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Trust in us, we won’t let you down

When it comes to medical treatment, trust is a big factor. Receiving any kind of treatment can be a nervous experience, especially when you consider permanent changes such as altering the configuration of our teeth and oral structures. Naturally, when you’re selecting a dentist in Southgate, you are going to want to ensure you can trust those who carry out the work.

Dentist in Southgate

As a dentist in Southgate, here at Adams Dental we fully understand that the relationship between dentist and patient is based on trust. That’s why we put our focus on customer care, treating our patients with kindness, care and professionalism. Our family-run practice will put your needs at the centre of our approach, whether you’re here for a dental check-up or a dental implant.

Since our practice is well established with dentists that remain with us for many years, you can guarantee that when you invest in a relationship with your dentist, they’re here to stay. We have found this approach means we can tailor our care specifically to you as we get to know not only your oral health, but your general health, your work and your life. This helps us build a picture so we can identify possible stressors which then informs our preventive dentistry through to our diagnostic ability.

This ongoing relationship can also help you tackle issues such as nervousness or dental anxiety. As your dentist in Southgate, you can rest assured we understand and will take steps to support you. All our staff – reception and clinical – are trained to help nervous patients, with us regularly receiving referrals from other clinics for patients with anxiety. 

We offer a range of techniques and treatments to help you feel at ease at the dentist in Southgate, including hypnosis, conscious sedation and in-chair entertainment. This will help distract you and provide a sense of peace you need to fully relax into your appointments.

Why not pop into our clinic today, and look around the clinic. We’d be happy to talk you through any questions so we can find out how best we can serve you as your dentist in Southgate.

Welcome all new patients

If you’re new to the area or your looking for a dentist in Southgate, Adams Dental is worth taking into consideration. At Adams Dental we welcome all new patients with a comprehensive new patient examination as well as introducing you to the team and the range of services we can offer you. Here is a quick peek into what you can expect. 

Dentist in Southgate

New patient examination

Our new patient examination is an in-depth look into your oral health. For this reason, we make the appointment 30 minutes long. We will also discuss any treatments you may need or any areas of dental improvements you’d like to consider.

The examination includes an oral screening for cancer, this will include all of the soft tissue of your mouth, into your facial structures and neck. Don’t be alarmed by this, as it is a routine check. Should we discover anything we will either treat you at the clinic as your dentist in Southgate, or if we can’t treat you on site, we will refer you to the correct specialist.

We will also investigate the health of your teeth and gums, looking for any signs of infection or cavities, as well as making notes on chips, cracks, overcrowding or bite issues.

From this in-depth investigation, we’ll give you personalised advice on how you can best take care of your oral health. We can also discuss any immediate restorative or preventive dental measures we recommend. In addition, we also offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry to improve smiles, as well as beauty treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers.

If you have any concerns as a nervous patient, we are highly sympathetic. We offer a range of services to support you, from coaching sessions to sedation during treatment. We aim to make appointments more easeful for you. Entertainment such as flat screens, noise cancelling headphones and DVD glasses, are also options to help distract you.

As your dentist in Southgate we ensure our services are patient centric. We achieve this by offering you consistent, professional patient care combined with comprehensive choice in preventive, restorative, cosmetic and general dentistry.

Call us today to book your new patient examination.

General dental care

You know that getting your teeth and gums checked regularly with a dentist is needed as part of your everyday healthcare. A check-up is advised once a year or every 6 months as a guideline. Do you keep up with regular check-ups? Are you registered with a dentist? It can be hard to find a dentist that’s right for you and making the right choice is important. When you need a dentist in Southgate, Adams Dental provides high quality dental care run by highly trained dentists for all of your general dentistry needs.

Dentist in Southgate

About our clinic

We are a family-run dentist in Southgate providing a comfortable environment with a relaxed atmosphere. In our clinic, we provide a full range of treatments, including cosmetic dentistry and treatments such as fillings and dental repairs. We provide options for facial aesthetics, too. It’s our aim to provide great service, underpinned by traditional values that make our patients feel welcomed, valued and cared for.


