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Choosing a dentist for nervous patients

If you are nervous about visiting the dentist, it is important to choose a dentist in Southgate very carefully. Not all dentists are equal when it comes to nervous or anxious patients. Some dentists are more geared towards caring for nervous patients, and here at Adams Dental we pride ourselves on our training and experience in helping patients suffering with anxiety.

Dentist in SouthgateHow a dentist can help you relax

There are a number of ways in which an experienced dentist in Southgate can help nervous patients relax. One is atmosphere. In creating a relaxed atmosphere at the practice, we help patients to feel more at ease straight away. We make our patients feel safe by offering comforting surroundings, which can help to reduce anxiety.

Distraction is another good way to reduce nervous tension. Here at Adams Dental, we can offer nervous patients entertainment to distract them from their worries. You can watch TV, listen to music using noise-cancelling headphones to block out the drone of the drill, or even make use of advanced DVD glasses to watch a film.

Sedation is an option for very anxious patients. The dentist in Southgate will talk this through with you, as we like to try treating without sedation if possible. If you do decide you require sedation, it will be either oral, for a light, relaxing sensation, or IV sedation for a deep relaxation that will leave you conscious and able to communicate but drowsy and very calm. Our specially trained seditionists will take care of you.

Before resorting to sedation, you might like to try hypnosis. We are very lucky to be able to offer the services of a hypnotherapist, which is unusual for a dentist in Southgate. If you have a phobia of dentists or needles, hypnosis could be the answer for you.

Don’t let your fear stop you from getting treatment

With all these solutions, there is no reason not to visit a dentist in Southgate regularly for check-ups, or if you require treatment. Don’t let your anxiety stop you from keeping your teeth healthy. With a focus on nervous patients, Adams Dental will do everything we can to help you to feel comfortable and trust us to treat you.

A real family dentist in Southgate

What does it mean to be a family dentist in Southgate? Does it mean that you treat the whole family, that you can cater for people’s dental needs no matter what their age? If so, we do that here at Adams Dental.

And if being a family dentist also means that the dental practice is run by a team of family members, then Adams is a family dentist in Southgate in every sense of the phrase.

Dentist in SouthgateWho is in the family?

Adams Dental was started by dental couple Alexander and Anne Adams more than 30 years ago. Sadly, Anne died in 2005, but since then the Adams children have grown to adulthood and Alex is pleased that they chose to align their careers with those of their parents and have joined Adams Dental on Chase Side in Southgate.

Dr Alexander Adams

Since founding Adams Dental in 1981, Alex has gone on to create a clinic where the caring and friendly atmosphere encompasses excellence in dentistry. As a dentist, he has clocked up on more than 30 years in general and cosmetic dentistry, taking on some of the most challenging cases a dentist will come across in their career.

Dr Ricky Adams

Ricky graduated as a dentist in 2008 and in the last 10 years has gone on to pursue his interests in cosmetic dentistry and non-surgical facial aesthetics. He also works with nervous clients, using his skills in hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to create a sense of calm in them.

Brothers Christopher and Andrew Adams are also part of the team here at Adams Dental, where we also have the services of a great team of providers, to create a team that feels like a family.

We have Dr Antonis Pisiaras as our implant surgeon and Deepti Katechia as our dental surgeon. Dr Nikolaos Mardas does our gum disease work and Natalie Turner is our hygienist.


Our treatments cover every aspect of family dentistry, from preventive dentistry for children and adults to cosmetic dentistry to brighten smiles. We also offer dental implants for lost teeth and work as an emergency dentist serving the local area.

Don’t let anything stop you going to the dentist in Southgate

Sooner or later, the time comes around when you need to go for your check-up at the dentist. As you probably have been told, these check-ups are important not to skip, here’s why:

  • We can check for early signs of gum disease and oral cancer, which when spotted early, should be easy to treat
  • We can thoroughly clean the teeth, getting rids of bits that you’ve missed and helping to prevent plaque build-up
  • We can advise you on where to improve your oral hygiene
  • You can tell us if you have experienced any unusual sensations in the mouth
  • We can see if you need treatment, and tackle any problems as soon as possible.

Dentist in SouthgateThe number of visits to the dentist in Southgate varies from person to person, but we will advise how often we need to see you for a check-up.

