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Emergency dentist in Southgate during Covid-19

How to deal with emergency dental care during Covid-19 pandemic

It’s 2020 and we live very difficult times that nobody would have ever expected. Right now, it is not only the common fear of dentists which is probably to keep you away from them, but it is also the fact that we find ourselves in a difficult situation without having a clue about when or what will happen next.

Even so, here at Adams Dental, our specialists are ready to help when you will be in need of an emergency dentist in Southgate during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most dental care services are limited to treating only toothache or trauma. It’s a tough period, but we try to do our best by continuously offering the best services for an emergency dentist in Southgate. Don’t just try to toughen up and avoid something urgently, we assure you that we do everything which stays in our power to provide a very safe environment for every patient.

How can I recognize dental emergencies?

  • A knocked-out tooth
  • A fractured tooth
  • Severe toothache

It is very important that in case of emergency to come and see one of our doctors at Adams Dental and avoid any form of infection or limit the chances of complications as much as possible.

How can we help you?

Online emergency dental content

We provide very useful articles on our blog which could help you clear the mystery pain or problem that you might have without having to book a physical appointment and avoid any risk. You can find interesting subjects, guidelines, or tips & tricks for better dental hygiene.

Online consultations

In these times of Covid-19, we are ready to take online phone and video consultations to reduce the amount of time that patients spend during the practice and also to have a better understanding of the problem that you have and if that might be an emergency. Book a spot for a safe initial online consultation!

We also provide emergency consultations, so if you find yourself in such a situation, you can book an urgent consultation here and our team will be ready to help and follow up with your case.

We have included in the Covid-19 Patient Journey for an emergency dentist in Southgate the following measures:

  • Patients must book from home non-urgent appointments;
  • One designated member of our team will work with your inquiry before you visit the cabinet and help with completing the pre-appointment paper forms and arrange prepayment methods. This will help reduce the number of patients being present at the reception;
  • Payments before a consultation can be made easily and securely online or by phone. It is preferable to keep cash payments to a minimum;
  • Aftercare and support are provided after every consultation to make sure everything is all right and as safe as possible to avoid any extra visits.

All of these safety measures that our team is providing will come with the responsibilities of patients. Don’t worry, nothing alien is going on!

The patients will be asked the following:

  • To come alone (please advise reception if you require a chaperone);
  • To keep personal belongings to a minimum, only what you consider essential;
  • To have a face-covering all times except during clinical treatments;
  • To wait for staff to welcome you inside after we assured the safety of the place;
  • To have your temperature checked by our team and use hand sanitizer as soon as you arrive and before you leave;
  • To follow the current social distancing guidelines whilst in the cabinet;
  • To request access to the toilets, rather than using without notice. This will help our team run properly before and after cleaning procedures.

Please read carefully all Covid-19 Patient Journey and Protocols before making an appointment for an emergency dentist in Southgate. For full information click here.

For full list of Covid-19 adjusted fees click here.

We are here for each other in these most difficult times and we try to offer the best support and safest environment for all our patients. We are all looking forward to better times and to get together again! To know how to stay safe check also the NHS guidelines.

COVID Patient Protocols

COCID Patient Protocols

Come alone

Please attend alone and at your designated appointment time. If you require a chaperone please advise reception so they can make necessary arrangements.

Personal belongings

Please only bring with you the bare essentials, no shopping bags or any other unnecessary items. During operative dental treatments patients will be required to store any personal items outside of the clinical rooms in containers provided.

Patient PPE

All patients are required to attend with face coverings. If you are unable to provide your own, please advise our team on bookings and one will be provided for you.

Call and wait for your greeter.

When you arrive, park or wait somewhere safely and call us, one of our team will let you know when to enter the practice and will be ready at the front door to greet you personally.

Temperature check

Our team will take your temperature on arrival with a contactless thermometer to ensure it is safe for you to enter.

Hand sanitiser

Contactless hand sanitizers are available throughout our practice and patients are required to use these on entering and existing the building.

Social distancing in the practicing.

Please follow current social distancing guidelines whilst in our practice and on entry and exit, some of our patients may be vulnerable and we appreciate your effort to help keep everyone safe.

Clinical treatment

Our dentists will carry out your treatments with enhanced PPE and protocols to keep everyone as safe as possible.  Our masks and outfits may have changed, but we are still the same friendly faces as always.