Joining our dentist in Southgate involves completing a registration form that asks questions about your medical history. This includes questions about medications you’re taking and previous treatments you’ve had. These questions are important to get a good insight about the condition of your dental health and to understand if you may need any treatment.

Your first appointment

You’ll get a 30-minute appointment, to include an extensive assessment of your teeth and gums. We give tailored advice about how to look after your teeth, as well as providing oral cancer screenings.

Dental treatment for the whole family

Have little ones? We provide general dentistry for children as well as adults. From their first tooth, our dentist in Southgate provides treatment for adults and children, offering a range of appointment times to suit.

Adams Dental can offer advice to children about how they can look after their teeth, brushing in the right way to get them off to a good start.

We understand that children can sometimes be nervous about visiting the dentist and offer plenty of reassurance about that.

Like to know more?

To find out more information or to join us, pop into our clinic or give us a call, where our receptionist will be happy to help.

Good as new with the dentist in Southgate

Gone are the days when we whipped out your teeth if they got a bit damaged. These days, at Adams Dental, your dentist in Southgate, our mantra is ‘teeth for life’. Our aim is for you to have your own teeth for as long as possible.

Dentist in Southgate

We like you to have 2 check-ups a year and 2 hygienist sessions, so that we keep your teeth clean and catch problems early.

Teeth can take a battering though. They lead an active life, participating in biting, chewing, talking, laughing, and sometimes they are even busy when you are asleep if you suffer from night-time grinding.

So, what with all that use and possible damage from tooth decay and accidents, as your dentist in Southgate, it is important that we have various ways to restore your teeth when they get damaged.


If you get tooth decay, we have to remove the decayed material and replace it with something robust and long-lasting. White fillings are made from a mixture of glass and coloured resin. We can bond this to your natural tooth and then shape it so that it looks just like the part we had to remove.

Inlays and onlays

These are flakes of dental porcelain that can be put over larger cavities to protect the tooth.


If your entire crown is compromised but the root is still in good condition, we can cover the tooth with a crown made from dental porcelain.

Root canal therapy

If you get an infection in the pulp of your tooth, we can remove it and then fill the roots before putting a crown over the whole lot.

Sometimes, we cannot save your teeth and then we need to think about ways to replace them.


These suspend replacement crowns between healthy neighbouring teeth, and have great stability.


These are crowns on a plate that rests on the gums. You remove them at night to rest your gums.

Dental implants

Porcelain crowns on small posts inserted into the jawbone to replace your entire tooth, root as well as crown. There is so much we can do to help you keep your teeth. We can tell you more next time you come in.

How your dentist in Southgate can soothe anxiety before surgery

If you’ve lost teeth, you may be considering dental implants. These nifty titanium screws effectively replace the roots of your teeth, anchoring replacement options such as crowns, bridges and dentures, securely in place. The benefits of dental implants are many as they function like your natural teeth, restoring full bite force and ensuring your jawbone’s long-term health. Thanks to these benefits it makes sense to undergo the procedure. If you suffer from dental anxiety, however, you may consider putting off surgery, especially if you’re concerned about the noise of drills and sitting for extended periods of time in the dentist’s chair.

Dentist in Southgate

Anxiety is no joke

As your dentist in Southgate, Adams Dental takes your anxiety seriously and we’ve invested in various techniques to support you through any dental procedure you may need, including dental implants. You can be assured that your treatment plan includes holistic techniques to reduce anxiety, sedation if required and even entertainment to help distract you.

Firstly, we believe in fully informing you of what will happen during surgery. In the example of dental implants, we would explain the simplicity of the procedure. You’d need to be with us for an hour and you will receive local anaesthetic. You’d be sedated using either an oral pill, taken on the morning of your procedure or you could receive intravenous sedation which is stronger and fast acting, as it goes directly into your bloodstream.

Dental implants require a tiny socket to be made, so a small drill would be used. However, you wouldn’t need to be concerned about the noise as you’ll listen to music, watch a movie or just wear noise-cancelling headphones. You’d be conscious throughout, so we can check on you and before you know it, the surgery will be over, and you’ll be well on your way to sporting your full dental implant. This can be applied to any procedure that takes some time. As you can see, we look at every detail with you. As your dentist in Southgate we can even provide you with hypnosis and coaching to help get those fears in check, allowing you access to all dental treatments available.

