What is an Invisalign Records Appointment?

Once you’ve had your initial or free consultation, received your estimate and selected the right package for you.  You may want to look into exactly how Invisalign could improve your smile by having your very own 3D Clincheck Video treatment plan created.

This is when you’d book in for your Invisalign Records Appointment.

During your visit we will;

  • Confirm with you in person and writing your preferred package option and payment option.
  • Perform a full dental examination, oral cancer screening and take any x-ray which may be needed.
  • Take moulds or impressions of your teeth to send to Invisalign to create your Clincheck 3D video animated treatment plan.
  • Take your before digital photos.
  • Go over your and agree your terms, conditions and consent forms with you and of course answer any further questions you may have*.

* Please note agreeing to these terms does not in any way obligate you to taking up treatment. We take the time to perform this with you at this stage so that should you wish to move forward quickly once you have received your treatment plan all your paperwork is in place and we can help make this happen for you as quickly as possible.

An example of an Clincheck 3D treatment plan.

Following this visit, along with the Invisalign team. We’ll create your very own bespoke 3D video animated treatment plan like the one shown above.

A few weeks after your visit, we’ll email this directly to you. You’ll be able to view your 3D treatment on most smart phones, tablets and computers as well as being able to show it to your friends and family should you wish.

We’ll review it together with you in person, over the phone, or email. If you’d like any changes we’ll  be happy to make adjustments  as needed following your feedback.

The cost of an Invisalign Records visit is £350 and you are under no obligation to move forward with Invisalign treatment following  records visit, however should you choose to, the cost of your Invisalign records visit is deducted from your total treatment amount as a first installment towards your total treatment cost.

‘The Invisalign records visit and the Clincheck 3D video animated treatment plan is a a really empowering way for patients to find out and see for themselves exactly how Invisalign will transform their smile from the comfort of your own home on their mobile, tablet or computer. It’s a really exciting stage for everyone involved.” Dr Ricky Adams B.D.S.