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What is an Invisalign Records Appointment?

Once you’ve had your initial consultation, received your estimate and selected the right package for you.  You may be ready to find out exactly how Invisalign could improve your smile by having your own 3D Clincheck treatment plan created.

This is when you’d book in for your Invisalign Records Appointment.

During your visit we will;

  • Confirm with you in person and writing your preferred package option and payment option.
  • Perform a full dental examination, oral cancer screening and take any x-ray which may be needed.
  • Take moulds/impressions of your teeth to send to Invisalign to create your Clincheck treatment plan.
  • Take your before digital photos.
  • Confirm and agree on terms, conditions and any additional agreements*.

* Please note agreeing to these terms does not in any way obligate you to taking up treatment. We take the time to perform this with you at this stage so that should you wish to move forward quickly once you have received your treatment plan all your paperwork is in place and we can help make this happen for you as quickly as possible.

An example of a Clincheck treatment plan.

Following this visit, along with the Invisalign team. We’ll create your own bespoke 3D treatment plan like the one shown above.

A few weeks after your visit, we’ll email this directly to you. You’ll be able to view your 3D treatment on most smartphones, tablets, and computers as well as being able to show it to your friends and family should you wish.

We’ll review it together with you in person, over the phone, or email. If you’d like any changes you can discuss this with your Invisalign dentist at this stage.

The cost of an Invisalign Records visit is £350 and you are under no obligation to move forward with Invisalign treatment following  this visit, howe, er should you choose to, the cost of your Invisalign records visit is deducted from your total treatment amount as a first installment towards your total treatment cost. If not, this is non-refundable.

‘The Invisalign records visit and the Clincheck 3D  treatment plan is a a really empowering way for patients to find out and see for themselves exactly how Invisalign will transform their smile from the comfort of your own home on their mobile, tablet or computer. It’s a really exciting stage for everyone involved.” Dr Ricky Adams B.D.S.

Retention. How to keep your teeth straight after Invisalign.

During our consultations we always make sure we cover this with patients at the beginning. It’s one of those things patients may not even be aware of when first starting treatment

Once you’re teeth are straight, we want them to stay straight, so we recommend you retain them. This basically means doing something to keep them (retain them) in their new position we include this in our new Invisalign packages.

Why do you need retention?

  1. All teeth move, always! Yes all our teeth are always moving to some degree and in some way. This is a natural aspect of teeth. Some move so little you’ll never notice it, some move a lot especially as we get older teeth might tend to move towards the midline of the face creating crowding and crooked teeth that never used to be there.
  2. Your teeth are most at risk of moving back or relapsing in the first 1-2 years following your treatment.
  3. Whilst it’s true some patients find after the first few years their teeth settle into place and don’t use anything to keep them straight, this isn’t the case for all or indeed most patients. I tell all my patients you need to be prepared to retain your teeth for as long as you want to keep them straight!

We will discuss this in much more detail with you and which of the retention options are right for you in your individual case.

We also provide an information sheet and pricing on retention options, this is also available for non patients on request, simply click here to request from our reception team.

What is a refinement?

So, if you’ve been reading along with my series on Invisalign, you’ll now know about what Invisalign is and how it works, and what a Clincheck 3D video animated treatment plan is.

Now lets talk about what might happen during your treatment, what a refinement is and why some dentists are being a little more than cheeky by not telling you about all this upfront!

For certain percentage of people, their teeth will move exactly as we’ve planned, and at the end of their first series of aligners, their teeth will be exactly where we want them to be and everything is perfectly finished off in just one set of aligners! Great no problems and no need for any refinements, straight onto keeping your teeth straight and maybe even a little whitening to finish things off.

This, however isn’t the case for all patients, and in my experience for most patients.

Teeth can be unpredictable at times, and don’t alway move exactly as we planned them to, some times teeth will ‘lag’, i.e. they will be moving slower than we had planned them to.

This is one of the things your Invisalign certified dentist at Adams Dental will be reviewing with you during your visits to us every 6-8 weeks, and there are some things we can do to help move these stubborn teeth, (see tips and tricks to get the most out of your Invisalign).

Predictably I have found most patients will achieve 80% – 90% of the desired movement we planned in their original clincheck on their first series of aligners.

So what happens next?

Well this is where we do what is known as a ‘Refinement‘. This is where we take new moulds of your teeth, create a new 3D treatment plan, and manufacture another series of aligners to tidy up the final little movements you may need, basically repeating the process.

Now here is what you should be aware of. Many places will quote really “cheap prices” for Invisalign to get you in the door and signed up, but they won’t tell you lots of things aren’t included! Commonly they may charge you extra for …

  • Invisalign Records visit
  • X-rays
  • Photos
  • Refinements
  • Retainers

Some practices can charge up to £1000 per refinement!! Can you imagine that, getting towards the end of your series of aligners and being told if you want to finish it off you have to pay another £1000!!

To me this is really cheeky, in fact, it’s worse, I think it’s plain dishonest, as once you have got to this stage, you’ve invested your time and money and are then faced with this horrible choice;

‘Do I pay more money to finish of my treatment as I wanted originally or do I stop and walk away without having got the smile I wanted?’

That’s why at Adams Dental we’ve created what we call ‘All inclusive invisalign package’. These include EVERYTHING mentioned above.

