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The importance of visiting your dentist in Southgate to prevent or treat tooth loss

Is it important to visit your dentist in Southgate on a regular basis to make sure that despite having an excellent dental hygiene routine at home, you do not allow plaque and tartar to build up on the surface of your teeth. Plaque and tartar are the main causes of most dental diseases. If plaque and tartar are not removed effectively they can cause gum infection, periodontal disease, cavities and tooth decay, and if these diseases are left untreated then they can result in tooth loss. Unfortunately most of these diseases begin as asymptomatic so you are unaware of the effect it may be having on your teeth and gums until the disease has progressed quite significantly and is causing major warning signs such as bleeding gums, sensitivity and toothache. Such symptoms should never be ignored and it is important that you consult your dentist in Southgate as soon as possible to prevent further complications in the future.


Addressing your dental issues

Here at Adams Dental, our friendly and experienced dentist in Southgate will carry out a full examination of your teeth and gums to find the causes of your issues. You may require a course of antibiotics to target any infection which may be present, sometimes you may require a scale and polish with your hygienist to help clean your teeth effectively as a preventative treatment option or you may require restorative dentistry in which case your dental issues will be addressed and treated so you can help restore the full functioning of your mouth and create and excellent smile which you can be proud of. Unfortunately sometimes the damage may be irreversible and you may need to undergo a tooth extraction to address the issue, however you can rest assured that this can be resolved and your tooth can be replaced.

Tooth replacement using dental implants

If you have experienced tooth loss whether as a result of poor oral hygiene or other underlying issues then speak to us at Adams Dental and book an appointment with your dentist in Southgate to find out about the different treatment options which are available for you. Thanks to advances in Dental Technology the last few decades have seen a significant increase in the interest in cosmetic dentistry and this includes tooth replacement therapy which in previous generations have been ignored or left untreated.

Here at Adams Dental, dental implants have proven to be a popular method of tooth replacement therapy amongst dentists and patients alike. Dental implants are a modern and highly effective method of tooth replacement which has grown significantly in popularity over the last decade. First introduced in 1965, the success of dental implant surgery led to much research being carried out in this area of speciality and has resulted in the development and establishment of an excellent surgical procedure which has a 98% success rate and fantastic results. Speak to us at Adams dental today and book an examination to help address your dental issues to prevent further complications in the future and also find out more about dental implants for tooth replacement therapy and how our friendly and experienced team can help you smile happily again very soon!

How our dentist helps nervous patients at Adams Dental

We know that getting a reminder to attend a check-up is far from fun, but, for some patients, it can send them into a panic spiral which then leads to avoidance and a worsening of dental issues.


At Adams Dental, our dentist in Southgate works with our patients to break this cycle by helping them overcome their worries and anxieties, thus getting their dental health back on track and their smiles looking fabulous.

But why are so many people worried about undertaking dental treatments in the first place? Here, our dentist in Southgate explores dental phobias in a bit more depth and discusses what we as a team can do to help you cope with check-ups at Adams Dental.

Why are patients wary of dental professionals?

There are many reasons why patients may feel nervous about seeing our dentist in Southgate. Due to seeing an unkind or uncaring dental professional in their past, many patients may have been left them feeling embarrassed or ashamed of their teeth. Some patients have also experienced dental procedures without the correct amount of numbing agent applied, equating to a very unpleasant and traumatic experience.

At Adams Dental, our team aims to be extremely compassionate towards our nervous patients and we will always ensure that you are fully numbed before proceeding with any treatment.

How we can help

There are many treatments that we can offer to help you feel more comfortable in our surgery.

We will always listen to any concerns that you may have before we begin your checkup or treatment. We can work at your own pace and encourage you during the process, taking breaks as and when you need them. For this, we do offer our nervous patients longer appointment slots, so we won’t have to rush you.

Our team also has links to hypnotherapists, who can assist you in overcoming your fear using similar techniques that are used to help people quit smoking. If this is something you would be interested in to help you manage your dental aversion, talk to our team.

If you want something less intense, we can accommodate you by allowing you to listen to music while we work on your teeth or, you can watch television for more lengthy procedures.

We can also offer sedation options that will render you partially conscious during the checkup, helping you feel more relaxed but able to respond to our team while also blocking any memories of the treatment.

Long term benefits

There are many advantages to seeking help for a dental aversion.

The first is that your oral health will improve and that can lead to your eligibility for cosmetic treatments, such as whitening, veneers or dental implants if you wish to have them.

