Need some help attending a dental check-up? Ways our team at Adams Dental can help nervous patients

Dentistry has come a long way in the past 20 years.

Painless options, the rise in dental implants, and invisible braces, mean that there is now more to gain from a trip to your dental practice than ever before!


However, if you are a nervous or phobic patient, you may feel that even a cheque for a million pounds will not get you through those doors.

But, as stated earlier, dentistry has come a long way and now many dental surgeries, including Adams Dental, are aiming to help nervous or phobic patients overcome their fears and get their dental health back on track!

Indeed, if you are a phobic patient, our dentist in Southgate can help you! Our team does not think dental phobias or anxieties are a laughing matter and can provide you with a relaxed, comfortable environment in which to receive your dental treatments. We will aim to build a rapport with you, so when you come to our surgery for any procedure in the future, you will be smiling!

But how does our dentist in Southgate accomplish this? Read on to find out about our techniques!


As mentioned earlier, our dentist in Southgate will aim to build a rapport with you while we treat you, to relax your nerves and make you feel more confident.

Many nervous patients are fearful due to the unfamiliar aspect of dentistry and so, as a starting point, our team will discuss with you what they are doing and will allow you to communicate with them if you need a break or when you are feeling stressed. No pressure; you are in charge and we will work with you to overcome this fear, taking it at your pace in your own time. Great stuff!


An innovative way to help you relax; we won’t wave a pocket watch back and forth while telling you you are feeling sleepy, but our dental team does work closely with hypnotherapists to help patients overcome their phobias.

Hypnotherapy will help you to relax your mind, and our team will also teach you management techniques, meaning that during your future visits with us, you will be more in control of your worries and physical symptoms. If you feel this may be an option you want to explore, contact our team for more information.


If you need something a bit faster due to discomfort, our team at Adams Dental can offer you intravenous (IV) sedation.

Injected into your arm, this will leave you feeling very relaxed. You will be conscious and able to follow instructions given by our team, but, once completed, you will have no recollection of the procedure. We must insist that if you undertake IV sedation that you bring along an age-appropriate family member or friend to take you home afterwards. You must not operate machinery for 24 hours post-sedation.


We can also offer you music to listen to while in the dental chair, or even play a DVD during a longer appointment.

Perfect if you dislike the sound of the drill!

Need a new dentist in Southgate? Five reasons to join Adams Dental surgery today!

New to Southgate and looking for a high-quality dental surgery? Look no further than Adams Dental!


In the past, many people attended dental surgeries solely for their biannual check-ups and sometimes, if they had a wedding coming up, for a tooth whitening session. However, as the image of the censorious dental practitioner has faded and cosmetic dentistry has become more common, more people are looking for a dental surgery that is equipped to service all of their cosmetic and general needs.

So, when you are looking for a dentist in Southgate that can offer you more than a simple scale and polish, come to Adams Dental. Our dedicated team will help you keep your mouth healthy while also helping you to get that straighter, whiter smile you deserve! We can also offer our patients minor, non-surgical facial aesthetics too. Perfect!

What are the other reasons to choose Adams Dental as your dentist in Southgate? Read on to find out!

Nervous? Don’t be!

At Adams Dental, we know how intimidating a trip to your dental surgery can be!

If you are a nervous patient, our dentist in Southgate can help you to relax through our range of treatments for nervous patients, which includes sedation dentistry, distraction techniques such as music and even hypnotherapy. We don’t want your oral health to suffer as a result of these phobias and aim to help you beat these fears together.


As odd as it may sound, there are many ways that our team can help you banish troublesome snoring completely.

Once considered a problem without a simple solution, our dental team at Adams Dental can not only diagnose the cause of your snoring, but also provide suitable solutions to treat it. Everything from mouth guards to CPAP machines, we can make your night-time woes a thing of the past, ensuring that you and your bed partner get those much needed forty winks.

Dental implants

Our dental team are experienced in restoring our patients’ smiles to their former glory with the use of dental implants and can advise you on which option would be most suitable for you.

We offer every type of dental implants, from endosteal to zygomatic and can recommend one of the many varieties of prosthesis to rejuvenate your smile.

