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Nervous dental patients: treatment options in North London

If you are a nervous dental patient, you may not have visited a surgery for many years. At Adams Dental in North London, we believe that everybody should have access to the treatment they need and the smile they deserve, and offer a number of ways to help you get back to full oral health in a relaxed and stress-free manner.

dental-nervous-patientDr Ricky Adams, principal dentist at our North London practice, is a Dental Phobia certified dentist who has helped many nervous dental patients to overcome their fears and get any treatment they require.

There are many causes of fear, anxiety, and phobia around the concept of visiting the dentist. This can range from a bad experience during childhood to fear of being judged if you haven’t visited a practice in many years, from fear of specific triggers such as needles to anxiety about the need for extensive treatment.

Our North London practice has many ways to help nervous dental patients get treatment. This can range from open, honest and clear discussion about any treatment that may be required to using sedation to help you relax during treatment.

We also offer the services of a hypnotherapist, who can work with you to get necessary treatment and can also teach you self-management techniques so that you can maintain progress and good oral health for life.

Our North London team will never judge you if your oral health is in poor condition because of fear or phobia (or for any other reason). All we want to do is get you fit, healthy and smiling again as soon as possible.

Sedation involves the use of sedative drugs to induce a deeply relaxed state. Intravenous sedation is delivered via a small needle in your arm or the back of your hand. You will be closely monitored during treatment, and won’t feel any pain.

With sedation dental phobics need never fear treatment again

Using sedation dental phobics and nervous patients are now able to get the treatment they need and the smile they’ve always wanted. At Adams Dental in North London we offer treatment under conscious sedation, which means you will be awake and able to cooperate with your dentist, but will be in a state of deep relaxation. You will remember little to nothing about treatment once it is complete, and most importantly will experience no pain.

sedation dentistryIf you are scared of the dentist, you are not alone. As many as one in ten adults in the UK cite fear as their main reason for putting off dental treatment, over and above worry about costs or lack of time.

There are many causes of fear of the dentist, from a bad experience during childhood to specific triggers such as the sound of a drill or the sight of a needle.

Whatever the cause of your fear, at our North London practice you can be assured that you will always be treated with the utmost respect and care. Our whole team is sympathetic to the needs of nervous and phobic patients, and we will do everything we can to ensure you feel comfortable, relaxed, and in control at all stages of treatment.

By using sedation dental phobics and those who are very anxious about treatment are able to calm their fears and relax while the dentist gets them back to full oral health. We offer two options for sedation at our North London clinic: oral sedation and intravenous (IV) sedation.

We will provide you with full instructions on what to do before and after receiving sedation – you need to bring a friend who will take you home and care for you until the drugs wear off.

With conscious sedation dental phobia can be a thing of the past.

Helping nervous dental patients to get treatment

Are you a nervous dental patient? Does the thought of visiting a dental practice make you shake with fear? If so, you are not alone; approximately one in ten adults is so scared of visiting the dentist that they put off seeking treatment until an emergency arises. Here at Adams Dental in North London, we understand and empathise with nervous patients’ concerns. We know that this fear is very real, and can be very frightening, even prompting anxiety attacks in some people. But we do not believe that fear should stop you getting any treatment you need, or prevent you from having a beautiful smile.

nervous patientsWhen asked, nervous dental patients give a variety of reasons for their fears, from a bad experience during childhood to a specific trigger – the sight of a needle or the sound of a drill, for example. Other people find that because their fear has prevented them visiting a dentist for many years, they are ashamed about the condition of their teeth.

At Adams Dental in North London, we will never judge you if your teeth are in less than perfect shape. We know how crippling fear can be, and we only want to help you to get back to full oral health. You deserve a healthy mouth and a happy smile, and we will work with you to beat your fear.

There are several options for nervous dental patients at our North London practice, and in the first instance we are happy to talk through your concerns. Many people find that this, combined with knowing we will move at your pace, really helps.

We also offer full in-chair entertainment, so you can listen to your favourite music or audiobook, or watch a film to help you relax.

For those who require further help, our North London clinic offers both hypnosis and conscious sedation, delivered in a safe and controlled manner by fully-qualified professionals.

How nervous dental patients are getting help to get treatment

A surprising number of people class themselves as nervous dental patients – approximately one in ten adults in the UK is scared of the dentist. Here at Adams Dental in North London, we understand and empathise with these fears. However, we do not think they should be a barrier to getting the treatment you need or the smile you’ve always wanted, which is why we have several ways in which we can work with you to help you beat your fears.

What causes fear of the dentist?

nervous patientsAll nervous dental patients are different, and there are a plethora of reasons for their anxiety. Some people cite a bad experience during childhood while others find their fear is triggered by the sound of the drill or the sight of a needle. Others still find their fear is compounded by shame about the condition of their teeth and gums if they haven’t visited a practice in many years.

At our North London clinic, we will never judge you if you haven’t seen a dentist in some time. We are committed to helping nervous dental patients regain their health and their confidence in their smile, and only want to help.

What are my options as a nervous dental patient?

There are several treatment options for nervous clients at our North London clinic. We are happy to discuss these with you, in comfortable and relaxed surroundings away from the dentist’s chair, prior to your first appointment.

Some people find that using our in-chair entertainment system to watch a DVD or listen to music is enough to help them relax. Others benefit from hypnotherapy, which a fully-qualified hypnotherapist will provide.

We also offer treatment under conscious sedation. This means that while you will be awake and able to cooperate as required during treatment, you will be extremely relaxed – and will experience no pain.

Supporting bridge to aid

Inspired to see Dr Alex Adams and all the dentists who went out to Tanzania this year to help Bridge2Aid in their mission to ….. Back home in London, we wanted to do our part.

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Bridge2Aid are a charity and rely on donations, and not better time like right now as they currently need to raise £50,000 before end of this month!

There’s been lots of amazing support all across the dental industry and they are really close to hitting their goal, so we thought, how could we at Adams Dental help?

We got together and our team have decided to volunteer their time and skills to open up our clinic on two extra Saturdays this month, during which 100% of everything we own will be donated to Bridge2Aid!

If you’re a new or existing patient you can book an appointment for this clinic by clicking here.

We’re also asking all the friends and family of Adams Dental to help us by making donations, it’s your chance to make a real difference and to help support this great charity.

How to donate

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