Patient toilet use

Please plan your visit and use home or other facilities prior to visits.  Patients are required to request access to use facilities as following use, our team must complete an additional cleaning procedure.

End of treatment & leaving the practice

One of our team will escort you out of the building or let you know when it is safe to do so. This will help reduce patient interactions whilst at the practice.

COVID Patient Journey

COVID Patient Journey – Adams Dental

Online Consultations

We are now providing online video & phone consultations in order to reduce the amount of time patients spend in the practice.

For free initial consultation please click here.

For urgent care and follow up care please contact our practice directly here and our team will assist you personally.

Book apps from home

Please do not come to the practice to book an appointment or make an enquiry. Please contact us online or via our website here.

COVID pre appointment packs & consent

Someone from our team will be in touch with you prior to your visit to provide you with updating your COVID-19 medical history form and patient questionnaire.

Confirming your appointment

Our team will contact you once we have received all your documents to confirm your booking.

Your treatment day

Please see the patient treatment day protocols found here. This information will also be sent to patients directly at the time of booking.

Contactless payment methods

Payments can be made securely online or over the phone. Please limit any cash transaction to help our team safe.
After care and support

Our team are always here to provide support and aftercare for our patients and you can contact our team here who will return your enquiry personally.

COVID challenges & solutions in Dentistry

We thought it useful to for our patients to summarise the main challenges in providing dentistry during the covid pandemic and the solutions we have adopted to reduce these risks.

Challenges: Patient numbers and flow.

         As a multi surgery practice during normal periods of operation we experience a large number of patients in the practice and a large proportion of our patient interactions, administrations and payments taking place in reception.

Solutions:   Online Consultations

We are providing a full range of online consultations (video/phone) in order to reduce the amount of time patients spend in the practice.

For free initial consultation please click here.

For urgent care and follow up care please contact our practice directly here and our team will assist you personally.

Solutions: Contactless online forms

Many of our pre-appointment administration steps such as updating medical history & COVID questionnaires or consent will now be completed online prior to appointment, our team are available to support those patients who are unable to use digital services.

 Solution: spaced bookings and personal greeters.

During the initial stages of our reopening, all our appointments will be more spaced out and the individual arrival and departure of every patient will be managed by our team. Each patient will be personally greeted on arrival to the practice and escorted to their designated treatment room or reception.

Challenges: Proximity during treatment and distancing within the practice

         Due to the nature of dentistry it is not possible to carry out dental procedures whilst maintaining social distancing. During normal times the number of patients arriving, departing and in the practice can be high making social distancing difficult throughout the practice.

Solutions: Dental Team enhanced protocols and PPE

         As part of our updated COVID SOP (standar operating procedure) which can be found here. Our team will be carrying out treatments under with high level PPE and enhanced protocols, including additional time and types of deep cleaning following treatments.

Solution: Patient COVID protocol

         All patients are required to arrive at the practice wearing a face covering.  

         All patients must follow our patient COVID protocol, which can be found here.

Challenges: Variations in patient groups and needs

         As a general and specialist practice we have a wide range of patient groups, including but not limited to vulnerable patients, phobic patients and children, all these groups of patients have varied needs and risk associated with them which need to be carefully managed.

Solutions:   Pre screening questionnaire and zonings following screening

         All patients will be asked to complete a covid screening from our reception team, patients will be categorised based on

  • Covid Risk status
  • Procedure type needed

Patients will be offered specific time slots dependant on the above factors to help us to reduce the risks for our more vulnerable patient groups to coming into contact with other patients and additional team member.

Challenge:  AGP’s (Aerosol generating procedures)

         There has been some evidence to show that aerosol generating procedures such as the use of hand piece and deep cleaning equipment.

The evidence on this is still emerging and different countries have recommended different regulations and protocols with regards to this.



We have enhanced our PPE procedures for these treatments including the use of full coverage gowns, face visors and respiratory masks for our team.

For each treatment of AGP we will also have a second room being used reserved for putting on and removing of our clinical teams PPE.

AGP – Clinical steps

We will additionally be implementing additional equipment during treatments such as but not limited to rubber dam and additional high volume suction to reduce these aerosol.

Fallow time and deep cleaning

We have at this stage added a ‘fallow time’ following each AGP.

In this context ‘fallow time’ is an additional time added to the end of an AGP procedure to allow the air to be cleaned prior to our staff re-entering the room to deep clean prior to its next use.