One of our most popular cosmetic treatments, coming to Adams Dental for oral implants can really change your life!


Worried you missed the window to implement braces?

At Adams Dental, we can offer many of our adult patients orthodontic options to help them straighten their misaligned smiles, including the famous Invisalign aligner.

Designed to be invisible, removable and painless, this brace will straighten your teeth quickly and easily, without drawing unwanted stares. Brilliant!

Smile makeovers

Need a more mixed treatment? Our team can do that too!

Known as a smile makeover, this option includes everything from dental whitening to oral implants, to leave you with the best version of your smile!

What are you waiting for? Join Adams Dental surgery today!

Got a pain in your tooth? Five FAQs about dental emergencies with Adams Dental

It can feel like the earth has stopped spinning; you are working away at your job and suddenly, after sipping a coffee, you are met with a sharp pain underneath your tooth.


At first, you brush it off as being a bit of sensitivity, but as the day goes on, the discomfort gets worse until you are taking over the counter pain medication to relieve it.

This scenario, or others like it, are surprisingly common in the UK and, while unpleasant to go through, these are the times when you need to know that your dental surgery will be able to slot you in for an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

At Adams Dental, we know that you never want to have to see an emergency dentist in Southgate, but just in case you need to, we have one on site! Prioritising to fit you in with a same-day appointment, our dentists will carefully examine the area and will aim to get you back on your feet as soon as they can.

But, how is an emergency dentist in Southgate different from a regular one? The answer to this and more questions about dental emergencies are found below.

How is a regular dentist different from an emergency one?

Similar to the difference between a nurse working at a GP surgery and one who works in a hospital, an emergency dentist in Southgate is going to have more experience at treating common dental emergencies, such as abscesses or chipped teeth.

Our emergency practitioner at Adams Dental will aim to ensure that you are completely comfortable before proceeding with treatment, and unlike regular dentists, they will only focus on the area of the emergency issue.

Will an emergency practitioner be able to resolve the issue?

Often, yes.

If your emergency is related to a chipped, cracked or decayed tooth, many emergency teams will be able to repair these problems immediately.

However, for more complicated issues, like infections, our team will aim to resolve the pain as the first course of action and you may require a further appointment with a member of our team for a root canal.

Am I experiencing a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies often involve a great deal of discomfort as one of the main symptoms, but if you notice a chipped tooth or have an unusual lump in your mouth, it is worth booking a same-day appointment just to be extra cautious.

Are emergency dental teams available 24 hours a day?

At Adams Dental, our emergency team is available Monday to Saturday within regular appointment hours.

If you need urgent treatment outside these hours, contact your local hospital to see their onsite dental team.

What if I have an infection?

Infections are a common cause of dental emergencies and our team will attempt to numb the area fully before attempting treatment.

Often, we will prescribe a course of antibiotics as a first step and book you in for a follow-up appointment for further treatment options, like a root canal or extraction.

Cosmetic treatments available at the Dentist in Southgate

In today’s world, visiting the dentist in Southgate includes more than filling cavities, extracting teeth, removing plaque, and being taught how better to clean your teeth.

More individuals are turning to aesthetic treatments to enhance one of their most prominent features, their teeth.


At Adams Dental, our mantra is to leave you with a smile on your face; a toothy grin that we helped improve!

From Invisalign braces to teeth whitening and more, we offer an array of cosmetic treatments that will increase your confidence regarding your looks.

How can we help you?

If you are unhappy with your crooked, yellow or generally imperfect teeth, visit our dentist in Southgate for a smile transformation.

Misaligned teeth can negatively impact your quality of life. You might refuse to smile in photographs because you hate the appearance of your teeth, or even cover your mouth when you laugh. Feeling self-conscious all the time is not just mentally exhausting, but it can really knock your self-esteem.

What treatments are the most popular?

Invisalign, teeth whitening, veneers, and composite bonding – we offer all of them at competitive rates.

Because of our affordable and friendly services, we boast an army of loyal patients and are continuously seeing new faces.

What is Invisalign?