It’s important to take the time to see us if you do have any dental problems, as the sooner they are tackled the better. If they are left untreated they will become more costly and trickier to treat over time.

We offer a broad range of treatments, ranging from dental implants, restorative dental treatment such as crowns and dentures, general treatment such as root canal therapy, and preventive dentistry. We also provide a range of treatment for those looking to improve the aesthetics of their smile.

What about nervous patients

It is not uncommon for people to be slightly anxious of their trips to the dentist in Southgate. Maybe it is the fear of the unknown, or they’ve heard of someone who’s had a bad experience. We at Adams Dental deal with many nervous patients, providing a non-judgemental, relaxing atmosphere to discuss their treatment and voice their concerns. We believe that fear of treatment should not stop people from the experiencing the necessary benefits of going for a dental-check-up, which is why we do our best to accommodate nervous patients so they can get the attention they need.

We provide a range of options to help distract you during treatment and help you feel at ease. We can also offer sedation or hypnosis if you are comfortable and we think it’s a good option for you.

Stay healthy with the dentist in Southgate

As dental research advances, it is becoming increasingly clear that what goes on in the mouth plays an important part in what goes on in the rest of the body. The mouth is the gateway to the digestive system, which feeds the rest of the body, and it is also a gateway to the respiratory system, which fuels the body with oxygen.

Dentist in SouthgateA healthy mouth helps keeps the rest of the body healthy, and vice versa. Diseases that are associated with oral health include:

  • diabetes (it increases your chances of gum disease and decreases your ability to heal)
  • heart disease (the theory is that inflammation in the mouth causes inflammation in the blood vessels)
  • osteoporosis (bone loss in the body usually means bone loss in the jawbone too).

There are also links to rheumatoid arthritis, lung conditions and obesity.

Keeping healthy can help keep the mouth healthy, and keeping the mouth healthy may also help keep the body healthy too.

Get those check-ups at the dentist in Southgate

Knowing the links between oral health and overall health is one reason why we want our patients at Adams Dental to have regular check-ups. If you are in good nick, this means coming in twice a year for us to give your teeth, gums, jawbone and other parts the once-over. If you have problems, or are pregnant, you may need to come in more often.

The two big issues, of course, are gum disease and tooth decay, neither of which can be spotted in their early stages unless you visit the dentist in Southgate, and both of which can lead to tooth loss and may affect your overall health.

Spot them early, treat them easily

Both problems are caused by the build-up of bacterial plaque, which gives off acids. They attack tooth enamel, creating holes through which decay can get in and attack the inner tooth. The acids also attack the gums, inflaming them and lifting them away from the tooth so that acids can get underneath to attack the tooth root and jawbone.

Treating both is easy in their early stages: fillings and good cleaning will sort you out. But as they advance, the treatment becomes more invasive and more complex.

Why choose Adams Dental?

There are thousands of dental practices in the UK. Even in one local area, there are many different surgeries to choose from. It’s one of the first things we do when we move somewhere new, isn’t it? Find a new dental practice and get a check-up. So, how can you make the choice?

As with anything in life, different people have different needs, so it’s great that there are a variety of clinics to choose from. Let us tell you a bit about how we work at Adams Dental, so you can decide if we are the dentist in Southgate for you.

Dentist in SouthgateOur philosophy

We’ve been established as a dentist in Southgate for nearly 40 years. In that time, we’ve built-up many long-running relationships with our patients, sometimes serving many generations of the same family. We are ourselves a family-run practice, so we know the value of a personal, tailored approach to care. We believe in continuity of care and long-term connections, with our staff, who tend to stay with us for many years, and with our patients.

Our patients tell us it’s like being part of a family and that sums up the heart of our approach. We see all our patients as individuals and treat each and every one of them with compassion and understanding.

Fear of the dentist in Southgate

Because we are so patient-focused, we specialise in working with nervous patients. Fear of the dentist is very common, and we have many tools to help ease that anxiety. We are so practised at working with this group, that other dentists even refer their nervous patients to us.

There are many ways we can help: first up is by providing a comfortable and soothing environment: this includes our friendly and helpful reception staff, and our modern and clean waiting area.

We will also listen to your concerns and give you space to air your fears. This, along with gently and carefully explaining the details of your treatment plan, helps to allays worries about what will happen next.