AGP            : A dental procedure using equipment which generates an aerosol examples include deep cleaning and use of the dental hand pieces.

Non-AGP    : A dental procedure which does generates an aerosol, examples include examinations, hand scaling and temporary fillings.

From minor mishaps to a dental emergency: a dentist and emergency dentist for everyone

Teeth are our priority, and we want to help you with yours. Our Adams Dental team,your dentists in Southgate are a  family focused team of professionals who will attend to your needs in a timely, friendly and efficient manner, whether it is a checkup, or a matter needing urgent medical attention, such as a knocked out tooth, sudden pain or bleeding.

Dentist in Southgate

Dentists in Southgate are essential as doctors, and here is why

You do not ignore the early signs of flu out of fear that it might turn into bronchitis, and neither should you overlook a dull toothache, which could be a symptom of tooth decay.

Visiting us every six months could be the difference between filling a cavity or having to undergo a painful procedure to preserve a tooth, or worse, facing a tooth extraction. We detect issues early so that they do not become bigger ones that are expensive and harrowing to fix later on.

We know you lead a busy life – between work and home responsibilities, you barely have time to breathe. That said, whilst not a matter of life or death, your teeth are a priority that need regular medical attention. Do not wait until the last minute to frantically search for an emergency dentist in Southgate, attend to your needs today.

The outcome of a dentist visit

Your dental practitioner assesses your mouth, teeth and gums, takes X-rays for further inspection, removes abrasions and polishes your teeth.

If you have perfect teeth and no cavities, you will still walk away from your checkup with clean teeth that are free of plaque and harmful bacteria. We will fill your cavities if you have any, and prevent tooth decay. At the signs of gum disease called gingivitis, we will book you for an appointment with our oral hygienist for a deep clean to remove harmful tartar calcified in your teeth and the lining of your gums.

If we consider you or your child suitable candidates for braces, we will refer you to an orthodontist in your area.

Know how to act in an emergency

You can plan and organise many things in your life, but accidents occur at any time whether you are ready for them or not.

Impact with a hard object to your tooth may result in profuse bleeding or tooth loss. An injury of this sort is classified as an emergency and must be seen by a dentist immediately to preserve the tooth.

Refusing to see a dentist in Southgate at the time of injury could result in you losing your tooth or developing a nasty or even life threatening infection, so it is in your best interest to do so.

If the accident happens during our office hours, we will tend to your needs as soon as possible on the same day the injury occurred. If the injury has taken place after hours, on a bank holiday or over a weekend, phone our hotline and follow the steps on what to do next – we will advise you to visit your nearest hospital in the event of an emergency.

Take care of your teeth – brush, floss, do not skip your scheduled dental appointment and tend to an injured tooth quickly to avoid tooth loss with our skilled and experienced dentists.

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Privacy Notice

The practice aims to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR], the guidelines on the Information Commissioner’s website as well as our professional guidelines and requirements.

The data controller is Dr Richard Adams who is also the information Governance Lead and the Data Protection Officer.

This Privacy Notice is available on the practice website at / at reception/ by email if you contact [email protected] by calling 02080 449 5643 or via request in person to one of our team.

You will be asked to provide personal information when joining the practice. The purpose of us processing this data is to provide optimum health care to you.

The categories of data we process are:

  • Personal data for the purposes of staff and self-employed team member management

  • Personal data for the purposes of marketing (only with if given your opt in consent)

  • Special category data including health records for the purposes of the delivery of health care

  • Special category data including health records and details of criminal record checks for managing employees and contracted team members

We never pass your personal details to a third party unless we have a contract for them to process data on our behalf and will otherwise keep it confidential. If we intend to refer a patient to another practitioner or to secondary care such as a hospital we will gain the individual’s permission before the referral is made and the personal data is shared.

  • Personal data is stored in the EU whether in digital or hard copy format
  • If personal data is stored in the US in digital format, the data storage company is certified with the EU-US Privacy Shield.
  • Personal data is obtained when a patient joins the practice, when a patient is referred to the practice and [when a patient subscribes to an email list]

The lawful basis for processing special category data such as patients’ and employees’ health data is:

  • Processing is necessary for the purposes of preventative or occupational medicine, for assessing the working capacity of the employee, medical diagnosis, the provision of health or social care or treatment or management of health or social care systems and services on the basis of Union or Member State law or a contract with a health professional

The lawful basis of processing personal data such as name, address, email or phone number is:

  • Consent of the data subject

  • Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract with the data subject or to take steps to enter into a contract

The retention period for special data in patient records is a minimum of 10 years and may be longer for complex records in order to meet our legal requirements. The retention period for staff records is 6 years. The retention periods for other personal data is 2 years after it was last processed. Details of other retention periods are available in the Record Retention (M 215) procedure available from the practice.