Are you an adult or is your impressionable teenager opposed to the idea of standard metal braces? Invisalign does all the work of straightening aids but provides a user-experience that is second-to-none.

Invisalign or invisible braces are translucent aligner trays that realign your teeth incrementally until they have reached their final, desired position.

Invisalign at the dentist in Southgate is a desirable form of treatment because the plates are undetectable, meaning you can wear them without drawing unwanted attention.

Invisible braces are also detachable, granting you the freedom to remove them when you eat, brush your teeth, or play sports. In many ways, your lifestyle is not disrupted by your new straightening device.

How do you fix yellow or stained teeth?

Age, not cleaning your teeth, and bad habits, can leave your teeth unsightly. Prioritising dental hygiene may improve your dental health but does little to return the white to your teeth.

Teeth whitening at the dentist in Southgate lightens your teeth a few shades immediately after treatment.

The patient experience may vary between individuals, however, the discomfort you may feel during the procedure and after pales in comparison to the way your teeth transformation can make you feel.

How can veneers help me?

Veneers can do a lot of things, such as closing gaps between teeth, covering chips, and masking unsightly marks and stains.

A veneer is made from thin porcelain. Despite its appearance, it is a durable material that lasts and will serve you well.

Are the results of cosmetic treatments permanent?

The treatments mentioned above are effective and life-changing, but you are required to take care of your teeth.

If you have recently undergone teeth whitening, follow the dentist in Southgate’s instructions of avoiding coffee, tea, and food that stains. You should also prioritise dental hygiene by adhering to a strict cleaning ritual.

If you have had your teeth straightened, remember to wear your retainer as advised to prevent your teeth from shifting in the future.

When to call the emergency dentist in Southgate

An intolerable toothache should be seen by an emergency dentist in Southgate urgently. This type of pain may be a symptom of a severe dental issue that could cost you your teeth in the long run.


Our experienced dental team at Adams Dental prioritise patients facing extreme cases and will serve you in a friendly, calm, and professional manner to help ease your anxiety.

Why choose us?

Our dental practitioner is trained for emergencies. We have seen people from all walks of life and will know how to handle your issue best.

Additionally, we are open until 8pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, until 6pm on other weekdays.  We also see patients on Saturdays. We will do our best to attend to your ailment in an expedient fashion.

If your emergency occurs after hours; phone our hotline and follow the instructions we give you. You may find that your issue is not as severe as you may think, in which case you can book an appointment with us for another time.

If you cannot wait, you have the option of visiting your local hospital dentist for medication to ease your pain and discomfort until you can see us for a thorough examination.

What constitutes an emergency?

It can sometimes be tricky to classify a dental emergency because the situation is not generally life threatening.

That said, you could face severe repercussions if you shrug off an injury or illness that could adversely affect your lifestyle.

For example, you will need to see an emergency dentist in Southgate within the hour if you knock out your tooth. Time is of the essence in this scenario if you wish to re-plant the tooth.

On the other hand, a chipped tooth is not usually classified as an emergency unless accompanied by pain, which could point to a fracture. A fracture could point to injury inside the tooth, where the pulp is damaged and will require a visit to the emergency dentist in Southgate.

Other pressing issues that demand your immediate attention include pain that occurs suddenly, and could be a symptom of something more serious, such as an abscess.

What do you do in the above scenarios?

If you are suffering from a mouth injury, there are some things you can do before your local dentist sees you.

If your tooth is knocked out, it’s essential to keep it moist and clean. Hold the tooth with the roots facing up and place it in milk or a saline solution – do not use water as this dries out the roots. If it is possible, reposition the tooth back into the socket.

If your tooth is cracked, fractured, or causes you pain, washing out your mouth with warm water may ease your symptoms and will clean the area to prevent it from becoming infected. Press a cold compress against your cheek if your face begins to swell.

How can you prevent dental emergencies?

Dental trauma is frequently unpredictable but can be avoided by wearing a mouthguard when you play sports, thus preventing a hard impact on your mouth.

Other ways to avoid injury is avoiding hard and chewy food, such as popcorn, hard candy, or ice – all of which can crack teeth.