And if you need help during the treatment, we can offer sedation or hypnosis to help put your nervous system at ease.

Why you need to go to the dentist in Southgate

Like getting up in the morning, eating and drinking in the day, and cleaning the house, going to the dentist in Southgate is just something that has to be done.

Dentist-in-SouthgateIt’s not too time consuming, as most people only need to visit the dentist roughly every six months, however this does vary depending on your individual needs.

The time you spend at the dentist in Southgate will be time well spent, and your teeth and gums will thank you for it in the long run. Even if you look after your teeth well, the dentist will be able to spot bits of the mouth that have been neglected. They’ll give your mouth a thorough clean, removing dental plaque and tartar, while offering suggestions on how to improve your daily health regime.

Dentists can also spot signs of tooth decay and gum disease as well and severe diseases, such as oral cancer. When spotted early, these can be easily countered.

What we can do for you

Here at Adams Dental, we provide these all-important dental check-ups to help keep you in good oral health. We will also advise if you need treatment.

We offer a wide range of dental treatment to suit your specific dental needs, these include:

  • Root canal treatment
  • Extractions and oral surgery
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Dental implants
  • Clear braces.

We recognise that everyone’s experience at the dentists is unique, and adapt to this, offering services such as preventive dentistry for children’s teeth, and coaching and care for nervous patients.

We understand that teeth can be about more than health, and many people want to enhance the appearance of their teeth. If you are looking to improve your smile, we offer treatments such as:

  • Teeth whitening, either premium or standard teeth whitening;
  • Porcelain veneers, covering the odd discoloured or chipped tooth;
  • White fillings, to replace unsightly metal fillings;
  • Composite bonding to improve the overall shape and colour of the teeth.

We also go that extra mile to help you feel confident in your look, offering Botox and dermal fillers, for those who want a softer appearance.

Whatever your dentistry needs, we aim to find the best solution to leave you feeling confident and happy with your teeth.

Getting to know you

When you are taking a trip to the dentist, it’s nice to know what to expect before you go. Knowing that you’re going into a familiar environment where you know you and your teeth will be cared for is a comforting feeling. It means going to the dentist without much fear at all, feeling confident that you will be reassured of your health and happiness, whether you are there for a check-up or a specific treatment.

Dentist in SouthgateIf you are seeking a dentist in Southgate, we at Adams Dental like to make sure that all of our patients feel content when they come in for an appointment. We encourage our patients to arrange routine check-ups with us, ensuring that you can feel calm and relaxed because you know us. Having regular appointments with us can benefit your oral health because our dentists can spot any signs of certain conditions early.

The look and feel of your smile

As a dentist in Southgate, we provide treatments that focus on both the wellbeing and aesthetics of your teeth. Prevention is preferred over treatment, which is when procedures that focus on dental hygiene, tooth decay detection and treatment for gum disease come in handy.

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean contributes to a gleaming smile. A hygiene appointment can involve the polishing of your teeth to remove any stains that may taint your smile. The dentist in Southgate can then offer you some friendly advice on brushing and flossing techniques and dietary advice for you to get the most out of your routine. On the cosmetic side of your smile, we also provide teeth whitening treatments to improve the discolouration that might be affecting your confidence.

Decay and disease treated by a dentist in Southgate

When it comes to detecting tooth decay, prevention is ideal for the future of your smile and oral health. Whether or not tooth decay is causing you discomfort, spotting the problem early can prevent further complications such as infection, bone loss or excessive tooth damage.

Gum disease can cause redness and soreness of the tissues supporting the teeth. This is often a consequence of too much plaque or bacteria building up on your teeth.

The visiting the dentist can be easy

Having your teeth examined by a dentist can seem impersonal and invasive. You’re under a spotlight, the dentist is tapping at each tooth and speaking in a strange combination of numbers and letters. But a trip to a dentist in Southgate doesn’t have to be all that way, because at Adams Dental we like to get to know our patients. We like to understand what makes you feel comfortable at our friendly dentist in Southgate. We might even prove that there is such a thing as an enjoyable trip to the dentist because at Adams Dental, we want you to sit back and relax.