Your dentist for life

Our dentist in Southgate combines the best of tradition and modernity. As a long-established family-run firm, Adams Dental has treated generations of the same families.

Dentist in Southgate

Since the practice was founded in 1981 by husband and wife team Alex and Anne Adams, it has served the local community. Although our doors are open to all, our aim is to build long-standing relationships with our patients. If someone wants to come in for a one-off treatment at our dentist in Southgate, they are most welcome to, but with our high standards of customer care, we believe most will want to come back.

Alex still runs the practice alongside son Ricky, backed up by a great team of dental professionals and reception staff. And while many multi-staffed practices will swap you between clinicians for your check-ups, as much as we can we keep you to the same dentist and hygienist each time you come. We know how important it is for you to trust the person who is treating you and how beneficial it can be to build up a relationship with the same clinician over time. We know that this also helps nervous patients to feel less anxious, which is a high priority for our dentist in Southgate.

So, these are the values our practice is built on: sustainable, professional relationships and compassionate customer service. But as we said at the start of the article, we aren’t just about traditional family values: we also use modern methods to help our patients get the treatment they need.

One of our principal dentists, Dr Ricky Adams, is a clinical hypnotherapist. Ricky uses these skills to help nervous patients relax. If you have a needle phobia or fear of pain, hypnosis can help. If you’ve had a bad experience at the dentist in Southgate in the past, hypnosis may help to calm your anxiety about sitting in the dentist’s chair again.

And there are many other applications for hypnosis outside of dental phobia. Drop into our dentist in Southgate today and find out more about our hypnosis clinic. Or, come by and chat to our friendly reception staff about joining our list. We may be the last dentist in Southgate you ever look for.

Planning your budget for dental treatment

At Adams Dental, we know both the cost and the value of dental treatment with us, so we can talk you through all that you need to know when it comes to budgeting for visits to the dentist in Southgate.

Dentist is Southgate

Necessity or luxury?

Dental treatment can be clinically necessary, or it can be elective. The latter may make it sound like a luxury but many of our procedures are designed to make restorations to your smile that are life enhancing.

You could, for example, live without some of your teeth. However, this can affect your ability to interact with some of the joyful things in life like food and expression. It can also have a long-term, detrimental affect on your oral health, so you end up having to make multiple trips to the dentist in Southgate to deal with the knock-on effects. When you put everything in perspective, replacing your teeth with something like dental implants suddenly seems like a reasonable and necessary expense after all.

Clear pricing structure

Our fee structure appears on our website as a good starting place for estimating the cost of visiting the dentist is Southgate at Adams Dental for your preferred procedure. Complex procedures or smile makeovers, however, often involve multiple treatments that fit together in a number of ways to produce different costs.

The best way to find out what your smile goals will cost is to visit us for a consultation. We then supply you with a no-obligation quote which gives the total as accurately as possible. Our transparent fee process means you are prepared and can budget or look at ways of financing your treatment.

Finance options

At Adams Dental, we want to offer beautiful, functional smiles to as many people as possible. It’s great to get going with dental work while you feel inspired, so that’s why we offer some fee plans and financing options. You may be able to have the work you want done and spread the cost over time.

If you have any concerns about the cost of your dental work, our team are on hand to talk to you about them. There may be alternative options that take your budget into account.

Dental care for seniors

Oral health should not be separated from general health – as a matter of fact, they are interdependent. However, maintaining good oral health as a senior can be challenging.

Dentist in Southgate

At Adams Dental, we provide comprehensive dental care for children and adults of all ages and we are happy to welcome older patients who wish to have their teeth and gums checked. During the course of old age, some patients are likely to experience dental problems such as gum disease and tooth loss; our dentist in Southgate will do their best to ensure that these problems do not lead to impaired oral function.

Is ageing only a biological challenge?