Tips for nervous patients visiting our dentist in Southgate

Visiting the dentist for most patients is a fairly normal part of their routine that doesn’t involve a second thought. But, there are a number of people that are still nervous about stopping by a practice for an appointment as dentophobia, ‘fear of the dentist’,  is a pretty common phobia and sadly it can often put patients off from making an appointment as the anxiety kicks in. In these modern times however that should no longer be the case, as dentists are now very aware and sympathetic to these concerns.


With that in mind, here are a few tips our team has come up with for patients that may be feeling a little nervous about their visit to our dentist in Southgate.

Talk to the team about your concerns

Perhaps the most vitally important tip we can give you is to just take some time to talk to our team. We are more than happy to take things at your pace and our trained professionals can help you feel a little more confident about your impending treatments.

Having a chat also allows you to learn more about the procedure, for instance what’s involved, whether there’s going to be any discomfort and what you can generally expect during the process. Plus it allows you to come up with a way of letting the team know when you need a break. At Adams Dental our team will strive to provide you with a calm and relaxing environment whilst you undergo any treatments and we have a range of relaxation options to fit a variety of needs.

If talking to others is something that can also make you feel nervous then setting up something as simple as a hand gesture for a short pause is also acceptable. Unfortunately our team are not mind readers, so it’s down to you to let us know when to stop.

Listen to some relaxing music

The whirr of drills and general noise of a busy practice can be quite overwhelming for nervous patients, so what better way to shut out everything than by listening to some of your favourite tracks. Getting completely lost in the music of a song can make a lengthy treatment fly by and make it seem like only minutes have passed.

When choosing your tracks we recommend that you stick to something gentle and relaxing, avoid any thumping bass lines or heavy metal as this will just get your heart racing, which in turn can make you feel more nervous.

Bring someone with you

If you are struggling to stay calm ahead of your visit to our dentist in Southgate, then you can also talk to our team about bringing someone in with you when you stop by the practice. Having a familiar face can help anxious patients focus and stay more relaxed in a room filled essentially with strangers.

Discuss further relaxation options with your dentist

One last possibility worth considering is to talk to our team about our hypnosis or sedation options during your treatment, to help you stay relaxed and calm.

These are just a few things you can try should those feelings of anxiety start to take hold of you before or during your next appointment, to make things a little easier for yourself.

When to contact our emergency dentist in Southgate

One of the most common problems faced by our dentists is getting patients to make contact with our team due to a dental emergency. This is because many patients may go about their daily routine unaware that their dental problem is serious enough to warrant immediate treatment, instead of waiting for a regularly scheduled appointment.


So with that in mind, here are a few signs which may mean that you should get in touch with our emergency dentist in Southgate right away.

Cracks, chips or missing teeth

One of the most common and easily noticeable signs that you should get in touch with our team for an appointment with our emergency dentist in Southgate is when there are any cracks and chips in your teeth, or if one or more has managed to become knocked out.

In these situations our team may use veneers, crowns or implants to restore your smile to its previous pristine condition.

Constant or intense toothache

If at any point you feel a sharp or intense pain in your teeth or if there’s a constant nagging pain in your teeth that won’t go away after 24 hours even if you take pain killers, then you should get in touch with the practice. Constant pain could be a sign that the inside of the tooth has become infected either through damage, decay or disease and it may need immediate treatment to save it, or prevent the infection from spreading and putting your gums and other teeth at risk.

At Adams Dental our highly trained team will diagnose the cause of your pain and then place you on a course of treatment to reduce or remove that source of discomfort quickly and effectively.

Persistent bleeding from your gums

Bleeding from your gums should never be ignored as it can be a sign of gum disease setting in and once that happens you open the door to gingivitis, tooth loss, decay and in some cases disintegration of the jawbone. Changing your oral routine can lessen these symptoms, but you should always get in touch with your dentist to further diagnose the source of the bleed in order to rule out any potential oral health risks.