Secondly, your physical health will also reap the benefits; with less plaque in your mouth, you will lessen your chances of developing heart disease, other cardiovascular issues, cancer and even strokes.

And finally, you will inevitably boost your confidence by overcoming a lifelong fear!

Looking for a dentist in Southgate? Adams Dental has it all

When you are trying to find a dentist, it can be difficult to know where to start. Recommendations from family and friends may be useful, however, you should also know what treatments are available to you. The last thing you want to have to do is be referred to multiple places for additional treatments; it’s far better to be treated in the same practice by the staff you know and trust. At Adams Dental, we have been established since 1981 and have a vast number of treatments to suit your needs. With treatments in the areas of cosmetic orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, preventive dentistry, implants and restorative work, as well as advanced dentistry, we like to think we’ve got you covered. In fact, we also offer aesthetic treatments for the face and body too! For a dentist in Southgate, we’re moving with the times and taking you with us!



While we could write a book on what we do, we know you haven’t got time to sit and read it, so we’ll give you the highlights on a couple of our popular treatments and you can come and chat to us to find out more about all that we have to offer and what is the right treatment for you.

Dental implants

If you have missing teeth, it’s likely that this is a source of anxiety for you. At Adams Dental, with our dentist in Southgate we don’t want you feeling self-conscious about smiling and laughing. You need to feel natural and respond confidently without trying to hide your smile. One solution we offer for this is a dental implant. Implants consist of metal screws that are fixed to the jawbone to which crowns, bridges or dentures may be attached depending on how many teeth you need to replace. The screws are firmly adhered within the bone and so they should not move or loosen when you talk, eat or drink. Your replacement teeth will look like your original teeth, so nobody should know that you haven’t got a completely natural smile and you will certainly be able to laugh, talk and eat normally once you have them without any fear of them letting you down.  Implants can be fitted without the need for general anaesthetic, so it is also a straightforward treatment that can be performed in the practice. It’s well worth having done in order to protect any remaining natural teeth from exposure to bacteria; it also adds structure to your face if your visage has shrunk, making you look more fresh faced and youthful – in fact the benefits of this treatment are extensive.

Enhance your looks with a dentist in Southgate

On the topic of looking fresh faced, we also offer a range of facial aesthetics treatments. While it may sound odd that a dentist offers facial aesthetics treatments, it actually isn’t as strange as you might think. Dentists are experts in facial anatomy and are very used to performing delicate work and treatments. By choosing Adams Dental for facial aesthetics, you can be sure that you are receiving highly knowledgeable and experienced expertise – exactly what you want when seeking a more youthful appearance.

To find out more about how we can help with any treatments you may need, why not give us a call and book in for a consultation? We can talk you through the treatments that are right for you and organise your treatment plan to get you on your way to feeling great all round!

Have some questions about root canals? Our dentist answers 5 FAQs

When you are recovering from a dental infection, you will need to discuss options with our team about how to prevent it from recurring at a later date.


Depending on the cause of the root canal, and the condition of the tooth that it is on top of, there are 2 choices. The first, which is most suited for teeth that are decayed beyond repair is an extraction, which will probably involve some stitching and a bit of soreness.

The second (and less popular option) is a root canal, which will save the tooth, will restore the strength to your bite and keep your smile intact.

So, why are extractions still the most popular of these 2 options?

At Adams Dental, we are proud to be able to offer our patients both of these options and will of course discuss the pros and cons of each treatment with you. However, as a general rule, our dentist in Southgate will usually opt for a root canal if possible as it prevents further issues in the future and keeps your smile free of gaps and misalignments. Perfect!

But we know that root canals can seem scary and so, we have answered 5 FAQs that our dentist in Southgate is regularly asked about this procedure.

Do root canals hurt?

No; in fact, many patients report a minimising of the discomfort that they felt due to the dental infection once they have had a root canal fitted.

However, our dentist in Southgate will also ensure that your mouth is numbed before beginning the procedure and of course, if you feel any discomfort, please let us know!

Will my tooth die afterwards?

This is a common myth surrounding root canals and the answer is no.

Your tooth will not die, it will not turn black and it won’t fall out. It may feel a bit tender for a few days following the procedure, however, a root canal is performed to promote the longevity of a previously damaged tooth. And so, once the initial soreness has faded, you will be able to use your tooth as you did before!

What if the infection comes back?

It is exceedingly unlikely that an oral infection will recur once you have had a root canal performed.

But, if the infection does come back, then our team may refer you to a specialist endodontist to oversee the next procedure.

How long will a root canal last?