You have the following personal data rights:

  • The right to be informed
  • The right of access
  • The right to rectification
  • The right to erasure (clinical records must be retained for a certain time period)
  • The right to restrict processing
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to object

Further details of these rights can be seen in our Information Governance Procedures (M 217C) or at the Information Commissioner’s website. Here are some practical examples of your rights:

  • If you are a patient of the practice you have the right to withdraw consent for important notifications, newsletters, surveys or marketing. You can inform us to correct errors in your personal details or withdraw consent from communication methods such as telephone, email or text. You have the right to obtain a free copy of your patient records within one month.
  • If you are not a patient of the practice you have the right to withdraw consent for processing personal data, to have a free copy of it within one month, to correct errors in it or to ask us to delete it. You can also withdraw consent from communication methods such as telephone, email or text.

We have carried out a Privacy Impact Assessment (M 217Q) and you can request a copy from the details below. The details of how we ensure security of personal data is in our Security Risk Assessment (M 217M) and Information Governance Procedures (M 217C).

Comments, suggestions and complaints

Please contact Dr Richard Adams at the practice for a comment, suggestion or a complaint about your data processing a [email protected] , or by writing to 244a Chase Side, London N14 4PL or visiting the practice at 244a Chase Side, London N14 4PL. We take complaints very seriously.

If you are unhappy with our response or if you need any advice you should contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Their telephone number is 0303 123 1113, you can also chat online with an advisor. The ICO can investigate your claim and take action against anyone who’s misused personal data. You can also visit their website for information on how to make a data protection complaint.

Related practice procedures

You can also use these contact details to request copies of the following practice policies or procedures:

  • Data Protection and Information Security Policy (M 233-DPT), Consent Policy (M 233-CNS)

  • Privacy Impact Assessment (M 217S), Information Governance Procedures (M 217C)

Needle FREE, Pain FREE, Lip fillers.


Lip fillers have proven to be a popular and effective treatment to either enhance the shape of or increase the volume of lips transforming not only the appearance of lips but also the whole face


Patients often have the following concerns

  • Is it safe?
  • Will it hurt?
  • How long will it last?
  • Will it look obvious?
  • How can I find out if lip fillers are right for me?

Safety – All our filters we use, such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Belotero, are of the highest quality and are naturally broken down in the body. Our practitioner Dr Ricky Adams has been providing lip fillers in London for over 7 years and is highly skilled and experienced, with a proven track record. He is fully insured and qualified to provide the treatment throughout the UK and often trains other dental and medical professionals in the use of fillers.

Don’t feel a thing. We offer our patients the choice of numbing cream or dental blocks to fully anesthetise the area prior to treatments. Treatments are pain-free and patients often remark how comfortable they found the procedure.

Longevity. Results vary but fillers typically last 6-9 months, depending on the individual’s lifestyle and activity levels.

Results. Dr Ricky Adams is highly skilled at creating natural looking results, be it improving the shape and definition of lips, revolumising and plumping, or full face rejuvenation.

See below just a few of Dr Ricky Adams actual results, volumising lips and enhancing shape whilst keeping the natural real look.




Find out more. Dr Ricky Adams offers a free no obligation inital consultation at our northlondon dental practice. You can book online via our website, on email by emailing [email protected] or by calling 0208 449 5643.


We are pleased to announce we now have availability for a trainee dental nurse at our practice!

This role will involve studying and training for a dental nursing qualification as well as benefiting from close clinical support and training in-house by our team of experienced dental nurses and clinicians. As well as 121 mentoring.

We anticipate a high number of applicants for this position. A such please kindly email your CV nad cover letter to [email protected] , please do NOT apply to our reception team as they will be unable to assist.

To apply please include answers to the following in your cover letter

  • How did you hear about our vacancy?
  • Are you already enrolled in a dental nursing course?
  • Do you have any experience or work experience in dental nursing?
  • Why do you want to become a dental nurse?
  • What makes you think you would be a good candidate for this role?
  • When are you available to start from?
  • Why should we select you above any other candidate?

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