Overly sensitive teeth

Finally, if at any point your teeth start to feel overly sensitive to the point it becomes painful, then you should make an emergency appointment. Having a high level of sensitivity could be a sign that the protective enamel layer of your teeth has either become compromised or thin enough to the point that it’s too sensitive to temperatures.

Our team can provide a number of solutions, as well as recommend ways to change your daily oral cleaning routine to make your teeth stay stronger for longer.

So if you are struggling to figure out if your current oral health woes warrant an emergency appointment, then just keep a few of these signals in mind. If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms do not hesitate to get in touch as the sooner we see you, the quicker we can get you on the path to recovery.

Put your fear of dental practitioners to bed with our caring dentist in Southgate

Dentophobia is more common than you would think, experienced by adults and children alike. Feeling scared or anxious before seeing the dentist can stem from a frightening childhood trauma or previous encounters with impersonal practitioners who did not prioritise a patient’s well-being.


Let us restore your faith in the dentist in Southgate with our second-to-none array of personalised services, our high quality of care and our friendly and professional bedside manner. The proof is in the pudding, and we boast loyal customers who have been with us since our inception in 1981. 

First time patients and anxious patients

If you are new to our practice or have not seen us for a while, it is perfectly normal to feel some trepidation when you take a seat in the dentist’s chair.

If the idea of a dentist in Southgate probing the inside of your mouth is too much for you to bear, we can discuss options to help you relax and reach a calm state, such as sedation or hypnotherapy which allow you to manage your feelings of terror and dread.

If your teeth and oral health are fine, a routine check-up is a quick 30-minute session that includes an examination of your teeth and gums, cancer screening and finally, advice on how to improve upon your dental hygiene.

Affordable dentistry that fits your budget

People avoid visiting their local dental practitioner regularly for a variety of reasons, one of them being the cost.

If you can’t afford dental care, or are covered by an insurance company who does not feature us on their network, come and have a chat with us anyway. We offer flexible payment plans that your budget may be able to accommodate.

Whatever you do, don’t forsake your oral health, because an unhealthy mouth in the future will restrict many avenues of your life, to the point where it could become intolerable.

What treatments do we provide as a dentist in Southgate?

We perform various types of procedures at our practice, which are not only limited to dentistry but also include a range of facial rejuvenation treatments to help you look and feel years younger.

From filling cavities and straightening irregularly-shaped teeth, to brightening discoloured pearly whites, we can attend to all of your dental requirements, with a smile.

After your session with us, we do not just send you on your way without educating you about your teeth. We teach you how to take care of your mouth, and prevent the onslaught of an array of recurring common oral diseases by incorporating our dental hygiene best practices into your teeth cleaning ritual.

Learn what plaque is, why it’s public enemy number one for your gums and teeth and how to implement the most effective ways of removing harmful germs and bacteria.  

When will I first start seeing results?

The answer to this question depends on the dental work you are having done. Some procedures, such as tooth whitening, provide immediate improvements, while it might take months before you can boast a new tooth with a dental implant, but the long-awaited results are worth the long recovery.

Children’s dental emergencies at the emergency dentist in Southgate

Accidents happen, but it is hard not to panic and seemingly impossible to keep a level head when your child is the injured party. However, as a parent, it is essential to stay calm, help to alleviate some of their pain, and seek out medical attention immediately.


Without closely examining the affected site, it is challenging to determine the source and severity of the cut, wound, or fracture, so call our emergency dentist in Southgate and request an urgent appointment. Otherwise, phone our Adams Dental hotline for advice if it is after-hours, or failing that, get promptly to an emergency room.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Unlike medical emergencies, a dental emergency is not often a life-or-death scenario. That said, the issue should not be dismissed, because if it is left untreated, you could be putting your offspring’s oral health at risk.

From knocked-out and fractured teeth to persistent, out-of-the-blue toothache, our emergency dentist in Southgate sees trauma in different forms every day.

  • A knocked-out tooth

Time is of the essence when your child knocks out one of their teeth. The pearly white needs to be repositioned in place within thirty minutes to one hour following the incident if it is an adult tooth. The longer that it is left out, the smaller your chances will be to save it. If it is a ‘baby’ tooth this may be better left out, always call for our dental advice straight away.