Theoretically, we are able to live independently even when we are old. However, this is not true for many people who suffer from physical or psychological problems that significantly impact their quality of life. Just like the rest of the body, the mouth will also exhibit signs of biological ageing but in some cases, ageing can also become a social challenge in terms of dental care. Senior patients who do not have access to the dentist in Southgate will experience more dental problems than those who visit the dentist regularly for maintenance. Whether due to a decline in cognitive ability, limited means or mobility problems, access to the dentist in Southgate can be difficult for these patients. From our part, we try our best to inform our patients about their options and urge their relatives to keep a close eye on their oral health.

Preventive dental care for senior patients

At Adams Dental, we appreciate that preventive dental care for elderly patients can be challenging but we will do our best to ensure that your quality of life will be preserved through the maintenance of your oral health. Senior patients have different dental needs and priorities, therefore visiting the dentist in Southgate more regularly is advised. Contrary to popular belief, tooth loss is not a normal part of the ageing process and our dentist will do their best to prevent this from happening. A dentist in Southgate will provide adequate early detection, prevention and treatment of health problems associated with old age.

We are there with you

At Adams Dental, we are with you for the long-term. We don’t aim to rush as many patients through the door as we can because our focus is on patient care as your dentist in Southgate.

Dentist in Southgate

We are a family run dentist in Southgate that has been established in north London for over 35years. In that time, we’ve served generations of the same family and patients have stayed with us from childhood into adulthood. Our dental and administration staff tend to stay with us for a long time, so the chances are you will see the same welcoming faces each time you visit.

We seek to build friendly and long-term relationships with our patients, not just because it benefits our practice, but also because this is what we value. It also helps us to help you and provide continuity of care over many years. The fact that our patients refer their family and friends to us is a testament to how well we achieve this.

Another way we focus on offering a personalised service is through our work with nervous patients. Our dentist in Southgate recognises that dental phobia is no laughing matter. Fear of the dentist can cause a wide range of symptoms, from discomfort to sweating, anxiety and panic attacks. We are well-known in the local area for providing a caring and compassionate ear to patients, so much so that other surgeries refer their nervous patients to us.

As well as being a caring dentist in Southgate, we can also offer options to patients to help take their mind off their fears during treatment, such as hypnosis,in-chair entertainment and conscious sedation. Sedation soothes anxiety by calming the nervous system. It isn’t a painkiller so local anaesthetic is also needed to numb the area that is going to be worked on. Sedation can cause you to feel drowsy, so if you do receive it, bring a friend to help you get home afterwards.

Caring for our patients is why we do what we do. Drop into the surgery today and find out more about our approach and if we are the dentist in Southgate for you and your family.

Your dentist in Southgate: more than just your teeth

If you thought your dentist in Southgate was just here to look after your teeth, then think again. Here at Adams Dental, we do wonderful things with your teeth, it’s true, but we also apply our skills and knowledge to encompass other treatments. Let’s take a look at what other help you can access here at your dentist in Southgate:

Dentist in SouthgateMigraines

If you regularly suffer from bad headaches or migraines then make an appointment with the dentist in Southgate. We will check your jaw joints to find out if you have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. If you are clenching your jaws at night or grinding your teeth, we can often help by making you a bite guard to stop you doing so. If you don’t spend all night clenching your jaws, you may well find you have fewer headaches and migraines.


Anyone who has ever shared a room with a snorer knows how disruptive they can be. It’s not fun for the listener and the resultant feelings of shame make it not a lot of fun for the snorer either. Snoring is caused by the vibration of soft tissues in the upper throat when you relax. The dentist in Southgate can help with snoring by supplying you with a bespoke device that you put in your mouth before sleep. It holds your lower jaw slightly forward so that there is less pressure at the back of the mouth and you can breathe without your throat vibrating.

Bad breath

Bad breath can blight your life and make a lasting negative impression on those around you. Bring your bad breath to us at Adams Dental and we will do our best to find the source and sort it out. Bad breath has several causes, from tooth decay and gum disease, to diet and as a symptom of more serious problems.

Mouth cancer

We carry out mouth cancer screenings to detect the early signs of tumours, which grow fast in the mouth. Mouths cancers are directly linked to smoking, drinking alcohol and obesity. If you are aged over 35-40, you should have a mouth cancer screening at least once a year.