Provided that you maintain good oral hygiene, keep up with your dental appointments with our team and refrain from things like smoking, your root canal should last the rest of your life without hassle. If you think it’s failing, contact our team promptly.

Are there any side effects I should know about?

It is common for the area underneath the tooth to feel sore or bruised after you have had a root canal fitted.

If there are few side effects and any that are uncomfortable, they should be explored by our dental team urgently.

What matters to you about your dentist?

Do you remember the day you selected your dental surgery? Maybe you are new to the area and just picked a dentist at random, or you have gone to the same practice all your life because your family always has. If you asked yourself what was important to you about your dental experience, would you say your current surgery has it covered? Perhaps you like the idea of a family run business, a clean surgery, a dentist you can trust or even just somewhere with experience so that you feel you are in safe hands. Here at Adams Dental, we want you to make us your choice of dentist in Southgate because of what we can offer you! We want your experience with us to mould your opinions on dentistry altogether.


Why should you choose Adams Dental?

We like to pride ourselves in our innovative technology and the latest techniques which we implement at our practice. We want to ensure that anyone looking for a dentist in Southgate will look to us with confidence as a place that offers all the latest treatments and can treat you diligently due to our 30+ years of experience. We have a reputation as a dentist in Southgate for the way in which we make our more nervous patients feel at ease which is why we know you will be comfortable with us. It does not stop there, as well as the cosmetic dental treatment we can offer you we also offer facial treatments such as dermal fillers. We want nothing more than for our patients to come to us relaxed and to leave us feeling the same way. It is time to do away with the stigma attached to going to the dentist and for it to become a positive experience where we work with you to get you the smile you’re happy with!

There’s more?

What is more is that we also offer services such as finance arrangements to lighten the financial burden of having cosmetic surgery on your teeth. We know how important your smile is to you and we want to make sure that anything we do for you is financially affordable. The loan we offer is interest free and it only takes 5 minutes to apply via our website. We are a family run business after all, so we understand that money could be an obstacle in your way, but we want to remove that for you by making the repayments manageable. Plus, there are  loans available to help with the financial burden so it would be a long while before you had to worry about how to pay for it.

See for yourself

Head on over to our smile makeover gallery and see for yourself. We have helped hundreds of patients to feel like themselves again, instil a confidence within them that they could not otherwise find, and most importantly make them smile! So, if you are looking for a dentist in Southgate, do not hesitate to get in touch and see what we can do for you today.

Worried a root canal will kill your tooth? Our dentist at Adams Dental debunks root canal myths

There are few dental patients who would be happy at the news that they need a root canal.


Associated with treating infection deep within the tooth, root canals are often performed post-infection or injury and are, in some ways, very similar to filling an entire tooth to prevent bacteria from causing any further damage.

Nevertheless, despite its uses in dental care, it is one of the most unliked of all dental procedures and at Adam’s Dental, we think we know why!

At Adam’s Dental, our dentist in Southgate has helped hundreds of patients to restore their smile and their tooth or teeth using a root canal, and so, we know this treatment inside out. But with our expertise comes knowledge of the myths that surround this procedure and as mentioned earlier, we think these little white lies can explain why so few people are eager about this treatment.

So, in this article, our dentist in Southgate debunks the most common myths about root canals, so you can learn the truth about endodontics. Enjoy!

It kills the tooth

No, it doesn’t!

When our dentist in Southgate performs a root canal, they will need to drill into the roots of the tooth to remove the infected debris. However, this will not kill the tooth and, if anything, a root canal promotes the longevity of the affected tooth by restoring its functionality. Great stuff!

It is painful

Once again, this is false.

As the first course of action, our dental team will always ensure that your mouth is numbed before beginning a root canal. And secondly, once the treatment is done and you have gone home, you are likely to notice a decrease in any discomfort you had when you were experiencing the abscess.

It can make you ill

This is an odd myth and we can only presume that it is due to the link of how ill people feel when they are having a root canal performed.

The treatment seeks to remove the infection from the tooth and so, it certainly does not make you ill. You may still feel under the weather for a few days post-treatment as you recover from your infection but this is normal. If you have any concerns about feeling unwell following any dental treatment, talk to our team.

It can cause issues if you are pregnant

No, it can’t.

If you are at any stage of pregnancy, it is safe to have a root canal performed. If our team needs to take X-Rays to perform a root canal, don’t worry. Modern X-Rays use a very small dose of radiation and a single X-Ray will not cause any issues.

It just delays a tooth extraction

Many people worry that if they have a root canal, it is simply delaying the need for a dental extraction.