What you can do

Keep the tooth hydrated in a milk solution. People make the mistake of placing knocked-out teeth in water, which only dries out the roots. Although you can rinse out your child’s mouth with warm water to relieve pain and to wash away any blood. With adult teeth, the tooth can be tucked in the cheek or repositioned in the socket to keep it moist, but this poses a swallowing hazard to younger children. Much will depend on whether it is a baby tooth or ‘second’ tooth as to the course of action our dentist will take.

  • A fractured tooth

Depending on how broken the tooth is, your child will need to see our emergency dentist so that we can determine the extent of the damage.

In the meantime

  • Try to collect the fragments of the tooth that fell out
  • Rinse your injured child’s mouth with warm water and press something cold on the affected site to prevent swelling.
  • If your offspring complains about pain, it is fine to use a recommended children’s painkiller, (not aspirin though, as it is a blood thinner), just follow the instructions on the back of the box. You can always check with us first.
  • Severe toothache

There can be many reasons for toothache, and not all of them are classified as dental emergencies. However, for your child, it can be a frightening experience that seems to go on endlessly.

The most common reason for constant discomfort is often tooth decay, caused by a sugar-laden diet, so a long-term solution for this issue is a diet change and to revisit your child’s dental hygiene practices. The short-term solution is to treat the source of the pain, which requires a trip to the emergency dentist in Southgate.

Try helping to relieve the pain by

  • Pressing a cold pack against their cheek
  • Rinsing the mouth out with warm salt water
  • Using mild over-the-counter pain relievers

How do I prepare for future dental problems?

Dental emergencies are unpredictable. However, you can prepare for the worst with a first aid dental kit in your home.

Include the following in your kit:

  • Gauze
  • Mouthwash
  • Cold compress
  • A tooth-storage device and fluid.

Why choose us as your dentist?

Are you looking for a change in your oral health care? Perhaps you are a nervous patient and experience some degree of anxiety or dental fear when considering a visit to a dentist in Southgate.


We understand, at Adams Dental, that every person is unique and that your lifestyle choices and experiences have shaped you into the wonderful person that you are today. It is important that you understand that we carefully choose every dentist in Southgate at our practice for both their technical ability as a dental health care professional and as a non judgemental, dedicated and friendly person.

By feeling comfortable and relaxed with us, your dentist in Southgate, you will be able to express your smile goals and any worries more freely. This in turn lets us create a precise and bespoke treatment plan that targets your concerns and addresses them directly. The results speak for themselves and we are proud to maintain a strong and positive relationship with our patients who frequently recommend us to their family and friends.

What can I expect as a new patient?

We are currently welcoming new patients and invite you to go through our detailed, but relatively straightforward process, to become a member of our family.  We need to obtain some medical history and information regarding previous dental work from you, so that we can begin to form a file containing risk factors and problems that you may be facing.

A questionnaire will be available for you to answer prior to your first consultation in order to speed up the process. During the consultation, we like to sit down and get to know you a little better. Here we ask questions about your overall health, your diet, your lifestyle choices and what oral health goals you have for yourself. Here is an opportunity for you to talk about some of your hopes regarding the appearance and health of your smile, so that we can work together to make this become a reality.

We then move on to a physical examination which covers both the internal and external areas of your mouth. We may also need to take a series of X-rays and scans to gain a further understanding of your overall condition.

We use some of the best and most up to date equipment available throughout our routine checks, taking full advantage of the advanced technology that is available today. By using high magnification and intensive lighting, we are able to pick up on the slightest signs of early decay, meaning that preventive treatments are much more effective and restorative treatment is needed less often.

Should you need any restorative procedures to rectify any issues, we will inform you towards the end of your initial consultation. You may be able to see for yourself, thanks to intraoral cameras that allow us to see in high definition and in real-time.

We will offer you recommendations and advice as to what we believe is the best approach to your next step, towards a healthier and cleaner mouth. By offering every option that is available to you and providing you with information regarding cost, advantages and any potential risks, you can be well informed to make the best decision for yourself.