We want you to have the piece of mind that when you choose to have your Invisalign treatment with Adams Dental, there will be no hidden costs, all your consultations, visits, x-rays, photos, refinements and retainers are fully included in your treatment plan.

Depending on which Invisalign product you choose, i7, lite or full. We will provide you with the maximum refinements Invisalign allow.

For Invisalign full packages this actually includes unlimited retainers as needed to achieve your treatment goals (see t&c’s for more details, available on request).

In fact now we’ve gone one step further and not only included retainers to help keep your teeth straight, but the best retainers around, Invisaligns’ own Vivera retainers.

Keeping your teeth straight is something which I think every patient should be aware of before they start their treatment, read more about retention and how to keep your teeth straight as well as Vivera Retainers here.

What is clincheck?

Clincheck is Invisaligns own 3D animated treatment plan that is created following your full consultation or Invisalign records visit.

Following your Invisalign records visit, the moulds we take of your teeth are shipped to the Invisalign laboratory where they are scanned into a special scanning machine to create a 3D model of your teeth.

From there, your Invisalign certified dentist at Adams Dental will work along side the team at Invisalign to create your custom 3D animation of your treatment plan.

Below is an example of a Clincheck 3D treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will be emailed to you and can be viewed on most smartphones, tablets and computers.

When you receive your Clincheck treatment plan it allow you to;

  • See how many aligners your treatment plan consists of.
  • How long your treatment time will be.
  • What your teeth will look like will at the end of your treatment.
  • You’ll be able to view your own teeth in 360 degrees and watch as they transform over the treatment time.

You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your treatment plan with your dentist, either over the phone, email or in person at our practice in north london.

Even up until this point you are under no obligation to choose to move forward with your Invisalign treatment!

Book you free consultation online today.

Supporting bridge to aid

Inspired to see Dr Alex Adams and all the dentists who went out to Tanzania this year to help Bridge2Aid in their mission to ….. Back home in London, we wanted to do our part.

Adams Dental bridge2aid Poster final

Bridge2Aid are a charity and rely on donations, and not better time like right now as they currently need to raise £50,000 before end of this month!

There’s been lots of amazing support all across the dental industry and they are really close to hitting their goal, so we thought, how could we at Adams Dental help?

We got together and our team have decided to volunteer their time and skills to open up our clinic on two extra Saturdays this month, during which 100% of everything we own will be donated to Bridge2Aid!

If you’re a new or existing patient you can book an appointment for this clinic by clicking here.

We’re also asking all the friends and family of Adams Dental to help us by making donations, it’s your chance to make a real difference and to help support this great charity.

How to donate

1. text SELP99 £amount to 70070

2. Donate via our just giving page

SNOW UPDATE….. Business as usual at Adams Dental ;)

Here is how the day started!!……..Lots of snow at our north london dental practice in southgate.


Margaret and Andrew getting busy!

When its a family business, there is never a day off!!…all hands on deck! This is our amazing practice manageress Margaret and my brother Andrew clearing the drives ready for our patients tomorrow! 🙂


Snow claered, paths as usual at Adams Dental!
Snow claered, paths as usual at Adams Dental!















Tomorrow will be business as usual 🙂

Now accepting NEW children patients for FREE dental care!


We are now taking new children patients on at our north london dental practice for FREE DENTAL care under the NHS. Space are very limited and is on a first come first serve basis so please act fast to avoid disappointment!


Book your place TODAY Call us NOW on 0844 375 6100

or email us at [email protected]


  • Trusted to care for families in our community for over 30 years!
  • Meet our friendly, welcoming, family run team for yourself
  • Get the best advice on how to care for your childrens teeth
  • Family appointments available!


“We’ve always believed that ALL children should have access to the very best health care possible, thats why we’ve continued to offer FREE dental traetment for children under the NHS for over 30 years”

Dr A Adams


Your childs first visit

childrens dental treatment at Adams dental

A childs first visits to the dentist are very important, perhaps the most important visits of their life as it can set the tone for how they view dental treatment for the rest of their lives! Will they become phobic or scared of the dentist so that they begin to avoid going and neglect their teeth leading to problems as an adult, or will they be regular attenders who enjoy their routine dental care visits, look after their teeth and have much fewer dental problems and treatments as they grow up?! This is why our first introduction visit is so important!

Intoduction visit

As well as what you’d expect during your childs visit to the dentist we offer the following as standard

  • Tell, show do – we’ll intoduce your child to the dental surgery – it can be an unsual and intimidating enviroment for children, especially on their first visit, we’ll take our time to make sure they feel at ease and are comfortable to sit on the chair. We use ‘show, tell, do’ approach with our children patients (as well as our adult ones infact!), here we’ll tell them what we are going to do, we’ll the show them the instruments (dental mirror) we are going to use and make sure they are happy for us to use them to look at their teeth, and then we’ll do it.
  • Home care advice – we’ll also dicsuss with you the best and most appropriate way to care for your childrens teeth.
  • How many teeth do you have?! – we’ll check that your childs teeth are developing as they should be.
  • What about braces ? we’ll give you unbias advice on need for orthodontic treatment now or in the future.

Space are very limited and is on a first come first serve basis so please act fast to avoid disappointment!If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our staff about registering yourself, a family member or if you just have a question please feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 0844 375 6100. We are always happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Click HERE to arrange your appointment or to find out more.


Best Wishes,

Dr Ricky Adams B.D.S.