But correctly performed, a root canal will last the rest of your life, allowing the tooth to function as it did prior to the infection. Now that’s handy!

Not sure of the benefits of a root canal? Our dentist at Adams Dental explains the main 5

When you are recovering from a dental infection, chances are you are willing to undertake almost anything to prevent another one from recurring.


And while dental technologies and treatments have advanced beyond having an infected tooth extracted, we would be lying if we said that many of our patients showed enthusiasm about the alternative.

With over 100 years of use in dental clinics, endodontics or root canals have saved thousands of smiles from awkward gaps and have preserved the overall health of the mouth. Yet, media and patient perception of this simple procedure make it less popular than ever.

At Adams Dental, our dentist in Southgate can help you if you need a root canal to recover from an oral infection, or if you need one as part of another restorative procedure. We will take the time to ensure that it is fitted correctly, ensuring that your oral health is restored to its former glory. Brilliant!

So, are there any other advantages of having our dentist in Southgate perform a root canal if needed? Read on to find out!


One advantage that a root canal can offer you is aesthetic.

Once it has been performed by our dentist in Southgate, the tooth it is under will not look any different. To ensure it stays in place, we will secure it with either a porcelain veneer, filling or crown, adding another layer of protection to your tooth.


As odd as it may sound, it can be very bad for your oral hygiene to have a missing tooth or teeth.

As an extraction leads to a gap, this would cause plaque and bacteria to build up on the surrounding teeth and may provide a hiding spot for bacteria that could lead to gingivitis. And so, rather than have a plaque-attracting gap, it is actually more hygienic long-term for your dental health to have a root canal.


Once again, a root canal is also a preventive procedure.

How? Assuming you have had a dental infection, it will not only remove the infected debris from the tooth but will also stop the debris from spreading into surrounding soft tissues and will

stop the infection from spreading.

Not only this but as we mentioned before, it will also prevent the infection from recurring at a later date, which extraction may be unable to do; bacteria may still be lingering in the socket of an extracted tooth so the infection may return.


Part of the root canal (the filling) is to prevent the tooth from cracking and this is the restorative aspect.

This allows us to restore your tooth to its full strength, so you can bite and chew with it as you did before the infection occurred.


If you were to choose an extraction, you would then have the secondary worry related to how to conceal and restore the gap; oral implants or fitted bridges are common options.

But these are pricey, making a root canal more affordable for most people.

Do you have a phobia of the dentist? How our team at Adams Dental can help

Having a dental phobia is far from fun; it can lower your self-esteem and as time passes, it can impact on your confidence and your looks.


It is a sad reality that many dental patients who have dental phobias often fail to attend their six month check-ups with dental teams, which of course allows more simple and treatable problems to go untreated. And as you may know, a small cavity that is left alone for three years without a filling or crown can break down the tooth and lead to an infection.

Hence, if you are a nervous or phobic dental patient, you need to find a team who is suited to you; in short, you need a team who specialises in dental phobias and will work with you to help you overcome them.

At Adams Dental, our dentist in Southgate takes dental phobias very seriously and can ensure that you feel comfortable at every stage of your treatment with us. Our team has invested in helping patients who have dental phobias and will always be on hand to offer you compassionate and high-quality dental care. Greatly reassuring for our more nervous patients.

But what makes our dentist in Southgate different from other teams who can help dental phobics? Read on to find out.


The first tool that our dentist in Southgate uses is communication.

If you are a nervous patient, we will allow you the space to share your concerns, as well as your fears and will work with you to devise a personalised dental plan to get your teeth and oral health back on track without causing you any psychological discomfort.


However, if you need something other than a simple chat to help you get through a dental appointment with our team, we can offer you additional help at no extra cost.

We have invested in flat-screen televisions, placed above the dental chair, so you can watch the news, a cartoon or whatever you want to during your treatment with us. We even have DVD glasses!

Alternatively, if the sound of the drill is what concerns you during a dental visit, we have to hand noise-cancelling headphones, or why not bring your own headphones along to listen to your favourite music while we work on your mouth?

Hypnosis training

Here is where our team at Adams Dental differs from other dental practices; we can offer our nervous patients hypnosis coaching and training.

On our web page, we can offer patients a track to listen to before they come to us, to help them learn self-hypnosis to control their nerves. This will help alleviate any worries you have about attending a dental check-up and will help you overcome your phobia.


And finally, if you need something a bit more intense to help you cope, we can offer you sedation.

At Adams Dental, we can offer both oral sedation in the form of a tablet or intravenous sedation (IV) which is injected into your arm to help you cope with check-ups and alleviate any associated anxieties. Simple!