Dentist in SouthgateWe understand that some patients feel more nervous than others, which is why we will treat you with care and comfort in a relaxed atmosphere. Getting all the nervousness out of the way can mean focussing on your smile. For us, trust is important. We like to think you can trust us enough to care for your teeth, so we can listen to your concerns and any issues that may be concerning you.

Treating your smile right

At Adams Dental, we offer a range of treatments to enhance, improve and restore smiles. We encourage our patients to visit regularly, ensuring that their oral health and hygiene can be maintained. By spotting problems early, preventive dentistry can mean avoiding further complications. This includes the prevention and treatment of conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay, which can both lead to tooth loss.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, sometimes all it takes is a little polish and shine. It might be that you’re always worried about the colour of your teeth when you look in the mirror or see pictures of yourself. You find yourself comparing the yellow of your teeth to the whiteness of your toothpaste. If that is the case, then Adams Dental is a dentist in Southgate that provides teeth whitening treatment to brighten up the smile.

If you’ve reached the stage of tooth loss, then you shouldn’t have to lose your smile too. We suggest that patients with missing teeth consider dental implants to fill in the gaps, acting as natural-looking replacements to complete a smile.

You can count on us

Why do we choose the things we do? The decision to buy a product or service is a complicated one, and the received wisdom is that we need to see marketing or advertising on a particular item up to 10 times before we make the choice to purchase.

When it comes to medical services, trust is a big factor. When we receive any kind of treatment we are at our most vulnerable, putting our health and wellbeing in someone else’s hands. So, we naturally want to make sure they are a safe pair of hands.

Dentist in SouthgateAs a dentist in Southgate, here at Adams Dental we fully understand what an act of trust it is to go to the dentist. That’s why we put our focus on customer care and treating each of our patients as the individual they are, with unique and specifics needs. Our compassionate and friendly approach means that when you come to Adams Dental, whether it’s for a simple check-up or lengthy braces treatment, we see you as part of our community, here at our family-run practice.

We don’t just see you as a broken tooth or a set of dentures – we see a person with a life, home, work and particular set of circumstances. Our dentists tend to stay with us for the long term, so you and your family can see the same clinician for many years.

If going to the dentist in Southgate makes you feel nervous or anxious, you can rest assured we understand what you are going through. All our staff – reception and clinical – are trained to help support nervous patients, so much so that other dental practices refer their anxious patients to us.

We have a range of techniques to help you feel at ease at the dentist in Southgate, including hypnosis, conscious sedation and in-chair entertainment such as listening to music or an audio book.

We’ve been around since 1981 so we have the track record to prove that we are committed to patient care. Still not sure? You are very welcome to call into our dentist in Southgate, chat to our friendly staff and take a look at our fresh and modern facilities.

We really are the Adams family

Have you noticed how more and more dentists are sounding like hairdressers these days? It used to be that dental practices were named after the dentists who ran them. Now they are all about something to do with your smile. One reason for this is because dental practices are business that get bought and sold. It’s unlikely that Fred Smith who started a practice back in the 1950s is still working, or that he passed it onto his offspring. So, the practice got sold to another dentist, and the name was changed. Not so at Adams Dental. This dentist in Southgate was started more than 30 years ago by our practice principal Dr Alexander Adams, and his wife Anne.

Dentist in SouthgateNow pretty much the whole family is involved with the dentist in Southgate in some way or other. Alexander’s son Dr Ricky Adams is a co-owner now. He brings clinical hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming into the practice, both of which are very useful for calming nervous patients. On reception, we also have Christopher Adams, another clinical hypnotherapist, and Andrew Adams.

Of course, being called Adams is not a pre-requisite, we prefer skill and experience and that’s why we also have a great team of dentists, hygienists and other staff here. It’s all about making sure that you get the best experience you can from a well-loved family dentist in Southgate.

Safe in our hands

One of our main aims is to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed whether you are popping in for a simple check-up or are having a more complex and extensive treatment such as dental implants. We want you to feel at home and we have designed the practice environment to be calming and soothing. We are all trained to take care of nervous patients, and we have a range of ways to take your mind off your treatment, from hypnotherapy to entertainment and sedation.

All your dental needs

We cover everything from general to cosmetic and advanced dentistry, including dental implants, and we also offer facial treatments. We also pride ourselves on being a great emergency dentist in Southgate. Why not come and check us out? We’d love to meet you.