our surgery every 6 months for a check-up.

How can our emergency dentist help you?

We understand that sometimes accidents can happen with your teeth, such as breakages, and this is why it is so useful that we offer an emergency dentist in Southgate. It can be upsetting and scary when something goes wrong with your teeth or gums, and this is why we have allotted emergency appointment times.


What is a dental emergency?

You may be wondering, what sorts of things are seen as a dental emergency? And what are the symptoms that come with having a dental emergency? There are a few different things that might give you a reason to call us, all of them are likely to be painful and uncomfortable, and we will do all we can to help you with this.

Knocked out/broken tooth

One of the more common reasons that someone may book an appointment with our emergency dentist in Southgate is when they have had an accident and their tooth has come out or been damaged. This can be painful and put the surrounding teeth at risk, which is why it is important to contact us as soon as possible after the accident. In some cases, if you have saved the tooth or the rest of a partly broken tooth, we might be able to reattach it. This only really happens if the broken bit of tooth is in good enough condition to reattach it. If you don’t have the broken parts of your tooth, or we can’t reattach it, we will most likely extract the rest of the tooth to prevent any further damage. Don’t worry about this though, as we will go through the options you have to replace the missing tooth.


This is also one of the more common reasons as to why our patients may need an emergency appointment. Toothache involves you having extreme pain in usually one part of your mouth. This can be due to a number of dental problems, such as infection, decay, a damaged tooth and more. We recommend that if you experience the toothache for 2 days or more, and the pain does not go away with painkillers, then this is when you should contact us for an appointment with our emergency dentist in Southgate.

What happens in an emergency appointment?

When you arrive at your appointment, we will examine your teeth to find where the damage is, or assess your tooth if it has broken. If you are experiencing a lot of pain, then we can help you with this by providing pain relief such as local anaesthetic or a numbing agent. This can really help if you are in pain or are nervous about having emergency dental work done.

After the first two steps have been completed, it is important for us to sterilise the area to prevent any infection from occurring as much as we can. After this, we will do whatever we can to try and fix whatever the problem was that you arrived with. The amount we can do in one appointment does vary depending on the severity of the problem, but we will always do the best we can to alleviate your pain in that moment, and create a plan going forward if needed.

Here at Adams Dental, we strive to keep our patients’ oral health as good as possible, to prevent dental emergencies happening in the first place. But if they ever do arise, then you can have comfort in knowing that we are here to help you.

Got a pain in your tooth? Five FAQs about dental emergencies with Adams Dental

It can feel like the earth has stopped spinning; you are working away at your job and suddenly, after sipping a coffee, you are met with a sharp pain underneath your tooth.


At first, you brush it off as being a bit of sensitivity, but as the day goes on, the discomfort gets worse until you are taking over the counter pain medication to relieve it.

This scenario, or others like it, are surprisingly common in the UK and, while unpleasant to go through, these are the times when you need to know that your dental surgery will be able to slot you in for an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

At Adams Dental, we know that you never want to have to see an emergency dentist in Southgate, but just in case you need to, we have one on site! Prioritising to fit you in with a same-day appointment, our dentists will carefully examine the area and will aim to get you back on your feet as soon as they can.

But, how is an emergency dentist in Southgate different from a regular one? The answer to this and more questions about dental emergencies are found below.

How is a regular dentist different from an emergency one?

Similar to the difference between a nurse working at a GP surgery and one who works in a hospital, an emergency dentist in Southgate is going to have more experience at treating common dental emergencies, such as abscesses or chipped teeth.

Our emergency practitioner at Adams Dental will aim to ensure that you are completely comfortable before proceeding with treatment, and unlike regular dentists, they will only focus on the area of the emergency issue.

Will an emergency practitioner be able to resolve the issue?

Often, yes.

If your emergency is related to a chipped, cracked or decayed tooth, many emergency teams will be able to repair these problems immediately.

However, for more complicated issues, like infections, our team will aim to resolve the pain as the first course of action and you may require a further appointment with a member of our team for a root canal.

Am I experiencing a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies often involve a great deal of discomfort as one of the main symptoms, but if you notice a chipped tooth or have an unusual lump in your mouth, it is worth booking a same-day appointment just to be extra cautious.

Are emergency dental teams available 24 hours a day?

At Adams Dental, our emergency team is available Monday to Saturday within regular appointment hours.

If you need urgent treatment outside these hours, contact your local hospital to see their onsite dental team.

What if I have an infection?

Infections are a common cause of dental emergencies and our team will attempt to numb the area fully before attempting treatment.

Often, we will prescribe a course of antibiotics as a first step and book you in for a follow-up appointment for further treatment options, like a root canal or extraction.