Can my dentist in Southgate provide Invisalign?

If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment to help straighten your smile, then we are proud to offer Invisalign as a potential option for you. This treatment consists of us giving you a set of custom-made aligners that fit perfectly around your teeth. These aligners are worn for around 22 hours a day, and you transition between the different stages yourself from the comfort of your own home.


How does it all work?

The first step of your Invisalign journey with us will be a consultation meeting with our dentist in Southgate, this is important as it allows us to examine your teeth and make sure you are eligible for the treatment. We will take various scans of your teeth, using 3D technology as well as X-rays, we can then see which teeth need to be repositioned and how long it will roughly take. During this consultation meeting, you may also be able to see a scan of what your teeth should look like at the end of the treatment.

If everything goes well in the consultation meeting, and you would like to start Invisalign with us, then your dentist in Southgate will send off your scans to the dental laboratory for your aligners to be created. You should then expect to receive them around 2 weeks afterwards and your Invisalign journey can begin! As mentioned above, you will be given a few different aligners that you will go through as the treatment goes on. The number of aligners you receive all depends on your needs.

You may receive more aligners later on in the treatment if your dentist in Southgate thinks that it is necessary. The average treatment time varies from 6-18 months, and this comes down to your individual needs. If your teeth are more severely misaligned, you will need more aligners for example.

Our staff at Adams Dental are dedicated to improving your oral health, and making sure you feel comfortable throughout the process. If you are debating getting Invisalign, contact our dental practice today and we can help you to begin your journey to straighter teeth!

What are the advantages?

There are many great benefits for you to enjoy when you have Invisalign with us, whether it is for health or for aesthetic reasons. One of the main advantages is the ease of the whole process, there are no invasive surgeries, and you can carry it out all from the comfort of your own home. The treatment simply consists of us taking some scans of your teeth, and giving you your aligners. To add to this, during the whole 6-18 month process, you will only have to visit our dentist in Southgate every 6-8 weeks, which is great if you have a busier schedule or are nervous about coming to the practice.

Another advantage that our patients enjoy with Invisalign is how the aligners look during the treatment. Due to the soft, clear plastic material that is used, they are nearly invisible to other people, which is great if you tend to be a more self-conscious person.

Need some help attending a dental check-up? Ways our team at Adams Dental can help nervous patients

Dentistry has come a long way in the past 20 years.

Painless options, the rise in dental implants, and invisible braces, mean that there is now more to gain from a trip to your dental practice than ever before!


However, if you are a nervous or phobic patient, you may feel that even a cheque for a million pounds will not get you through those doors.

But, as stated earlier, dentistry has come a long way and now many dental surgeries, including Adams Dental, are aiming to help nervous or phobic patients overcome their fears and get their dental health back on track!

Indeed, if you are a phobic patient, our dentist in Southgate can help you! Our team does not think dental phobias or anxieties are a laughing matter and can provide you with a relaxed, comfortable environment in which to receive your dental treatments. We will aim to build a rapport with you, so when you come to our surgery for any procedure in the future, you will be smiling!

But how does our dentist in Southgate accomplish this? Read on to find out about our techniques!


As mentioned earlier, our dentist in Southgate will aim to build a rapport with you while we treat you, to relax your nerves and make you feel more confident.

Many nervous patients are fearful due to the unfamiliar aspect of dentistry and so, as a starting point, our team will discuss with you what they are doing and will allow you to communicate with them if you need a break or when you are feeling stressed. No pressure; you are in charge and we will work with you to overcome this fear, taking it at your pace in your own time. Great stuff!


An innovative way to help you relax; we won’t wave a pocket watch back and forth while telling you you are feeling sleepy, but our dental team does work closely with hypnotherapists to help patients overcome their phobias.

Hypnotherapy will help you to relax your mind, and our team will also teach you management techniques, meaning that during your future visits with us, you will be more in control of your worries and physical symptoms. If you feel this may be an option you want to explore, contact our team for more information.


If you need something a bit faster due to discomfort, our team at Adams Dental can offer you intravenous (IV) sedation.

Injected into your arm, this will leave you feeling very relaxed. You will be conscious and able to follow instructions given by our team, but, once completed, you will have no recollection of the procedure. We must insist that if you undertake IV sedation that you bring along an age-appropriate family member or friend to take you home afterwards. You must not operate machinery for 24 hours post-sedation.


We can also offer you music to listen to while in the dental chair, or even play a DVD during a longer appointment.

Perfect if you dislike the sound of the drill!